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    • Second Pride Festival

      The 2019 Second Pride Festival will be held June 14th to 23rd. This is the 15th annual celebration of Second Pride in Second Life as well as the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, considered by many to be the event that sparked the gay rights movement. Performances run all day throughout the event, including dance parties with live DJs, performances by live singers, dancers, drag queens and more. The event is set on the Second Pride region, our homage to New York City, complete with our version of Central Park and a boardwalk reminiscent of Coney Island, along with plenty of surprises. Proceeds from the event go to support the Rainbow Railroad. Other events are held throughout the year. Everyone is welcome!

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    • Village of Ahiru

      Visit Ahiru and enjoy a picturesque Edo-period Japanese village. Walk along winding paths that cut through seasonal changing landscapes. Peacefully row through the waterways that traverse the entire SIM. You can explore vibrant forests, relax in the hot springs with friends, or take it easy in the lush gardens for a lovely midday picnic. Housing is also offered within this little village.

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    • Alpha Tribe

      A sim of several sky levels as well as a ground level. The ground level has different areas such as an amusement park, a gym, an alchemist's work area, a crazy cat lady parlor. So, it is a place where avatars can relax and play. The 3 sky levels are sim wide architectures that are also artistic installations which will hopefully provide good backgrounds for the photographic work of visitors.

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    • Atonement

      Not all the time do you find an area that seems to be standing quite undisturbed since the early sixties. However, for this rural landscape, once home to many now turned popular tourist destination, is a great place to explore with family and friends alike.

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    • Teegle Acres

      Teegle Acres is a peaceful destination for horse lovers of all ages! Spend a relaxing evening riding free horses through beautiful trails, race your friends over exciting jump courses, or cuddle your loved ones while you watch the horses play in the pasture. Photos and role play are welcomed and encouraged!

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