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    • London City Sizzles

      London City is prepared for a long, hot summer. Throughout the month of May, everyone is invited to enjoy daily club events, weekend concerts at the outdoor amphitheater, getting a tan while lounging at the sun deck, pool parties and the first barbecue of the season. Come and soak in the sizzling summer fun at London City.

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    • Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches

      Save the grid from impending doom and win fabulous prizes. Capture Glytches, avoid Glytch spells, upgrade your weapons, play bonus levels, and avoid the treacherous perils to complete your Glytch collection!

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    • Baja Tides

      Come and relax in the warm tropical beach paradise of Baja Tides, a new beach sim by Lauren Bentham. Breathe in the fresh salty air while you feel the warm breeze on your face, explore the island with friends or loved ones and watch the wildlife of this nostalgic paradise beach. Don't forget your camera, so you can take home some photo memories of your visit.

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    • Raglan Shire ArtWalk 2018

      Raglan Shire is celebrating its 13th Art Walk and 11th year in SL. This five-week-long event, held May 13-June 17, spans four of eight sims offered. Over 150 artists from around the world participate in this event. Everything from photography, paintings, drawings and sculptures will be displayed. In addition to the regular weekly events, they also have live music and themed events.

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    • The Rose Art Gallery

      Welcome to The Rose Art Gallery, a majestic venue which celebrates the creativity, artistry and skills of artists within Second Life. Both 2D and 3D works of art from artists across the grid are on display, and new pieces are added to the exhibit on a regular basis. Everyone is encouraged to experience the unique atmosphere found within the halls of The Rose Art Gallery.

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