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    • The Cha Redwoods

      Welcome back to nature, but this time bring an umbrella. Enjoy the walks through nature, the splashing in puddles, the intimacy of the pouring rain, the warmth and comfort of the warm lodge, and the wonderful conversations by the fireside. Come visit the Cha Redwoods and let the stress of the world just wash away with the rain.

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    • Spooky Trails at LeLoo's World

      Howling wind and the blowing of the leaves are a true sign that Halloween is here! You're invited to explore the Spooky Trails at LeLoo's World. Give your feet a break and grab a free Pumpkin-Mobile or Taxi HUD to take you on your Halloween adventure. Don't forget to enable 'Use Shared Environment' and turn on your sounds for the best experience. Everyone is welcome to this PG event! Don't forget to share your images in the LeLoo's World Flickr group:

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    • Palazzo Park

      Searching for excitement in your Second life? Look no further than Palazzo Park, Second Life's newest public voice and chat hangout! The ultimate in fun and entertainment, boasting a wide array of activities for family and friends! Enjoy laser tag, bowling, a movie theater with syncing screens, an arcade, billiards, game lounge live entertainment, and more!

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    • Nightbrook Hollow

      Nightbrook Hollow is a small and quaint town filled with magic. Frozen in time, the townsfolk seem blissfully unaware of the outside world. Visit the tavern for a drink or the local psychic for a reading, wander around the town, and take a horse ride up the mountain, if you dare. Nightbrook hollow is waiting for you. This haunted destination is open from September 7th thru October 31st.

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    • Sainte Rose Sur Mer

      Sainte Rose Sur Mer is inspired by the Mediterranean French villages by the sea. Listen to live DJs throughout the year at the Bardeco le Club and explore the Autumn mood at this photogenic destination.

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