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    • Big Splash Adventure Oasis Water Park

      The water park is brought to you by the Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary and runs from July 7th until July 31st. There are plenty of spaces to lounge and enjoy the beautiful Belli sunshine. You'll find a kid's playland for the little ones, lots of refreshments and treats including an ice cream shop and of course, a collection of towering, twisty slides leading down to a large lagoon. They also have a brand new lounge pool with floaties for you to relax in! Enjoy the second annual installation of the water park this summer season!

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    • Cann!bal

      Take unbelievable photos on a total of 4 breathtaking virtual beach regions. Enjoy a multitude of exciting tropical activities, or just watch as their dynamic region windlight day cycles control the region-wide lights. This estate has been under development for more than 10 years and offers countless attractions seen nowhere else on the grid.

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    • Shara - Summer Solstice at Sahvan Shaila

      Shara presents Sahvan Shaila, a well-lit summer evening paradise situated across six regions. Located on a world that few have discovered, Shara is a second chance at verdancy following the grim fate of the Earth—a reminder still observable in the unfathomable distance. Open for a limited time, Shara offers Sahvan Shaila as a fantastic Summer escape!

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    • Tierra del Mar at LeLoo's World

      LeLoo's World welcomes you to Tierra del Mar (SeaLand). A place to kick back and enjoy the laziness summertime brings. Grab your swim gear because the marine animals are waiting for you! And don't forget the camera because... summertime is just memories waiting to happen! Everyone is welcome to this PG event.

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    • The Dive Shop

      The most realistic underwater environment and scuba simulation in Second Life; home to RL PADI diver training. Five beautiful, geographically themed shorelines drop to depths of 50 meters offering divers and free snorkelers an underwater tour around the world in a photogenic wonderland. Enjoy amazing hangouts in this newcomer-friendly region.

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