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    • Kintsugi; Spirited Beyond

      Allow yourself to be Spirited Beyond to Kintsugi. 金継ぎ, "Golden Joinery", also known as Kintsukuroi 金繕い, "golden repair". A bond made with gold. This is a Magical Japanese Oriented Garden to soothe the hearts and encourage creativity. Their goal is to bring you some relaxation and solace. They are blogger, and photographer friendly. Add your pictures to their Flickr group:

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    • Devil's Bend National Park

      Welcome to the wide-open wilderness, where you can bring your family and friends to explore the great outdoors together. Take pictures and make memories while exploring everything mother nature has to offer from historical sites, abandoned caves, and tunnels. Explore today!

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    • Skyscrapers

      Skyscrapers is a magical flight through a futuristic megacity. As this city is built at 1/10 scale, you become invisible for the visit, and you are provided with an "Invisible Avatar" in the welcome hall. You transport down to the city and hop on the Guided Tour (in 10 languages). Skyscrapers provides the illusion of a city of 2.56 km side that you fly around in – or about 100 normal regions!

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    • Konakui - The Romantic Island

      Konakui is a romantic paradise for singles and couples. You may dance in the secret Bahia Lagoon pavilion, or bathe in Osar’s hidden Fountain of Youth. There is also a scavenger hunt for gifts and money, Seven Seas fishing, and a palm jungle to explore. Take the steam ferry to Kona Beach for a pleasure picnic or relax in the sun.

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    • The Empire of Dreaming Books

      Welcome to the Empire of Dreaming Books! Wander here in the city of Buchhaim, or explore the vast system of catacombs. Created in honor of an amazing Zamonia book series by Walter Moers, with the biggest system of catacombs and tunnels in Second Life. Share your photos in the Flickr Group:

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