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    • New Tokyo - Japanese Cyber City

      New Tokyo is set in a near future Japanese Cyber City. Here you'll find fabulous neo lights signs as far up as the eye can see and numerous skyscrapers offering many apartments. There is plenty to do here as you explore arcades, cinemas, a run down junk yard, bowling alley and more. There's also a night club hosting regular events and ample shops to spend your hard earned L$'s on.

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    • Obedience

      Second Life's Bryn Oh, Jo Ellsmore and Rose Borchovski team with acclaimed film director Peter Greenaway for the special exhibition "Obedience," held in both Second Life and the Jewish Museum Berlin. Interact with the museum attendees at the physical installation in this exhibit, held through September 13.

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    • After The Fall

      On the verge of economic collapse, with the world in a very vulnerable place, astronomers predicted frequent and disastrous meteor showers. But they couldn't predict what came next... Dark and gibbering creatures emerged from the impact craters, decimating everything in their sight. As a human, how will you survive? As an alien, what's your next move? After the Fall has an elaborate interactive grungy urban city, aliens, and role play. See the graphic novels at

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    • Pandora Box: 004- Del Mar Dream

      Welcome to Del Mar, which is Pandora Box of Dream's fourth dream. Explore this lost paradise lagoon in middle of the Pacific, hugged by the rolling waves and hidden from the ships on the open seas. Del Mar is a dream experience, fully immersive, offering you a wholesome experience above and beneath the water surface. Far from the busy cities and harsh reality, Del Mar has plenty to offer.

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    • Tristan und Isolde

      Giovanna Cerise was inspired by "Tristan and Isolde," the drama of love par excellence, to create this installation. A lunar atmosphere and romantic environment welcomes you to the soundtrack music of Richard Wagner.

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