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    • Cann!bal

      Take unbelievable photos on a total of 4 breathtaking virtual beach regions. Enjoy a multitude of exciting tropical activities, or just watch as their dynamic region windlight day cycles control the region-wide lights. This estate has been under development for more than 10 years and offers countless attractions seen nowhere else on the grid.

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    • New Orleans City

      Experience the southern hospitality in this replica of historic Bourbon St in the storied deep south. The city is inspired by late 20th century New Orleans, Louisiana. A place to hang out, party, and meet friends. Beautiful areas to rest and enjoy with scenic views.

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    • Lawst Paradise

      Lawst Paradise is a melding of old world, pirates, steampunk, and magic! Lawst Castle is your entryway into a network of caves that plummet you deep into the bowels of the region and lead you to features like Lawst Paradise Art Gallery and Lawst Critters Breedable Pets (featuring Kreatures, Stray Cats, and Ludens). Keep your senses alert while you explore games, entertainment, hauntings, dragons, man-eating plants, hidden treasure, sunken pirate ship, and ... THAR BE WHALES plus a whole lot more!

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    • Sapphire's Pearl Dreams

      A coastal island town, forgotten and remembered. Full of life and yet abandoned. Preserved history and growing future. This was created as a gift for Sapphire. Everyone is welcome, supernatural, furry, children, and people-friendly! Come and swim!

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    • Big Splash Adventure Oasis Water Park

      The water park is brought to you by the Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary and runs from July 7th until July 31st. There are plenty of spaces to lounge and enjoy the beautiful Belli sunshine. You'll find a kid's playland for the little ones, lots of refreshments and treats including an ice cream shop and of course, a collection of towering, twisty slides leading down to a large lagoon. They also have a brand new lounge pool with floaties for you to relax in! Enjoy the second annual installation of the water park this summer season!

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