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    • The Freak Zone

      As you arrive at the bus stop, there will be a tale of a not-so-forgotten town, filled with the scourge of the earth - mentally maimed, physically disfigured, deformed, brutal outsiders that live their lives on the fringes of society, under cover, determined to chase away those that linger in their streets. That doesn't stop you from going trick or treating. But it's also not all what you think it is.

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    • Hauntings

      Moody, ghostly, creepy and fun, Hauntings is another delightful venue in Old Town. Once a charming and peaceful spot in rural America, when the events began happening, folks moved away. No cars stopped at the motel; the farm lies abandoned. What happened here? What went on in that house? No-one knows. But once a year, the spirits of those who were innocent walk, looking for treats.

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    • Halloween Swaginator Hunt

      Four exclusive Halloween decorations have been scattered across the Bellisseria continent. The hunt runs through the month of October, pick up your HUD at Meauxle Bureaux. Happy hunting!

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    • SL's Top Haunted Places Tour & Hunt

      It is the 10th year for SL's Top Haunted Places Tour & Hunt! With approximately 100 listings each year, there are many wonderful haunted places and hunts grid wide for you to explore along with Halloween shopping at some of the best stores. Get your list from the sign at each haunt and go in any order you like. New haunts are added all month long, so check the sign often. Event runs from October 1st to 31st.

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    • Dreadville - Halloween at Cay's

      Legend is that deep in the forest is a place only the brave dare go. The frightening inhabitants celebrate the Halloween season with a revelry of music, dance and drink. If you are brave you can enter Dreadville to visit the frightful homes or partake of the circus entertainment. You may pay your respects to the departed or raise hell at Skully's Bar & Kill. Venue open 24/7 with DJ's nightly.

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