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    • Paradise Lost

      Set to the 14 movements of Mozart’s Requiem, the Basilique Performing Arts Co. performs its weekly production of Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” Join in this immersive theatre production and experience the mind blowing show show everybody's talking about. For tickets, be sure to visit

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    • Metropolis

      Metropolis City has a certain futuristic charm. Visit each of the four distinctly elemental areas, clubs, lounges, dance floors, towering neon skyscrapers and more. There's obviously been quite a bit of thought placed in this intricate location, not to mention live DJ's from across the globe, fight nights and other grand events. Fire, wind, water, earth, see how they all combine in the sprawling sci-fi Metropolis. The future awaits!

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    • The Lost Mine

      Professor Peabody claims he's found the Lost Mine of Stonehammer. This mine, kept secret by its creators, is full of gold, gems, chalices, and other such wonders. Problem is, he lost the map. Now he's asking for adventurers to help find the map and travel to a magical realm and trace his steps back to the mine. The Lost Mine is an interactive and immersive adventure hunt with prizes.

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    • Little Village by Cica Ghost

      The quirky homes in Cica Ghost's Little Village stand tilted on little hillocks, some single, some in little clusters, their shapes silhouetted against the sepia sky. It is a village for people, or only for the cats peeking out from the windows? Come enjoy Little Village's humorous and photogenic appeal.

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    • Revenland RPG

      Revenland is a land divided. Humanity cast out the inhuman elements from their towns and farmland, banishing all who threatened their purity. Magi were put to the sword while non-humans rally in the forests, all too ready for their bloody vengeance. Blood has been spilled and a storm gathers on the horizon. Where do you stand?

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