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    • Lemon Trees

      Lemon Trees, the winter edition, is a photogenic place where you can hang out with family and friends and take pics. There are several winter activities to enjoy such as ice skating, sleigh riding, snowman building, and more. Feel the magic of winter!

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    • DayDream Believer

      Everything starts as somebody's daydream! Explore DayDream Believer, a winter wonderland for romantic fun. Join the group to have rez rights.

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    • Seasons Change at Peaceful Dreams

      Let the magic of Seasons Change guide you across the undulating meadows of snow to an enchanting secluded cabin and cozy photographic spots, or camp beneath the snowy sky. Enjoy skating on the skate rink with friends or gallop through the air on your choice of reindeer. Have fun dancing in the snow with your loved one, snuggling up together at several places in this winter wonderland, or reliving your childhood memories of making snow angels and competing with your friends in a good ol' snowball fight.

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    • Wild Branch Brewing Co

      Nestled in a secluded area of Riverbook, scattered with lush shrubbery and green foliage, the Wild Branch Brewing Co. is a first of its kind craft beer brewery experience in Second Life. Immerse yourself in rustic tranquility with luxury amenities for the perfect nature getaway. It's your time to be adventurous, be secluded, be daring, be free - this retreat lets you do all of that and more.

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    • North Pole - A Beautiful Christmas Escape

      Discover the forest and dive into a magical winter wonderland with hidden secrets. Strap on your skates or take a relaxing horse ride in the snow. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere and cuddle or dance with your loved ones or perhaps take pictures together. This place impresses with true winter nature, instead of just background scenes.

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