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    • Christmas Wishes

      Celebrate and explore the winter season at Christmas Wishes! Bring your skates and enjoy quiet time with family and loved ones. Find a nice cozy spot to snuggle up at or bring a friend for a game of Greedy, and more! The castle is open to everyone so don't be shy about sneaking in. You can also have a snowball fight for those who still enjoy the spirit of childhood!

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    • North Pole - A Beautiful Winter Escape

      Winter has arrived at the north pole with many hidden places to explore and discover. Take photos in a romantic fantasy wonderland and enjoy the scenery and soundscape. Take a horse ride through the snow, dance, or do some ice skating with your love and family. The winter season will stay until late January when it will slowly transform to spring again.

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    • Tinsel and Treasures

      Tinsel and Treasures is where Santa and his elves make a stop on Christmas Eve to renew their batteries, fuel the sleigh and feed the reindeer. Suspend your adult sensibilities, and believe in Santa and the magic of the season.

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    • Echo Ridge

      It's that magical time of year at Echo Ridge. Fires are lit and cabins are warm as the snow starts to fall on the evergreen forests. Hear the ice sing under the setting sun and make a wish upon a shooting star. Skate, Toboggan, and explore before snuggling under a blanket beside the campfire while sharing stories over a mug of hot chocolate. Experience Echo Ridge in its winter guise, relax, and enjoy this peaceful retreat.

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    • Christmas Whimsy at LeLoo's World

      The Season of wonder and good cheer has arrived! Celebrate and enjoy the magic of the season here at LeLoo's World! Explore the many picturesque spots for those Holiday photos. You can also ice skate your way to the Northern Trek for some arctic animal watching. Everyone is welcome to this PG event! Don't forget to share your images in the LeLoo's World Flickr group:

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