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    • Le Chateau - A Retro 80s Community

      Do you like vacations and hanging out while drinking an exotic cocktail by the poolside? Then Le Chateau is the place for you to be! With their kitsch and cheesy atmosphere and non-stop flowing exotic cocktails, a mix between French and American "80s'" culture atmosphere, they offer a wide variety of services, from the jungle-like airfield to the arcade room! Take your pick!

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    • Salt & Siren Coastal Cafe

      Salt & Siren is a quaint little café located on the Blake Sea. Travel by boat, or sea plane and park at one of their spacious dock slips. Grab a cup of coffee and choose from an assortment of bakery treats and goodies. There is plenty of scenic coastal views, ambiance, and cozy seating. A perfect spot for dates and friends. Make sure to give Marlin and Guppy, the café pups some love while you visit!

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    • Lost Angeles

      Come and enjoy your stay in this Los Angeles inspired destination. With a diverse variety of photogenic spots, peaceful and stylish property rentals, a cafe, spa, and restaurants - it is very blogger friendly! You can also experience new shows and social events at Annabel's club.

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    • Cannes Villes

      Quaint little Mediterranean beach with crystal clear waters, relaxing ambiance sounds, and places to explore. Enjoy relaxing, visiting with friends, photography, and dancing with your love. Private rentals are available. Please enjoy your time here.

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    • Big Sky Over Florence

      Enjoy the last days of summer at Big Sky Over Florence. Listen to the calming ocean sounds and relax on the white sand beaches. Hang with friends in any of the island houses or try your hand at some photography. There are plenty of pretty views. Simply enjoy the peace and tranquility of this lovely spot and unwind. Everyone is welcome! Add your images to their Flickr group:

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