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    • Shara - Summer Solstice at Sahvan Shaila

      Shara presents Sahvan Shaila, a well-lit summer evening paradise situated across six regions. Located on a world that few have discovered, Shara is a second chance at verdancy following the grim fate of the Earth—a reminder still observable in the unfathomable distance. Open for a limited time, Shara offers Sahvan Shaila as a fantastic Summer escape!

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    • Serendipitous Sands

      Sparkling shallows, sand and ocean mist. Beautiful public tropical islands to explore with landscaped beach homes available for private furnished/unfurnished rental. Live pirate radio broadcasts & performers are found @ 'I Am A Rock' - the hidden eclectic subterranean musical cavern. All are welcome, so come photograph and blog, explore and discover, or simply chill and relax in this lazy day hideaway!

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    • Cann!bal

      Take unbelievable photos on a total of 4 breathtaking virtual beach regions. Enjoy a multitude of exciting tropical activities, or just watch as their dynamic region windlight day cycles control the region-wide lights. This estate has been under development for more than 10 years and offers countless attractions seen nowhere else on the grid.

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    • Neverending - The Dark Tower

      Explore Neverending - The Dark Tower, the third book by Jayden Mercury. The lost artist shares his journey and stumbles upon new stories. Explore with him and share the magic. Enjoy the calm, peace, and inspiration. Blogger, furry, child, and people-friendly. Learn more at - Add your images to their Flickr group:

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    • Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery

      He has visited your home. Have you visited his? Come and experience the Very NICE & Very EVIL home and art gallery of the Bellisseria Slenderman. If you can find it, take a ride on "Slender: The Eight Pages" THRILL RIDE!

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