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    • Choreography of a Tortured Soul

      Visit the latest art installation "Choreography of a Tortured Soul" by Theda Tammas with music provided by Morlita Quan. View the machinima on YouTube at

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    • Adele

      The tropical paradise of Adele is a relaxing oasis hidden from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The island is perfect for those looking to get away for awhile, enjoy a day with friends or share some romantic moments with their special someone. Swim the beautiful azure waters, take a stroll on the beach or admire the tropical birds as one wanders through the jungle of this lush paradise.

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    • Avaloir

      Old and young ideas met on a playground. Things made by:

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    • Providence at Atlantis RP

      Thousands of years before the cataclysm that swallowed the continent of Atlantis, it was ruled by sisters. One was queen of the land, another queen of the waters, but both children of the gods. The utopian society relied greatly on the deities and their beliefs in them. Scholars hold the knowledge of the gods, while clerics perform rituals on behalf of the deities. They live on land or in the water helping the people remain in touch with the past atlanteans. For years they managed to cohabitate in peace, following the words and rules of the gods. Until the world began to shake, the clouds formed over the land, the seas rocked. Parts of the world crumbled showing signs of the beginning of the end, now was a race to overcome the odds and be the sole survivors. Unease has hit the Isle of Atlantis, causing the world to move within the cloud of chaos that surrounds it. Not only between land and sea, but within the dwellers of each. All living creatures affected solely but the curtain that has fallen. The gods showed their anger, throwing whatever they could at the world surrounded by the sea. Amidst the war that raged between those on land and those in the waters, they were forced to work together during the times of struggle when the gods Rained down punishments over the inhabitants. Can they survive each other? Or survive the wrath of the gods? Join to find out where the story goes with you.

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    • Rieri - Town in Tokyo

      Visit Rieri-Town, an incredibly realistic town modeled from Google Maps and real photos of Tokyo neighborhoods. Come and visit to feel the atmosphere of this contemporary Japanese location.

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