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    • North Pole - A Beautiful Christmas Escape

      Discover the forest and dive into a magical winter wonderland with hidden secrets. Strap on your skates or take a relaxing horse ride in the snow. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere and cuddle or dance with your loved ones or perhaps take pictures together. This place impresses with true winter nature, instead of just background scenes.

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    • Old Town - Winterland

      Travel to this serene and quiet winter village high in the mountains; a place of peace and relaxation. Ride a horse in the snow, ice skate, wander about, or dance on the Winter-Sky Esplanade. The hot air balloon tours the two region span of Winterland. Bungee jump, zipline, or jetskii. You'll find lots of winter activities and romance at this picturesque location.

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    • Southern Roots - Let It Snow

      The weather is cold and the cider is hot, grab a hand to hold and wander around a lot! Plenty of fun things to do galore; #AdamsPhotoChallenge, sledding, ice skating, and much more! Don't forget to visit Santa and mingle; grab your free gifts during the Christmas jingle. Use the teleports to the games area and town square, enjoy the holidays going into the New Year, y'all come back now ya hear! Add your images to their Flickr group:

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    • Skrunda-3 Reimagined

      Welcome to Skrunda-3, the latest iteration of the abandoned Latvian town. Decaying docks, old apartments, trams and trains, a dusty gallery, and much more, come and see for yourself. A must-see for Second Life photographers!

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    • Color the World Orange

      Color the World Orange is an awareness destination supporting the UN Women's 16 Days Campaign Against Gender-based Violence from November 25th to December 10th. It's a relaxing and healing region where everyone can come to hang-out with friends, enjoy the zen view and listen to nature or meditate and have self-reflections. You can also discover Bryn Oh's work Lady Carmagnolle in the hidden garden.

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