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    • Jacksonville Winter Wonderland

      The Winter Wonderland at Jacksonville Island is a wonderful winter experience. Along with a snowy scene, there are many fun things to do, such as sleigh rides on the ground and in the air, a beautiful long skating path, horseback riding, deer to ride, and picture poses for your winter Christmas Cards. Have a wonderful time and don't forget to add your images to the Jacksonville Island Flickr group:

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    • Snow Falls

      Snow falls is a wonderful place to visit. Located in the hollow of mountains, it's a place of peace and relaxation. Perfect for your winter photography.

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    • Winter Swaginator Hunt

      ‘Tis the season to be jolly - and what could be more jolly than a ton of new gifts? From now through most of December, Second Life will be giving away some goodies for everyone! Four exclusive Winter decorations have been scattered across the Bellisseria continent: special variations of items found in the Premium gift are only available through this hunt! Pick up your HUD at the Meauxle Bureaux and make sure to complete the gift hunt in order by following the clues in the HUD and local chat. Happy hunting!

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    • Southern Roots - Let It Snow

      The weather is cold and the cider is hot, grab a hand to hold and wander around a lot! There's plenty of fun things to do galore; a Christmas hunt, #AdamsPhotoChallenge, sledding, ice skating, and much more! Don't forget to visit with Santa and mingle; grab your free gifts during the Christmas jingle. Enjoy the holidays going into the new year, y'all come back now, ya hear!

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    • Winter Holiday Village

      Make memories at the Winter Holiday Village, which is now open for their 13th year from November 1st to January 2nd. Visit this beautiful country winter wonderland that has many activities such as skiing, sledding, skating, and more! There are polar bears, penguins and Santa and Mrs. Claus are in residence LIVE! Spend your winter holidays here with your family and friends. Merry Christmas!

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