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    • Ballet Pixelle Theatre

      Ballet Pixelle Theatre is an innovate experience through the form of dance. It presents its visitors with amazingly original theatre-dance choreography represented through physical and virtual dance, blending both multiple realities. Music is composed specifically for the ballets. Ballet Pixelle performs in Second Life as well as the real world for everyone to enjoy. Come and experience the magic of original animations and with exciting choreography at Ballet Pixelle Theatre.

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    • Witchwood

      Witchwood lies nestled on a misty peninsula, somewhere on the outskirts of no where. Come explore the ruins, cemetery, the lake and beach. Relax, take photos, and shop at sister stores Petite Mort & Oubliette. Join the group for monthly entertainment, hunts and sales.

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    • Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches

      Save the grid from impending doom and win fabulous prizes. Capture Glytches, avoid Glytch spells, upgrade your weapons, play bonus levels, and avoid the treacherous perils to complete your Glytch collection!

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    • The Rose Art Gallery

      Welcome to The Rose Art Gallery, a majestic venue which celebrates the creativity, artistry and skills of artists within Second Life. Both 2D and 3D works of art from artists across the grid are on display, and new pieces are added to the exhibit on a regular basis. Everyone is encouraged to experience the unique atmosphere found within the halls of The Rose Art Gallery.

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    • Mandala Resort

      Welcome to Mandala Resort, a beautiful destination where everyone can enjoy delicious African cuisines, pamper themselves with a relaxing spa treatment or dance at the Kizomba Club. For those who want to get out and explore everything the area has to offer, there are safari tours as well. Discover the adventure that is Mandala Resort.

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