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    • Eclectica A New Dawn

      Eclectica is back and its A New Dawn! Wind your way through this magical, enchanting and eclectic sim, with secluded romantic spots for dancing or romancing, and wonderful photo opportunities. Bask in the turquoise waters of the Fijian inspired beach. Visit the vagabonds that have made this place their home and just take in the tranquil ambiance this sim offers.

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    • Baja Isles

      Come and relax in the warm tropical beach paradise of Baja Isles, a new beach sim by Lauren Bentham. Breathe in the fresh salty air while you feel the warm breeze on your face, explore the island with friends or loved ones and watch the wildlife of this nostalgic paradise beach. Don't forget your camera, so you can take home some photo memories of your visit.

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    • Ashemi Reprise

      The vast and beautiful city of Ashemi returns to Second Life but this time brings with it even more detail and hidden delights than before. Find solace and tranquility in the inner parts of the sim or explore the more urban and somewhat rundown parts of town. The perfect place to get creative with photography, to chill or to explore.

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    • Cloudbreak

      Inspired by the very best of Oceania and South East Asia with long stretches of perfect beaches, the softest coral sands meet the clearest turquoise waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Vast swathes of jungle cascade over volcanic rock faces which tumble down on to the ever so lightly pink shoreline with space to discover and room to explore, surf and photograph along the way.

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    • Ville de Coeur 70s Music Festival

      The 2018 Ville de Coeur Autumn Music Festival, held Sept. 20-23, is a 70s extravaganza! Relive the decade with a dozen 70s-themed performances, including deejays, tribute acts and live singers. Visit Ville de Coeur anytime through September and explore the roads of all seven regions in a classic 70s muscle car.

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