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    • Winter Love Valley

      If you are looking for that magical romantic winter feeling full of joy and lights, then you need to visit Winter Love Valley. Come hang out with a friendly community, or bring your friends or lover. Come skate on the ice, snowboard off the hill, horse ride in a romantic setting full of cuddle places, or just come for some winter fun and joy at Winter Love Valley.

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    • 80Days - O HOLY NIGHT

      Winter is drawing near and so does Christmas. Do you remember the anticipation you felt as a child at this time of year? The scent of roasted chestnuts, cinnamon, and baked cookies? The fun you had skating on ice or sneaking around the stalls at the Christmas market? O HOLY NIGHT is the place where you can relive all this. Become a child again! Or give in to your romantic side and dance cheek to cheek with your beloved one on the sparkling ice rink. However, if you prefer silence and reflectiveness instead, take a walk or a ride through the snowy woods and visit the small, festively decorated Christmas chapel with its life-sized nativity scene. Either way, the spirit of Christmas will surely embrace you here.

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    • Le'eaf & Tinsel

      Snow crunches softly under your feet as you wander the white-dusted trails. Among the trees and gently falling snow you will find a winter wonderland and of course, coffee. The Le'eaf&Bean Coffee truck is onsite for your caffeine and cocoa fix.

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    • Winter Wonderland at Lam

      Experience a Winter Wonderland on the Lam region, created by Czech and Slovak Residents where you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of Christmas. All are welcome to skate, explore, have some cocoa, and more! The destination is open until January 16th, 2023.

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    • Frosty Bear at Lisipark

      Lisipark is an adventure fantasy land hangout with breathtaking scenery for explorers, bloggers, and photographers. Now featuring a Christmas night with a snow display, and winter wonderland. If you're looking for a place of memorable moments, connections, love, friendship, and lots of leisure time; Lisipark is the place to be! Bring your scarf!

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