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    • SUM A ROO - Winter Imagination

      A quiet place to refresh your soul and mind. Step away from everyday life and feel yourself transform into Christmas time. Walk the winter paths, as you listen to the sounds of the frozen ground crackle under your boots, and lose yourself in the lights. Visit and celebrate the holidays on this region, enjoy the winter with your loved ones, and fill this place with harmony and a lot of good memories.

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    • Waterfalls of Dreams

      Waterfalls of Dreams is a beautiful and photogenic region, perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner and dancing. Explore the waterfalls with the rowboat and spend time chilling and relaxing with a loved one. Elves, fairies, and all other beautiful creatures are very welcome!

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    • Winter Wonderland

      Enjoy an exciting snowy adventure in this winter attraction by Linden Lab. Enjoy some holiday gifts in the Village of Lights, or a nice skate around the rink with friends. Take a look over the regions on the top of our Winter Ferris Wheel or race around the track. Don't miss the snowball fight arena!

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    • Seanchai Library

      Welcome to Seanchai Library at Holly Kai Park! Seanchai ("Storyteller" in Irish) Library celebrates the Celtic tradition of stories told around the hearth or in the pub to friends, family, and welcomed strangers. Seanchai Libraries bring stories of all kinds to life, in Virtual Worlds: Second Life and Kitely on the Open Metaverse. For more details, visit

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    • Hapuna Surf Beach

      If you're looking for a beach where you can have the best time, come to Hapuna Surf Beach! Here you will find surf-able waves, jet skies, helicopters, gliding, volleyball, water slides, and much more! If you just want to chill by the beach, you'll find many bars, loungers, beach towels, and lots of options to cuddle watching the beautiful Second Life sunset.

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