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    • La Vallée

      La Vallée is a small hilltop village in the center of an alpine valley. The village is past its glory days, but the tiny train station is still there and the few houses are still occupied, even though the pathways are slowly overgrowing with wildflowers. There are many spots to simply sit and enjoy, to wind down from a busy day, and talk to a good friend. Be welcome to enjoy!

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    • La Garde-Aris

      The well-known Provence village of La Garde-Aris will be delighted to host you. You will find pleasurable stops in the Fisherman's creek, on the hills near the old Sarrasin ruins, along the sandy beach, at the very lively market square, and in the beautiful Villa at the end of Rue Bel Aris. Join the group to rez poses and accessories.

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    • Tulum Township

      Brightly colored homes and tropical plants trailing over wrought-iron balconies. The smell of spiced, street food permeating the air. The vibrant sounds of a steel-drum salsa band. All of this awaits you at Tulum Township, the newest addition to Tulum Reserve! Come wander the alleys of a truly Mexican plaza filled with all the sights and sounds of the Caribbean coast!

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    • Krak Bak Caye at The Sim Quarterly

      Krak Bak Caye is a tropical island built to engage your senses and your lust to wander! Turn on your sounds and get lost in the sights of this beautiful destination! Boating, windsurfing, paddleboarding, sunbathing, snoozing, snorkeling - Krak Bak Caye has it all! Come be a tourist again! This scenic installation is open from May 5th to July 25th at The Sim Quarterly. Find out more details at

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    • France Pittoresque

      Enjoy this little grain of paradise, beach bathed in a warm light for a soothing atmosphere. All is designed to chill out, to read, to meditate, staying under the shade of palms, or soaking up the sunkissed sands, letting sounds of nature, tide crashing on the shore and sweet music fill your mind. Extracts from books about the history of France are scattered on the land, for a travel through time.

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