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    • Entropy V

      Everyone is welcome to experience the dynamic and interpretive art pieces found within Entropy V. This extensive exhibit is organized and curated by Natas and "Fiends". There are over 20 separate areas found within the exhibit, each with it's own unique form of expression. Some sections of the exhibit are easy to find, while others are hidden and can only be found by the most tenacious of explorers. Other forms of entertainment, such as racing, games and a complicated maze are available to enjoy as well. NaTaS and "Fiends" have created and hidden 1000 free items throughout the entire destination for visitors to find.

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    • Sandy Coast

      Just your neighbor friendly beach town sitting right on the coast. Come enjoy a burger and ice cream before taking a dip in the pool, play some tennis in town nestled around palm trees and tropical vegetation, or borrow a boat and sail around the ocean! Whatever it is, the locals of Sandy Coast and the warm sand welcomes you!

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    • Museum Island

      Born from a dream of Carlolello Zapatero, Museum Island is a collection of more than 30 monuments of mediterranean area and middle east. A wonderful place to be visited, or to take nice photos. Admire the artworks and listen to great music at this peculiar event.

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    • Adele

      The tropical paradise of Adele is a relaxing oasis hidden from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The island is perfect for those looking to get away for awhile, enjoy a day with friends or share some romantic moments with their special someone. Swim the beautiful azure waters, take a stroll on the beach or admire the tropical birds as one wanders through the jungle of this lush paradise.

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    • World's End Cafe

      Shooting stars, broken bridges, and a strange little place on a small seamount at the end of the world. Drop by for a cup of coffee, tea, cocoa, or cupcakes! The World's End Cafe is a build by Fitch Lekvoda.

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