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    • Happy Halloween N Fun at Cheys Cove

      Get your scare on at this abandoned mansion at Cheys Cove. Many were tortured here and they want to do the same to you! Seek the truth hidden within but mind your steps as danger awaits at every turn. Join the game by clicking and sitting on objects to find hidden rooms. Read the board inside the mansion for more information on how to play. Use the shared environment and turn up sounds for a more immersive experience. Have a happy Halloween and have fun!

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    • Lemon Trees Mediterranean

      The late sun warms your face, and the leaves dance in the autumn wind. Fires are being lit. Fruits are being picked. Cozy blankets keep you warm, and the scent of mulled wine fills the air. Lemon Trees Mediterranean celebrates Autumn with you.

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    • Teranga City

      Teranga City is a destination inspired by the metropolitan cities of North and West Africa. There are a variety of entertainment venues, shopping, and art and culture centers for visitors to enjoy. One of the main attractions of Teranga City is Al-Mouna Resort, a luxury boutique hotel, and spa resort. For more information, visit:

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    • Palazzo Park

      Searching for excitement in your Second life? Look no further than Palazzo Park, Second Life's newest public voice and chat hangout! The ultimate in fun and entertainment, boasting a wide array of activities for family and friends! Enjoy laser tag, bowling, a movie theater with syncing screens, an arcade, billiards, game lounge live entertainment, and more!

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    • Nightbrook Hollow

      Nightbrook Hollow is a small and quaint town filled with magic. Frozen in time, the townsfolk seem blissfully unaware of the outside world. Visit the tavern for a drink or the local psychic for a reading, wander around the town, and take a horse ride up the mountain, if you dare. Nightbrook hollow is waiting for you. This haunted destination is open from September 7th thru October 31st.

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