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    • 11th Annual SL Christmas Expo

      Visit the 11th Annual SL Christmas Expo, held December 3-14 in support of the American Cancer Society's fight against childhood cancer. This 14 region shopping extravaganza features 170+ Merchants, 3 Breedable Regions, and many holiday activities including Twirl & Whirl Hunt, Lights of Hope Decoration Contest, 100+ hours of live entertainment, and more! Linden Lab will reveal the next edition of the coveted Linden Home series at the Expo and provide a Limited Edition Christmas item and special surprises. For more info, visit:

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    • Longing Melody

      There is something about this place and you got a Ticket to Ride to the forest of the Norwegian Woods, where the Strawberry Fields grow by Penny Lane. You can spend a Day in the Life with Nowhere Man and maybe you will meet The Fool on The Hill.

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    • Winter Chicland

      A beautiful winter location with many photogenic spots such as Christmas snowy town, ice rink, Christmas market, a castle with fireworks, train station, and a lovely chapel to light a candle for dear ones. Come and enjoy the best season of the year.

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    • Old Town - Winterland

      Travel to this serene and quiet winter village high in the mountains; a place of peace and relaxation. Ride a horse in the snow, ice skate, wander about, or dance on the Winter-Sky Esplanade. The hot air balloon tours the two region span of Winterland. Bungee jump, zipline, or jetskii. You'll find lots of winter activities and romance at this picturesque location.

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    • Winter Wonderland

      Discover an exciting snowy adventure in this winter attraction by Linden Lab. Enjoy some holiday gifts in the Village of Lights, then make your way to snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice-skating, or snowball fighting in the snowball fight arena. If you’re in the mood for something a bit quieter, take a breath-taking trip on the Ferris Wheel and catch incredible views of the twinkling lights and shimmery snow.

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