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    • O S I R U S

      You've arrived at the end of a story. The story of a serial killer. The city has endured murders before but never with bodies half eaten. The police said he took his own life after killing his last victim. The bodies have been removed but there is still blood to clean up. That's why you are here. Not a great job but it pays the bills. Just be careful sometimes working with the dead rubs off on you.

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    • Museum of Tournament

      A Gothic museum awaits your discovery within a snowy landscape, its chiseled walls of marble and granite set against the stark white of winter. Welcome to the first ever exhibition celebrating “A Decade of Jousting in SL” and its formative years between 2008 and 2018.

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    • The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure!

      Now in its 8th year, experience an SL tradition filled with magical scenes and classic Christmas memories. Enjoy a delightful sleigh ride that commences in a pretty natural setting. Wind your way down to the North Pole village passing delightful Christmas-themed scenes ending on the doorstep of Santa's workshop. Stop in for some ice skating, a holiday meal and a visit with Santa.

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    • Spellbound Academy

      The Spellbound Academy of Sorcery, set close to the quaint village of Willowshire, welcomes its first year students to a new school year of magic and mystery. However, this year there is something very wrong in the school, and we need YOUR help to figure it out! Will you accept the challenge?

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    • Bryn Oh's Jane and Eloise

      A randomly-generated maze with monsters. Sneak through the corridors with your headlamp and avoid the creatures by slipping through the "mouseholes" where they can not follow. Explore the Victorian steampunk beach to discover the story for Jane and her sister Eloise. Join Bryn's experience, set graphics to ultra and windlight to night for the full experience inside the maze.

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