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    • Entropy V

      Everyone is welcome to experience the dynamic and interpretive art pieces found within Entropy V. This extensive exhibit is organized and curated by Natas and "Fiends". There are over 20 separate areas found within the exhibit, each with it's own unique form of expression. Some sections of the exhibit are easy to find, while others are hidden and can only be found by the most tenacious of explorers. Other forms of entertainment, such as racing, games and a complicated maze are available to enjoy as well. NaTaS and "Fiends" have created and hidden 1000 free items throughout the entire destination for visitors to find.

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    • Providence at Atlantis RP

      Thousands of years before the cataclysm that swallowed the continent of Atlantis, it was ruled by sisters. One was queen of the land, another queen of the waters, but both children of the gods. The utopian society relied greatly on the deities and their beliefs in them. Scholars hold the knowledge of the gods, while clerics perform rituals on behalf of the deities. They live on land or in the water helping the people remain in touch with the past atlanteans. For years they managed to cohabitate in peace, following the words and rules of the gods. Until the world began to shake, the clouds formed over the land, the seas rocked. Parts of the world crumbled showing signs of the beginning of the end, now was a race to overcome the odds and be the sole survivors. Unease has hit the Isle of Atlantis, causing the world to move within the cloud of chaos that surrounds it. Not only between land and sea, but within the dwellers of each. All living creatures affected solely but the curtain that has fallen. The gods showed their anger, throwing whatever they could at the world surrounded by the sea. Amidst the war that raged between those on land and those in the waters, they were forced to work together during the times of struggle when the gods Rained down punishments over the inhabitants. Can they survive each other? Or survive the wrath of the gods? Join to find out where the story goes with you.

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    • Baja Tides

      Come and relax in the warm tropical beach paradise of Baja Tides, a new beach sim by Lauren Bentham. Breathe in the fresh salty air while you feel the warm breeze on your face, explore the island with friends or loved ones and watch the wildlife of this nostalgic paradise beach. Don't forget your camera, so you can take home some photo memories of your visit.

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    • Home and Garden Expo

      The Home & Garden Expo for Relay For Life, held through June 2, is the premier event in SL for home designers and landscapers. In its 11th year, the Expo showcases some of Second Life’s best in homes, decor, furnishings, garden, landscaping and breedables. For more info, visit

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    • Ballet Pixelle Theatre

      Ballet Pixelle Theatre is an innovate experience through the form of dance. It presents its visitors with amazingly original theatre-dance choreography represented through physical and virtual dance, blending both multiple realities. Music is composed specifically for the ballets. Ballet Pixelle performs in Second Life as well as the real world for everyone to enjoy. Come and experience the magic of original animations and with exciting choreography at Ballet Pixelle Theatre.

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