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    • Garden Of Eden

      Whatever happened to the Garden of Eden? Adam and Eve returned and so did the serpent. Feel free to explore all of the areas of this photogenic region and take pics, dance the night away, or just enjoy the magic of the region while hanging out with your friends. This project is birthed by Eve, so that you can find your special place to cuddle or your favorite place to put your thoughts together.

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    • Florence At Low Tide Autumn

      Cooler nights and shorter days mean autumn has arrived at Florence At Low Tide. Wander this Mediterranean themed village while taking pictures, or just hang out with friends. Enjoy the crisp ocean autumn breeze or just listen to the surf roll out at low tide. Relax in this peaceful environment and take in all the beautiful colors. Designed by Iska (sablina).

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    • Asiza’s Islands of Love

      Asiza’s Islands of Love is longtime SL Resident Asiza Wolf’s latest project: a series of floating islands, connected by bridges, featuring flyable dragons and steampunk ships, areas for quiet contemplation and meditation, a concert stage, and possibly the hottest Salsa Club in SL located inside an active volcano!

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    • Templemore Cove

      In a celebration of art, Templemore continues the tradition of offering the greatest musical experience by opening another beautiful venue. Infusing a historic downtown district with a remarkable mix of old and new on a beautiful tropical-inspired region that can only be Templemore Cove. Spend time amongst good friends or meet new ones, soak up the sun in this tropical island paradise with its sandy beaches, romantic spots, and other various photogenic hot spots.

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    • Pine Valley Haunted Caverns

      Welcome to Pine Valley Haunted Caverns, a vortex of evil that spans the centuries. Covering two regions, the caverns are a labyrinth of caves that connect the evils that have been forced underground. The caverns also include hidden chambers for you to find. Happy hunting and beware, you can easily get lost.

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