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    • Lake Blackmoore

      Lake Blackmoore is a camp-themed destination that welcomes all. They provide activities for you to enjoy at your own leisure with family and friends such as camping, fishing, picnics, exploration, games, and much more.

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    • The Outer Garden

      The Outer Garden is a place where love is hiding. The landing point is filled with happiness where the romantic atmosphere and pale lights surround you, which would make your time with friends and lovers special. Also, the mirror standing at the landing point will take you to some other gardens, where you can enjoy walking and taking pictures. You will have a sweet time in this brilliant season, the RoseGarden, and pale lights.

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    • The Wastelands

      The Wastelands is a post-apocalyptic community almost as old as Second Life itself. Despite their frightening outward appearances, their friendly and outgoing community is the core reason they've lasted so long. Whether you want to role-play, hang out and chat, or play the mini-mmo games they have; everything is free, and opt-in at your own pace. It is also a photo-friendly destination! Learn more at

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    • Java Sprockets

      Grab a cup of fresh coffee or a bite to eat at Java Sprockets, a beachside coffee shop. Out front is a Rez Zone where you can pick up a free bicycle and enjoy a ride around Bellisseria. Everyone is welcome and everything is free! Java Sprockets is a community area in Bellisseria that offers all a place to hang out and chat.

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    • The Salt Lakes Of Florence

      Tired of Winter? The Salt Flats Of Florence are the perfect cure. Iska (sablina) has built a recreation of the Pink Salt Lakes in Camargue, France (Salin d’Aigues-Mortes). Formerly Florence At Low Tide, their latest offering will chase away all that winter cold and introduce you to salty summer breezes and calming ocean vistas. Enjoy, wander, take pictures, spend time with friends! Add your images to their Flickr group:

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