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    • Eleventh House

      Eleventh House is a community friendly public space in Second Life featuring a cozy cafe, DJs, live music, and so much more. They have beautiful scenery, great photo spots, intimate romantic spaces for couples to enjoy, and great casual spaces for friends as well. On occasion, there are exclusive big themed events for Eleventh House group members. They are pro LGBT+, and a safe space for all adults in SL.

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    • Eatonville Living History Museum

      Welcome to Eatonville, a living, interactive museum paying homage to the strength and beauty of the African-American diaspora through an examination of popular Black Literature. Walk around the town and turn your sounds on to feel lived experiences of African-Americans through the times, through an exploration of culturally-affirming Black literature.

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    • The Magical Kingdom

      The Magical Kingdom is lovingly created with blood, sweat, and tears of laughter! Amenities include but are not limited to a games area, a beach, a farm, a children's area in the Wee Fun Park, and a church. Plus so much more to explore and discover. Feel free to rezz, but please clean up after yourselves. Enter the photo contest and share your images in their Flickr group:

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    • Japanese Zen Garden at Project Hope

      Walk and explore the natural Japanese gardens at Project Hope. Sit and relax in the calming gardens, play an instrument in the music garden, or just while away your time in the Japanese house. An inspirational garden of peace and happiness.

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    • MEROE Museum - Home of Black culture

      MEROE Museum is the Home of Black and Aboriginal cultures in Second Life. The Museum's purpose is to provide a safe space for the repository of black culture from across the diaspora, and a place for dialog in an effort to resolve many of the conflicts that plague our communities. More info at:

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