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    • A Witch in the Steam-House

      Where did Annaheld come from? Even the oldest residents of Quarry Hill remember her as she is now -- quiet, aloof and with a disturbingly haunting beauty. But there are secrets to her magic -- dark secrets. The Babbage community annual Schpookyhaus!

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    • Forgotten Souls

      Forgotten Souls was once a thriving small southern town, hidden away in the dark swamps of Louisiana. No one really knows where the sickness started but it took hold and ran like wild fire. The dead began to rise and walk the streets craving human flesh! Forgotten Souls now destroyed and decayed is a last bastion of hope for those few survivors.

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    • SL's Top Haunted Places Tour & Hunt

      It is the 10th year for SL's Top Haunted Places Tour & Hunt! With approximately 100 listings each year, there are many wonderful haunted places and hunts grid wide for you to explore along with Halloween shopping at some of the best stores. Get your list from the sign at each haunt and go in any order you like. New haunts are added all month long, so check the sign often. Event runs from October 1st to 31st.

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    • Creations Park Fall Festival and Hunt

      Creations Park's Fall Festival and Hunt is even more beautiful this year! Find everything in the "Pumpkins for Parkinson's Hunt." Visit the Halloween Emporium with over 100 newly created, highest quality items. Explore the Haunted House where everything is under L$95. 100% of all donations go to Team Fox, Michael J Fox Foundation. Great fun with great prizes for a great cause!

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    • Dia de Muertos 2019

      Day of the dead 2019, is based in the town of Pitiquito Sonora in Mexico this year. It is a desert environment for the day of the dead. The altars of dead are dedicated to the memory of personalities who have died this year and there is a special altar for the children who have died on the border of Mexico and the United States.

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