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    • Bella's Glade at Shara

      Built for a butterfly, Bella's Glade is a little slice of paradise situated above Shara Lights of Amara. A winding creek surrounds a seasonal glade. The meadow is sprinkled with tulips, crocus, and daffodils. Venture into the thick of the woods for a secluded, quiet, romantic getaway to experience love or to find love. Open for a limited time, Shara offers Bella's Glade for a Spring escape!

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    • Splashtown

      Come cool off at the Splashtown water park in Aruana! From water slides to fun rides, there is plenty to do. You will find adventure in the park and outside of it. A great place to make memories!

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    • Le Chateau Motel - Back to the 80s

      Le Chateau Motel is a 80s/90s themed hang-out located on the mainland near the Blake Seas with easy access to the Second Life roads. This place was built by a team of friends with the idea to share their passion for vacationing in a crazy, cheesy, and kitschy environment. You may find a camping site with a beach and with private residences. There is an "80s vacation" dress code in the camping are. Please respect the privacy and tranquility, along with the dress code, when you are on the camping site. These rules apply as soon as you pass the camping gate.

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    • London for Ara

      Each footstep tread softly upon its worn and weathered streets, echoes in my thoughts of you. With every turn and corner, there is a story to be told, a depth to be discovered. Yet, the beauty can be found by the ebb and flow of dreams realized and shattered throughout the course of time. It's withstood so much yet it endures, still breathtaking and strong. This is my love letter to you. You remind me of London.

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    • Martindale Fair

      Located off of Route 10, come visit the year-round Martindale fair which is located near the diner. Explore and enjoy a variety of rides, games, and food.

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