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    • Bryn Oh's Jane and Eloise

      A randomly-generated maze with monsters. Sneak through the corridors with your headlamp and avoid the creatures by slipping through the "mouseholes" where they can not follow. Explore the Victorian steampunk beach to discover the story for Jane and her sister Eloise. Join Bryn's experience, set graphics to ultra and windlight to night for the full experience inside the maze.

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    • Cape Florida Lighthouse and Park

      Visit this replica of the original lighthouse and beach area at Bill Baggs State Park in Florida. This is a friendly serene sim - relax along the beach, play games in the club house, dance under the stars and gaze at the view atop the lighthouse. Have fun strolling or biking along the boardwalks. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and discover one of the many little cozy areas. With regular events you won't want to miss, all are welcome.

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    • American Cancer Society Information Day

      Celebrate the success of American Cancer Society in SL with a full day of live music performances and entertainment on Jan. 27 from 6 a.m.-8 p.m. (Pacific). Artists include Austin Moores, Max Kleene, Relay Rap and Keeba & Tiny Maniacs.

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    • Zimminyville

      Zimminyville is a photogenic sim filled with snow and surprises. Be sure to check out the working drive-in theater and balloon ride...and don't forget to take a ride in a space pod to the moon.

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    • North Providence

      Experience a city with endless possibilities, a place where you and your family alike can find something they truly enjoy, In the 1930's North Providence was one of the top tourist destinations among young people, now boasting the big city life-style it has grown to be everyone from the successful to the less fortunate has found their own place to call home in what is a wonderful place to live, work and play.

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