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    • Martindale Fair

      Located off of Route 10, come visit the year-round Martindale fair which is located near the diner. Explore and enjoy a variety of rides, games, and food.

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    • Suntory Time: Gallery Neu

      Established by Lux Chiantelle in 2012, the gallery and hangout known as Suntory Time has an instant following among cult art worshipers and fine art followers alike. The space is fun and easy to relax in, whether you are alone or with a group. But most importantly the art is incredible. Lux has worked diligently contacting the artists for permission to use their work, and in most cases provide free copies to residents for their own collections. Alone or with friends, Suntory will always welcome you. Now located at the GBTH project region.

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    • London for Ara

      Each footstep tread softly upon its worn and weathered streets, echoes in my thoughts of you. With every turn and corner, there is a story to be told, a depth to be discovered. Yet, the beauty can be found by the ebb and flow of dreams realized and shattered throughout the course of time. It's withstood so much yet it endures, still breathtaking and strong. This is my love letter to you. You remind me of London.

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    • Bella's Glade at Shara

      Built for a butterfly, Bella's Glade is a little slice of paradise situated above Shara Lights of Amara. A winding creek surrounds a seasonal glade. The meadow is sprinkled with tulips, crocus, and daffodils. Venture into the thick of the woods for a secluded, quiet, romantic getaway to experience love or to find love. Open for a limited time, Shara offers Bella's Glade for a Spring escape!

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    • Cloven Forest

      A quiet calm and stillness will comfort your soul as you wander beneath a canopy of trees and explore the spellbound forest at Cloven. Enjoy photography, horseback riding, the stone circle, hot springs, a ruined church, the fairy grove, and more. Adults only, pagan friendly.

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