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    • Winter Hollow

      Winter Hollow includes a full region of vintage winter holiday peace. Take the horse-drawn sleigh tours (aerial or ground-based) of the Hollow, ride the pony ride for weekly gifts, or stop by for one of the skating events. Explore the caves and Winterley Manor, fully decorated for the season!

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    • Luane's World - Le Monde Perdu - Winter

      Luane's World has put on its white coat for this new season under the theme of lights and enchantments. As always, you will find many very nice spots to take great photos as well as have a good time and relax. You can go ice skating, sledding, take a ride on a horse, or have fun with the bumper cars. Don't forget to bring your own coat to visit the ice floe, its bears or penguins, or the ice cave. A lot of beautiful spots to visit!

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    • Badu - Africa

      Badu Africa is the perfect vacation spot with a total of 5 regions offering an amazing African experience. Representing 4 separate countries with specific areas, including Congo (The Rainforest), Kenya (Safari Lodge), Egypt (Aswan City & Sahara Desert), and Angola (Mussulo Island). Relax and enjoy everything there is for you to explore. Take beautiful pictures and don't forget to share them in their Flickr Group:

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    • Inspire Space Park Winter Wonderland

      Santa has come to a snowy Inspire Space Park this year! Bring your ice skates, and your Christmas wish list, and join in on the winter fun! Snowball fights are mandatory! Winter in outer space, a celestial event you can't miss! Perfect for romantic getaways.

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    • It's Snowing at Ambiance Hideaway

      Immerse yourself in the fairytale world of winter in a small alpine village. The snow has not quite come to the island but the higher you get, the more snow there is. A small Christmas market welcomes you with a cup of fragrant coffee and hot mulled wine. After skating, warm yourself by the fireplace and enjoy the atmosphere in one of the cosy houses and the fantastic view of the Alps.

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