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    • Goodnights Amusement Park

      Goodnights Amusement Park is a family-friendly amusement park with over a dozen rides and and roller coasters, as well as carnival games, bumper cars and other attractions. In the back of the park there is a Tunnel of Love for some romantic time with that someone special or you can just relax on the pier and enjoy the fireworks and the lights of the park. With occasional live music events, there is always something to do at the park.

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    • Home and Garden Expo

      The Home & Garden Expo for Relay For Life, held through April 7, is the premier event in SL for home designers and landscapers. In its 12th year, the Expo showcases some of Second Life’s best in homes, decor, furnishings, garden, landscaping and breedables. There are 10 regions in total to explore! For more info, visit

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    • Butterfly Conservatory

      Put a spring in your step and step into spring at the gorgeous Butterfly Conservatory, the first and only in Second Life. Visitors are transported to a tropical paradise full of lush vegetation, trickling waterfalls and vibrantly colored butterflies. Open through August 11.

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    • MadPea Spring Hunt

      Join family-friendly fun with MadPea's Spring Hunt, held through April 3rd. Search for Forest Friends around the grid and capture them on camera. The more animals you find, the more prizes you'll receive! Location owners are welcome to participate too for traffic and sales!

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    • Salt Water

      Salt Water is a rugged, tropical island that climbs slowly from a western bay up to high plateaus. It has also, at some point in the past, been split into two: to the north-east a narrow gorge break the land, spanned by a single rough bridge, looking for all the world like it has been cut over time by water action. Throughout the entire region, the attention to detail is stunning.

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