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    • Rosewood Hills

      Visit Rosewood Hills, the infamous town that was known for the "Rosewood Asylum". The Asylum, which was built in 1863 and stayed open until the late 1960s, has a long history. Visitors who have dared to enter the Asylum today consistently report strange sounds. Throughout its past, many tragedies occurred and could possibly explain the hauntings here. See the spooky video teaser for this destination:

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    • Malaga Alcazaba - Shaytan Escape Room

      This is a horror adventure where users will live a treasure hunt experience in a Malaga Alcazaba Museum inspired set. In the end, users will receive prizes.

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    • Hauntings

      Moody, ghostly, creepy, and fun, Hauntings is another delightful venue in Old Town. Once a charming and peaceful spot in rural America, when the events began happening, folks moved away. No cars stopped at the motel; the farm lies abandoned. What happened here? What went on in that house? No-one knows. But once a year, the spirits of those who were innocent walk, looking for treats.

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    • Return to Darkwood

      With a hauntingly playful mix of beauty and horror, Calas Galadhon's creator Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith invite you on another journey through 'DARKWOOD', their popular 2014 Halloween region reborn. Take the Elven boat tour or dare the darkness on foot as you explore the winding paths,swamp & dark corners. Events will be held at the Darkwood Pavilion during the month.

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    • Ghosts of Jericho at The Sim Quarterly

      The Sim Quarterly invites you to explore a scenic installation designed, curated, and posed by Elizabeth Jewell, with an original soundscape concept and experience by Electric Monday. Explore this curiously eerie, desolate but beautiful island, and discover some items left behind. If you listen carefully as you wander you may "meet" some of the Ghosts of Jericho. For more info visit:

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