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    • The Imaginarium

      SL is the great escape - transport yourself to The Imaginarium! There is a Halloween extravaganza going on with an asylum, haunted, cemetery, a damned village, and a trick or treat street for kids!

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    • A Thousand Windows

      A Thousand Windows is a new project by RioSisco Productions and the theme is a small poor district in Hong Kong surrounded with a thousand windows. There is a huge world out there, but what happens behind all those windows? What lives and worlds are hiding there? How many eyes peer into the fleeting reflections of so many lights? How is life going?

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    • Return to Darkwood

      With a hauntingly playful mix of beauty and horror, Calas Galadhon's creator Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith invite you on another journey through 'DARKWOOD', their popular 2014 Halloween region reborn. Take the Elven boat tour or dare the darkness on foot as you explore the winding paths,swamp & dark corners. Events will be held at the Darkwood Pavilion during the month.

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    • Charge Carnivale Obscura

      Damien the clown prince of the carnival grins maniacally from the carousel, beckoning you to his Carnivale Obscura. Once inside, you realize all is not right; the animals are roaming freely, your curiosity becomes panic and fear begins to creep into your mind and body. Welcome to The Charge Syndrome Carnival Obscura, a delightful mix of darkly twisted humor and the genuinely macabre by the queen of humorous fantasy Second artist Suzen Juel (Juel Resistance). This intriguing space has been designed to encourage you to explore, look in every corner, and specially created for taking photographs. Join the Flickr Photo Contest by posting your photo and a short story to accompany it on the “Power up For Charge” Flickr page for your chance to win prizes.

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    • Glitch Motel

      Glitch Motel is inspired by the TV show ''Bates Motel''. A great place to explore and meet new friends. They are voice active, and have karaoke sessions sometimes. Make yourself at home!

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