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    • Winter Festival and Hunts for Parkinson's

      Wander through the Enchanting Shopping Village in its winter splendor. Find three of SL's best holiday hunts! Look for toy soldiers in the booth area, Christmas stockings in the shop and free gifts in the Christmas Castle. 100% of all proceeds go to Team Fox for Parkinson's Research. Ice skating, sledding, photo ops and more winter fun to enjoy with friends. Celebrate while helping to find a cure!

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    • Winter Wonderland

      Enjoy an exciting snowy adventure in this winter attraction by Linden Lab. Enjoy some holiday gifts in the Village of Lights, or a nice skate around the rink with friends. Take a look over the regions on the top of our Winter Ferris Wheel or race around the track. Don't miss the snowball fight arena!

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    • Frost: Visions of Winter, at The Vordun

      The Vordun Museum and Gallery presents "Frost: Visions of Winter". 'Frost' is a new small exhibit that is here just in time for winter. Frost features 20 paintings, drawings, prints, and manuscripts depicting some aspect of winter ranging from the 15th to the 20th centuries. These aspects of winter include depictions of period winter clothing, landscapes, feasts, and more.

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    • Season of Joy

      Season of Joy is designed for explorers, photographers, and romance. Now decorated for your holiday enjoyment with ice skating, sledding, holiday lights, and Christmas decorations. Snuggle spots located throughout the sim to keep warm with a loved one. Beautiful photographic spots featuring the work of many talented Second Life creators.

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    • TONAL in Space

      Somewhere in the blackness of outer space just above earth you will find yourself on the shores of a seemingly endless sea with rippling tides of stars and dust brushing against the shore. This endless space is surrounded by planets and items lost in orbit.

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