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    • 1950s & 1960s America in Time Portal

      Step through the Time Portal in the laboratory and visit an American city during the 1950s and 1960s. Shop at some of SL's best vintage shops, see a movie, rock 'n roll at the diner or listen to jazz poets at the beatnik bar!

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    • A Steamy Mystery at Terradale

      A Steamy Mystery takes place in the Steampunk Victorian town of Terradale. Visitors follow shadowy clues finding hints to the disappearance of Sarah. Each location leads to the next installment of the story. An immersive fantasy journey and part of the Linden Endowment for the Arts Artists in Residence program.

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    • Thereafter: A Post Apocalyptic Affair

      Thereafter is a Second Life theater, music and sales event celebrating humanity and society in a post-apocalyptic world. Join 60 of SL’s most cherished content creators who have contributed exclusive items that provide the backdrop and costuming for live theater productions set in a post-apocalyptic, Shakespearean environment. Highly-regarded live musicians and DJs are scheduled to honor the favored and familiar sounds of a post-apocalyptic world. Event ends Aug. 27.

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    • Horizons

      Rescue the kidnapped Tyrah and earn rewards in Horizons, an all-new five-stage adventure game in Second Life. Journey across desert canyons and dangerous minefields before battling killer robots in a forest of exploding trees. Destroy the robotic swamp monster and arrive at the command center to complete your quest.

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    • Pictures of the Floating World

      "Pictures of the Floating World: The Art of the Japanese Woodblock Print" at The Vordun Museum and Gallery showcases the centuries-old art of Japanese printmaking. Full of color, nature, and beauty, this exhibit will transport you to Edo-period Japan (17th-19th centuries), and explain how these intricate masterpieces were created, and are still being created today.

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