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    • Raglan Shire's 14th Artwalk

      Raglan Shire's 14th Artwalk is Sunday, May 12th until Sunday, June 16th. The 5 week long, multi-sim art festival, is beautifully displayed among the hedgerows in this tree city. Over 150 artists from around the world participate in this event. Everything from photography, paintings, drawings, and sculptures will be displayed. Artwalk features musical events, as well as our weekly games, poetry slam and DJs.

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    • Mesmeric Cove

      Mesmeric Cove is an idyllic seasonal RP community sim with picturesque views. The current theme is spring/summer which includes a beach, forest walks, restaurant, scholars hall, ballet studio, theater, and more. Perfect for a romantic honeymoon!

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    • SL SciFi Convention 2019

      The Scifi Con is a charity event for The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Second Life. Second Life residents and passionate fans of science fiction join together with hundreds of participating groups in a unique online explosion of imagination. It runs from May 17th to 26th, 2019. More info on the website:

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    • Elvion

      Visit this peaceful forest of natural beauty, complete with unicorns, and many other animals. If you just want to relax with music or sounds of nature, there is no better place. Aesthetically pleasing with cuddle places in intimate areas, it's an ideal place for photographers and couples.

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    • Burrow Coffee Co.

      Welcome to Burrow Coffee Co., a humble little cafe where anyone and everyone is welcome. Grab a cup of coffee and meet up with friends and loved ones in this cozy and eclectic little coffeehouse. Check out the game room attic filled with a variety of addicting games, and don't forget to stop by one of the events! There are themed parties, live musicians, DJs, poetry readings, trivia nights and more.

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