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    • Nelipot

      Welcome to wintertime at Nelipot. Come have a cup of chocolate and have fun in the carousel. Enjoy your time here and don't forget to share your images in their Flickr group:

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    • 11th Annual SL Christmas Expo

      Visit the 11th Annual SL Christmas Expo, held December 3-14 in support of the American Cancer Society's fight against childhood cancer. This 14 region shopping extravaganza features 170+ Merchants, 3 Breedable Regions, and many holiday activities including Twirl & Whirl Hunt, Lights of Hope Decoration Contest, 100+ hours of live entertainment, and more! Linden Lab will reveal the next edition of the coveted Linden Home series at the Expo and provide a Limited Edition Christmas item and special surprises. For more info, visit:

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    • Astoria

      Astoria is a Dutch destination that brings you into the winter mood. They have an awesome snowboarding and ice skating area. Great places to hang out with friends and amazing walks where you can watch the polar bears, horses, rabbits, and more. Skates and snowboards are available for free. Bring your loved one, and search for the cuddle spots across the region. Enjoy your stay!

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    • Crisp Kringle

      A tiny Swedish Village of childhood memories, snow-covered landscape, warm Fika Shoppes, and the light sound of Reindeer paws. Browse the village shoppes, pop into Joy's Toys, meet in Merry's Merchantile, defrost in Kringle's Coffee Shoppe, bob for eggnog, and cuddle in cosy cabins galore! Don't forget to bring carrots for Santa's Reindeer. Crisp Kringle is a Frogmore Christmas Region and everyone is welcome!

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    • North Pole - A Beautiful Christmas Escape

      Discover the forest and dive into a magical winter wonderland with hidden secrets. Strap on your skates or take a relaxing horse ride in the snow. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere and cuddle or dance with your loved ones or perhaps take pictures together. This place impresses with true winter nature, instead of just background scenes.

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