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    • It’s The Great Trick-or-Treat Event, Bellisseria!

      Creep or crawl over to Bellisseria this Halloween season to snag some candy and win prizes! This is an interactive event open to *everyone* where Residents living in Bellisseria can host Candy Buckets on their parcels. You don’t want to miss the paranormal partygoers and creative costumes throughout Bellisseria during this virtual Trick-or-Treat. Head over to this Campwich Forest location, pick up a HUD and start trick or treating!

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    • The Ritual at Frogmore

      Explore the hidden treasures at the Ritual at Frogmore. Deep in the woods, there is a place of old dark magic and wilted lace. Dry bones rise up to cast a glow, of Witches' spells, beetroots, and toes. Your heart slows down within your chest and beastie souls lie down to rest. As spirits sway and creatures croon, bid goodnight, fly the Witches' Moon.

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    • All Hallows at Moochie

      Among the treacherous trees, the mouldering mist, the rattling ruins and the wretched wailing winds, there are creepy corners and secluded shadows waiting for those who dare to venture into the darkness. Be strange, but don't be a stranger, and remember... if the wind calls at night, you must not listen. The wind is lonely and always looking for company. Halloween has arrived...

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    • Arranmore

      Explore the timeless coastal island of Arranmore, with its haunted manor house and photogenic scenery. Enjoy the creepy landscape shrouded in mist. Remember, it is not what you can see that is scary - it is what you can't see. Don't forget to take the flashlight from the station platform when you arrive.

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    • Boystown Haunted Experience

      A 20+ Minute Experience -- This spooky walk-through attraction with interactive experiences is designed to terrify and entertain. Start out at Horror House, where an innocent visit to Madame Ruby's Fortune Telling turns out to be a gateway to a demonic world with incredible monsters, amazing special effects, and fearful places. See the trailer for this destination on YouTube:

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