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    • Ariadne Zoo

      Ariadne Zoo is the largest Zoo in Second Life, consisting of 2 beautifully landscaped regions. Completely rebuilt in 2020 to include a Savannah experience, a Herbarium, children playgrounds, Lovers Lane and of course: all the animals you can think of. Grab a picnic-basket and bring the whole family!

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    • Voodoo Land

      Voodoo land is a nocturn urban region with photogenic spots in different areas. You will find basketball, skatepark, arcade, parking for parties, cinema, bridges, tunnel, underground motorcycle garage, Japanese square, an old street with an Irish Pub, night lights, and neons. The Voodoo Mainstore and Vegas Tattoo are also there. Nextdoor you will find Little World.

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    • Aspen Fell - The Notebook

      Aspen Fell ~ The Notebook is inspired by the movie 'The Notebook.' Stroll through the streets of Seabrook, South Carolina, have a seat in the movie theater, and feel the love Noah and Allie, through all the ups and downs, had for each other.

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    • Eris Isle

      Eris Isle is an explorers paradise. It is a place to get lost in, a place to discover beauty. Please enjoy the sights and be sure to check out the backdrops collection, art exhibits, sculpture garden, wedding venue, and so much more!

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    • Little Santorini

      Little Santorini is a Second Life destination based off of the Greek Islands. The region is beautiful and immersive. You can walk on the volcanic sand beach with your lover or take a stroll through the markets as the locals sell their wares. You are able to rent authentic Greek-style homes whether you want to feel more like a local, or spoil yourself with a luxurious villa stay. There are plenty of other things to do such as scuba diving, visiting the hot springs, view from the lighthouse, cozy bonfire area, horseback riding, and taking pictures with donkeys, the list goes on!

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