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    • Garden Of Eden

      Whatever happened to the Garden of Eden? Adam and Eve returned and so did the serpent. Feel free to explore all of the areas of this photogenic region and take pics, dance the night away, or just enjoy the magic of the region while hanging out with your friends. This project is birthed by Eve, so that you can find your special place to cuddle or your favorite place to put your thoughts together.

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    • Butter

      Butter is a rustic, little seaside town. Relax on the beach, go camping, hiking, or dancing. Visit the docks or the farm to meet the locals. There are plenty of places to eat, drink, and hang out. Refresh your pixels at the spa and don't forget to bring your camera! If you look a bit closer there are also several cozy hideaways.

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    • Archipelago

      Beautiful scattered tropical islands, sunkissed sands, sparkling shallows, secluded coves, and an elephant's retreat. There are public areas to explore and discover, along with private landscaped islands with beach homes available for rental. All are welcome, so come photograph and blog, or simply chill and relax in this lazy day hideaway.

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    • Templemore Cove

      In a celebration of art, Templemore continues the tradition of offering the greatest musical experience by opening another beautiful venue. Infusing a historic downtown district with a remarkable mix of old and new on a beautiful tropical-inspired region that can only be Templemore Cove. Spend time amongst good friends or meet new ones, soak up the sun in this tropical island paradise with its sandy beaches, romantic spots, and other various photogenic hot spots.

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    • Nour - Light Of The Desert

      Surrounded by huge dunes of desert sand in the west and the wide, crystal-blue ocean in the east, Nour seems to be secluded. But far from it! It is pulsating with life! Traders, travelers, dancers, snake charmers, Bedouins, they all add color to the town and so do the omnipresent strains of oriental music and the scent of the rarest spices. Explore the area on camelback!

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