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    • Little Santorini

      Little Santorini is a Second Life destination based off of the Greek Islands. The region is beautiful and immersive. You can walk on the volcanic sand beach with your lover or take a stroll through the markets as the locals sell their wares. You are able to rent authentic Greek-style homes whether you want to feel more like a local, or spoil yourself with a luxurious villa stay. There are plenty of other things to do such as scuba diving, visiting the hot springs, view from the lighthouse, cozy bonfire area, horseback riding, and taking pictures with donkeys, the list goes on!

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    • Welcome Center: A Virtual Gen Con Experience

      Wish you could be gaming at Gen Con 2020? Visit the Welcome Center and learn how to participate in a virtual Gen Con experience that runs from July 30th to August 2nd. Learn more at and register for our events at

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    • Jambo! A Voyage To Africa

      Jambo! A Voyage To Africa takes you to the cradle of humankind. Starting in a camp reflecting the 1920s you soon have to decide whether to cross a big, calm river with the wildlife veterinary station and a savanna lying behind or to pay a small native village a visit, close to an almost impenetrable jungle. Perfect for explorers and photographers. Safari feeling guaranteed!

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    • Saint Barth Island

      Saint Barth Island is a rainforest retreat with public sitting areas, walkable water, and boat rezzers to enjoy sight-seeing tours. There are jungle sights and sounds to take you away to that mystical place with magical windlights.

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    • Aspen Fell - The Notebook

      Aspen Fell ~ The Notebook is inspired by the movie 'The Notebook.' Stroll through the streets of Seabrook, South Carolina, have a seat in the movie theater, and feel the love Noah and Allie, through all the ups and downs, had for each other.

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