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    • Rocca Sorrentina & Bay of Naples, 1785

      Operated as an immersive education experiment by Brown University, this fictional but historically-inspired 18th-century Italian island is located in the Bay of Naples. Visitors are welcome for optional roleplay set in the year 1785. Public programs and exhibits are offered on the history and ideas of the Enlightenment, the era of the Grand Tour, and the baroque, rococo and neo-classical styles in art and music.

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    • Suomi-Finland

      Welcome to Suomi-Finland, a land rich in history, folklore, and natural wonders. Explore vast forests, long waterways and pristine, frozen wilderness as you chance to stumble upon various interactive and immersive elements meant to educate and inspire.

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    • Grace Island

      Grace Island is a photography sim with regularly-changing designs and themes; from strands of romantic beaches and glistening seas to enchanted mountains tufted with forests, Grace Island offers much to discover and photograph. Each design has a story you can piece together as you explore. You'll also find many features perfect for friends and lovers to relax and spend time.

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    • Metroplex 17

      Metroplex 17 is a sci-fi roleplay community based in the year 2086 where humans live among a complex society of cyborgs, androids, and genetic mutations.This totalitarian city is ruled by social class distortion, with a shift of balance given to the wealthy Mega-corporations, who preside over and influence major political movements that affect the lower-class. Which side will you choose?

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    • Jack the Ripper East of London

      Travel back to 1888 and visit east of London in this recreation of the original Jack the Ripper crime scene, including at least three murder scenes. There's also a museum to explore and learn more.

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