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    • Mystic Realms Faire

      The Mystic Realms Faire is a yearly event for all those who love wonderful creations with an emphasis on high quality. Enhance new and existing roleplay characters, explore new fantasy designers and immerse yourself into a beautiful build. See more than 140 designers and creators new exclusive items only available at the Mystic Realms Faire!

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    • The Seasons Story

      The Seasons Story is finally ready for a brand new chapter! Not only are the seasons writing a brand new story for fall, but they are also celebrating their first year anniversary. Join all these amazing designers for three weeks of wonderful exclusives. You've only got until October 31st to get everything here, so stop waiting and visit.

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    • Return of the Nightmare Walkthrough

      Satisfy your hunger for terror with the Return of the Nightmare Walkthrough. Celebrate Halloween with a fresh house of horrors and a free hunt for prizes. Face your fears, hunt for pumpkins, and get lost in the maze of terrors in this October-only event!

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    • Don't Panic

      Coming this Halloween from the creators of the Flesh Game, Resting Place and System Failure is one of the most frightening experiences you'll have in Second Life. Don't Panic is an interactive Second Life horror gaming experience with multiple levels, challenging puzzles, big scares and prizes from all your fave creators. Bring your friends, play together, but whatever you do, Don't Panic!

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    • RMK Halloween: the Magical Academy

      RMK Gothic is proud to announce its newest game: the Magical Academy. Travel to the ghostly side of RMK and be challenged by six ghosts to learn the ways of magic! Can you climb to the top of your class in the ghostly arts? Wonderful prizes and shopping await you, for more information, go to:

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