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    • Isle of View

      Looking for something romantic this Valentine's Day? The Isle of View brings together everything the discerning romantic looks for in romantic festivities: boat rides, fireworks, kissing booths, forested walks, tasteful fountains, and free gifts. So bring that special someone to the Isle of View and tell them how you really feel.

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    • Valentine's on Ice

      Celebrities Hangout presents Valentine's on Ice. Bring your special someone one and enjoy the many romantic spots. Plan a romantic dinner in one of their lakeside restaurants. Have fun with awesome concerts, paddle boats, snuggle-rose boats and the many winter activities. Come spend some quality time in this immersive and romantic winter experience.

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    • Winter Wonderland

      Grab your snow gear and head on in to Linden Lab’s Winter Wonderland. For the past few months we’ve developed a four-region winter experience many different attractions. Wander through a cozy little snow village, a mesh race track for both snowmobiles and snowboards, rides, ice skating and even a killer snowball war zone. Get in there, choose your arsenal and conquer the castle with a furious fusillade of frigid, frozen fun!

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    • Aquarelle

      Aquarelle is a landscape of lightness, softness and transparency in the colors of a watercolor. It is as if a painter invited you to jump into a painting, to bring life to the scene. Visit the beauty of the place alone, with friends or a lover and explore what is visible and what is not. Enjoy the serenity!

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    • Project Limited

      Project Limited is a full-sim event featuring 44 of your favorite brands offering new, exclusive and original items to shoppers in limited quantities. Quantities and prices will vary by brand and sold out items are gone forever. So stop by and pick up some fabulous items--they won’t be available for long!

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