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    • Johnny Cash's Boyhood Home

      The boyhood home of Johnny Cash can be found at the Dyess Colony part of ASU's heritage sims in Second Life. Come see the historic recreation of Dyess Circle as created by Painter Meriman for Arkansas State University. Joanne Cash provided detailed drawings of the interior layout of the home which enabled a faithful recreation of the residence as it was in the 1940's.

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    • Tabarin

      At Tabarin, you can enjoy a real party atmosphere. This original underground club offers many visual effects, weekly themed events, contests, and activities. So step inside, grab your VIP band, and head on down to Tabarin.

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    • Barefoot Wanders

      Explore and share creativity at Barefoot Wanders, a limited-time collaborative art installation created by Rosie Renfew. Skydomes are placed around the sim where people can explore and be creative with photography. By adding these pictures to photo domes around the sim, people can see what others have created.

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    • Remnants of Earth

      Remnants of Earth is a cyberpunk-fantasy role playing game, heavily based around classic pen and paper RPGs and with a focus on dice rolling, stats, MMO-like adventuring, and gathering. RoE takes place on Earth in the year 2130, after humanity started leaving Earth behind to colonize the stars. Earth is now a crime riddled slumworld. This is the story of the Remnants of Earth...

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    • The Lavender Field for Feed a Smile

      The good in "real life" blends together with the best of Second Life at The Lavender Field. Singers, musicians, dancers, DJs and artists on the grid perform here for Feed a Smile to raise funds to feed meals to needy children living in the slums of Nakuru, Kenya. Come and enjoy the events that take place almost daily and stroll around the sim where you’ll be astounded by the realistic African landscapes and romantic niches in and around the fields of lavender.

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