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    • The Garden Maze in Falconmoon

      Located in the heart of Bay City lies this interactive gem whose center holds a lovely garden perfect hanging out. However, there is more to here than meets the eye, as somewhere within lies a secret door to heavenly things - a maze of doors. Solve the mystery and you could gain things that only others who reach the end can posses.

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    • Madpea's Peatonville Asylum

      In 1943, 22 people mysteriously disappeared from the Peatonville Asylum. Dare to find out what happened? Join others as you seek answers in this interactive and immersive grid-wide point-and-click adventure game from MadPea, held through Nov. 30.

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    • Fair Play Gothic and Fantasy Charity Event

      Explore "The Forgotten Game: A Stonehenge Theory," a fantasy charity event and game by Fair Play. Thousand of years ago, there lived five tribes in the rough world of our nature: the folk of the Goblins,the Dragons,the Demons, the Angels and the Fairies. They met for a game at the sun and moon celebrations, and traveled long with all their family to be part of this old and ancient game.

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    • Winter Festival on Creations Park

      Have fun with your friends at Winter Festival on Creations Park. Ice skate over the entire frozen sim. Sled down the snowy mountain. Experience the finest winter amusement rides. Dance to live music. Fall in love in the Romantic Winter Forest. Get a head start on holiday shopping. Find all the free gifts in the Holiday Hunt. Best of all feel the joy at this special place built with love for you.

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    • Unia

      Unia is an immersive horror survival game bursting with twists, turns and fight-for-your-life experiences. Players will need their wits about them to solve puzzles and find clues to what’s really going on with the mysterious disappearances in the sleepy town of Molimo. Who or what is behind this horror?

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