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    • My Secret Garden

      Temprus, home to Art in the Park, is featuring the work of Ilyra Chardin in a full sim, immersive art installation. Begin your exploration with "normal" gardens that quickly lead both to the secret garden and to Art in the Park.

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    • Fantasy Faire 2017

      The Fairelands have returned! From the 20th to the 30th of April, 15 incredible sims of extraordinary beauty bring the magic of Fantasy Faire to life once more. Art, auctions, events and shopping fill the days, all set to the sounds of Fantasy Faire Radio. Visit the auctions, the stores, the parties and the Literary Festival, where writers give their tips on successful storytelling. Ten days of the finest Second Life's fantasy community has to offer, complete with our epic quest, The Bard Queen's Song. More info at

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    • The Fallen City - After the Apocalypse

      The Fallen presents its latest design "After the Apocalypse." Explore the ruins of a once vibrant city and see the power and resilience of nature as it unfolds upon a crumbling urban landscape. Find the hidden gems, the hints of what remains of humanity, and the evolution of new and wonderful species of flora and fauna. Lose yourself in the beauty, wonder and magic of The Fallen City.

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    • Furillen City

      Furillen City is distinctly Gothamesque. Visit the Monarch Theatre, a monumental City Hall, newspaper offices, a seedy bar, a huge sewer complex, a mansion, an asylum, a cave and much, much more. This is one of the most detailed city sims ever built in SL.

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    • Old Saint-Petersburg

      It is the 1850s. You are arriving via train from Moscow to the capital of the old Russian Empire. At the mouth of the Baltic lies the gilded city of Saint-Petersburg, lined with ornate palaces and home to the Romanov dynasty. Here you can walk the streets of this city, attend the Winter Palace of the Tsar, and take your own box at the grandest theatre in the capital, the Imperial Bolshoi Kammeny.

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