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    • Tribute to Fallen Firefighters

      Come climb to remember and to honor the fallen first responders of 9/11. Start at the stairwell base, put on the gear and ascend the 110 stories to the top. This unique and special event is hosted by Aero Pines Park Fire & Rescue. Aero Pines Park Fire & Rescue is made of real life active, retired and aspiring firefighters who train and mentor in Second Life every day. For more about stair climbs, visit

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    • The Chamber Library

      The Chamber Library is one-of-a-kind, bringing together art and literature in a never-before-seen way. Relax and read an ever-increasing number of articles and stories amidst an absorbing display of environmental art. They welcome writing submissions from Secondlife residents for inclusion in the library. The Chamber Library is a simply stunning space to loose yourself in.

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    • Black Elk

      The installation draws on the life and writings of Black Elk, a medicine man of the Oglala Lakota, born in 1863 and author of The Sacred Pipe and Black Elk Speaks. Come see this thought-provoking piece, beautifully executed and well worth visiting.

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    • Level Up Hunt

      Come join the second round of Level Up, launching September 18th at noon. This time, the theme is Zombies, Eat Flesh, and it takes bloody inspiration from horror/survival-themed video games. So pick your weapons, grab your flashlights and start hunting!

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    • Home & Garden Expo 2014

      Spread over nine sims, HGE features the finest in home and garden design product and creator tools. With over 85 participating creators, HGE is one of the first mega-events of the 2015 Relay For Life fundraising drive. Relay for Life of Second Life is in its tenth season, as people across the grid band together to finance cancer research with Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

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