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    • Haunted Cantana

      Do you dare enter Haunted Cantana? Zombies, ghosts and witches await you. If you survive the ghost ride in the Halloween Carnival, explore the Haunted Mansion. Take a train ride but don't get off at the swamp. Strange things in the cemetery are watching. Find the dungeon but don't stay for dinner. Run to the maze before it is too late. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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    • Hestium II...The Stories Continue

      Hear the echoing cry of seabirds as they swoop and dive with the warm sun on your back as you relax over a cup of tea in the cafe. You are in Hestium II. Soon you will walk its paths, find its secrets. A daydream made true, come alive before your eyes.

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    • Prichard Project

      Carlton was once a vibrant bustling town and home to Prichard Industries, manufacturers of advanced military vehicles. Now it languishes in the hills of New Hampshire, isolated by a military cordon. Officially, there is a quarantine, but is that really all that is going on?

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    • Unia

      Unia is an immersive horror survival game bursting with twists, turns and fight-for-your-life experiences. Players will need their wits about them to solve puzzles and find clues to what’s really going on with the mysterious disappearances in the sleepy town of Molimo. Who or what is behind this horror?

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    • 3D Republic Haunted Captain's House

      Walk the hallways of "The Captain's House," an early New England sea captain's house notorious for his tragic tale. Captain Channing returned from the sea one ill-fated October evening in 1806 and found his wife in bed with her lover, Roger. It is said he buried their bodies not far from the house and tossed their heads over the cliff. Ever since those gruesome events, the area has exhibit paranormal phenomena and the wailing sounds and apparitions inside the building never cease.

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