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    • Halloween Haunted Sim by Nance Clowes

      NC's features several major Halloween-themed builds on one sim. Attractions include rides, an 8-story ghost asylum, GCS zombie combat city and more! There's even free gifts!

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    • Split Screen Installation Space

      Split Screen is hosting two installations at its temporary home on LEA15. "EveryWhere & NoWhere" by JadeYu Fhang (pictured) presents a strange landscape that is somehow both mythical and futuristic, with numerous scenes throughout. "The Games We Play" by Krystali Rabeni gives an unusual chess game where the rules of play and power are broken. Open now through Sept. 30.

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    • InspirationSL

      InspirationSL is a unique, luxurious shopping event that is based on a different celebrity each round. With the slogan "Inspired by celebs. Made for SecondLife," participating designers take inspiration to offer you themed, exclusive designs that can be found nowhere else in SL. The current theme is "Cher: Leather & Lace." The event space has been made over into an edgy rock concert complete with smoke, lights and a massive stage!

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    • MadPea City

      From a leisurely stroll through a photogenic park to an intense game night with friends, a bird's eye view of the world atop the MadPea SkyWheel or a dizzying whirl 'round the Teacup Ride, to shopping MadPea's mainstore and gachas and departing on your adventures to MadPea's latest games and hunts, MadPea Mad City is your one-stop destination for fun.

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    • Enchantment

      Enchantment welcomes one and all to experience another fantastic and magical fairytale through the eyes of over 100 of SL's best designers and creators. This round is special for many reasons, but more importantly, it's the two-year anniversary! Explore the powerful and wonderful tales of Arabic lore in 1001 Nights! It's time for a little magic!

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