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    • New World Enlightenment Fun House

      Inside this large octahedron awaits 130 rooms of puzzles, mazes and surprises. Challenge you perspective and dexterity to find your way of this intricate build to the end. There are no dead ends but there are secret passageways to explore all on top of the only climbable bean stalk in virtual reality at the end. Sponsored by New World Enlightenment and Built by TRP360.

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    • Old Saint-Petersburg

      It is the 1850s. You are arriving via train from Moscow to the capital of the old Russian Empire. At the mouth of the Baltic lies the gilded city of Saint-Petersburg, lined with ornate palaces and home to the Romanov dynasty. Here you can walk the streets of this city, attend the Winter Palace of the Tsar, and take your own box at the grandest theatre in the capital, the Imperial Bolshoi Kammeny.

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    • Raglan Shire's 12th Artwalk

      Raglan Shire celebrates its 10th year in Second Life and its 12th Artwalk! This five-week long event, which spans four of the eight sims, features over 150 artists from around the world. Here you'll find everything from photography, paintings, drawings and sculptures from both the "real life" and Second Life. There are also live musical events, weekly games, a poetry slam, deejays and more. Held May 14 to June 18.

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    • Glass Jars

      This underwater LEA installation by Art Oluja offers an experimental narrative where space contains emotions and memories in a fluid mindscape. Fragments of nostalgia nest into vessels, drifting between glimpses of clarity and obscure dreams. Much of the inspiration comes from G. Bachelard’s “The Poetics of Space." Exhibit open until June 30.

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    • The Endless

      The Endless are a group of fictional beings appearing in the comic book series "The Sandman" by Neil Gaiman.For this exhibition, seven photographers were invited to create an artwork, each of them representing one of the Endless. Participants included ariel Brearly, Awesome Fallen, kiki, Maloe Vansant, Nevereux, paola Mills and Whiskey Monday. Learn more at

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