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    • Love, Henry

      Inspired by a new real life discovery, what if Henry VIII had canceled Anne Boleyn's execution? In this "new" love story from LEA artist Tahiti Rae, you can take the path almost taken.

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    • Mystic Wolf Airport

      Mystic Wolf Charter Headquarters (ICAO: SLMW) is a public airport located on the eastern half of the Velinissimo region in central Nautilus (on the edge of Star Fish Lake). Following the closure of its previous tenant (Tag City Airport) in mid-August 2015, the Velinissimo region was split vertically in half with each parcel becoming host to a separate airport. Mystic Wolf Airport occupies the western half and Southern Cross Regional Airport is located in the eastern part.

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    • Anarchy

      Anarchy Combat is a fully immersive combat sim with three different levels. Home to grimly zombies, all weapons are permitted, and player vs player combat is welcome. The levels include a cave system, winter forest, and an open, post-apocalyptic ground level. Anarchy also sells a variety of combat huds and weapons. No rules, just combat.

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    • The Lonely King and Dragon by Bare Rose

      Bare Rose celebrates its 10th year in Second Life with an elaborate story-based treasure hunt, which is only open until Sep. 13. As you arrive, click the poster to get full details and instructions. You will find more information on the story and a hint for each chapter. Prizes include armor and a full dragon avatar!

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    • After The Fall

      On the verge of economic collapse, with the world in a very vulnerable place, astronomers predicted frequent and disastrous meteor showers. But they couldn't predict what came next... Dark and gibbering creatures emerged from the impact craters, decimating everything in their sight. As a human, how will you survive? As an alien, what's your next move? After the Fall has an elaborate interactive grungy urban city, aliens, and role play. See the graphic novels at

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