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    • Scrumptious Sweets

      Scrumptious Sweets is a candy island full of scrummy, yummy candies and sweets. It also doubles as an interactive Advent calendar. Each day from December 1st through 25th, players will travel around the chocolate land and find a new hint and prize. Delicious!

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    • The Wastelands

      The Wastelands are a continually-growing gaming platform within Second Life. What started out as a small resource collection, crafting, and first person combat game has evolved its own small MMO! Enjoy quests, NPSs, the awesome Second Life Experience Keys and a whole lot more. The Wastelands are far more immersive than ever before. For more information, visit

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    • MCM Combat Systems

      MCM Combat Systems are long-running Second Life destination with full avatar replacement, mecha combat and scaled arenas. They have a wide variety of weaponry and chassis, four combat arenas, even a lobby ship to hang out and chat. Enjoy integrated experience keys, pathfinding, AI, even parkour!

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    • Winter Holiday Village

      Christmas time fun is here and Winter Holiday Village is open for it's 6th winter on the grid. Winter Holiday Village is chock full of wintertime goodness, fun and snow! Visit Polar Bear Pond, Penguin Park, slippery slopes, ice tunnels, arctic scenery, ice skating and so much more with surprises around every corner. Santa even makes personal appearances November 28th through December 24th.

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    • GA Winterfest 2034AD

      Come for a warm welcome at the Gay Archipelago's 7th annual Winterfest. Their sci-fi-themed winter festival will bring the future to the Gay Archipelago today! From December 12th until the 21st, come find 100+ estates and vendors, live musicians, gifts, DJ's, contests, art, exhibits, gachas, ice skating and more. All are welcome to join the community in this semi-annual event.

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