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    • Shop Your Heart Out!

      Second Life's annual Valentine's Day shopping event is back! Collect special free gifts from all your favorite merchants as you shop for clothing, accessories, decor and more - up to 50% off! Event open until Feb. 26.

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    • London's Masquerade Ball

      London's Masquerade Ball is Here!! This romantic, Valentines-themed ball encourages everyone to wear their best mask and formal attire. A wonderful evening of dancing and prizes awaits attendees on Feb. 17.

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    • Nighmare in New Orleans

      Nightmare in New Orleans is an original mystery game with puzzles, combat and an immersive story set in the 1950’s. You play as the sibling of a private detective who has gone missing after working on a mysterious case in New Orleans. Concerned, you go to the airport and get on the first New Orleans flight possible to find out what’s happened.

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    • Curei's Floating Gallery

      Flying high above the beautiful and educational Inspiration Island, Curei's Floating Gallery is a visual experience unlike anything visitors have seen before. The gallery provides a variety of visual art that is an adventure for the eyes. A wide selection of the gallery pieces are panoramic photos by the photojournalist Curei. The gallery also exhibits works of special guests on occasion as well. Visitors are welcome to explore, relax and meditate on every piece while they enjoy the beautiful features of the gallery. The grand opening event for the gallery will take place on the weekend of Feb. 24, 2018.

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    • Nativo

      The Nativo exhibition is a compilation of designs, paintings and poems created by Stefano Mingione. A common theme in these works is the depiction of duality in human nature. Rich in symbolism, each piece is subject to interpretation by the audience.

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