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    • Val d'Orcia

      Val d'Orcia is a beautiful Tuscany-themed sim to walk and explore.Take a boat ride off the beach or even rent a home. Val d'Orcia is your Tuscan dream come true in Second Life.

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    • Gotham Halloween Event for Team Fox

      Frights and delights await you at the Gotham Halloween Event. Spooky attractions and carnival rides with surprises at every turn! Over 75 fashion and home/garden creators are offering exclusive designs and hunts, raffles and auctions. There are also live performers and DJs for your dancing delight. Team Fox to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. Event ends October 31.

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    • The Haunted Street

      The ghost town was out of place in the rolling hills of yellowing grass. The old road was barely discernible through the flora that had colonized it and so the dilapidated buildings that once fashioned a high-street had the feel of a movie set. But this was no million dollar venture. These were tear-downs that no-one had any incentive to demolish. This ghost town was more than "ghost" in name. When the sun-rays failed and moonlight was the only illumination for miles around, the phantoms and spectres rose from the ground or else stepped from the creaking walls.

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    • Halloween at Aero Pines Park

      The ghouls and zombies are roaming the trails, the hauntings have begun and the ghosts are creating their mischief. It must be Halloween at Aero Pines Park! Take part in the Halloween Prize Hunt, visit the terrifying haunted house, check out the haunted train depot, and enjoy the special Halloween rides. There's something for everyone at Aero Pines Park - even a haunted pirate ship! Sponsored by

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    • InspirationSL

      InspirationSL is a unique, luxurious shopping event that is based on a different celebrity each round. With the slogan "Inspired by celebs. Made for SecondLife," participating designers take inspiration to offer you themed, exclusive designs that can be found nowhere else in SL. The current theme is "Cher: Leather & Lace." The event space has been made over into an edgy rock concert complete with smoke, lights and a massive stage!

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