License To Use SL™ or inSL™

Unlike all of our other trademarks, you have special permission to show the association of your business or organization with the Second Life® virtual world by using "SL" or "inSL" with your business or organization name, product or service name, and Internet domain name (any or all of these names, when used with "SL" or "inSL," are referred to as your "SL Associated Name") as long as you follow our:

By using an SL Associated Name, you indicate your agreement to be bound by the Guidelines and Terms and Conditions below. If you don't agree to them, do not use "SL" or "inSL" with any of your business or organization names, product or service names, or Internet domain names.

Guidelines for Using SL™ or inSL™

  1. Prerequisites. Your business or organization must have a presence in or be associated with the Second Life world. Your product or service must be for use in or with the Second Life world and must not be a 3D virtual world or a platform for a 3D virtual world.
  2. Naming Guidelines. Your SL Associated Name must use "SL" or "inSL" (but not both) in combination with your own word mark (for example, Dell® or Toyota®, if you own those word marks), or in combination with a name that uses at least two generic nouns. A "generic noun" is a common noun and not a proper noun, trademark or brand name. Your SL Associated Name must not include any Linden Lab trademark other than "SL" or "inSL" or anything confusingly similar to a Linden Lab trademark. For example:

    This is OK:
    Dell SL
    Dell inSL
    SL Budget Shopping Guide
    Chic Clothing Boutique inSL
    SL Architectural Design Services Inc.
    SL Chinese Residents Association

    This is NOT OK:
    Dell Second Life (can't use "Second Life")
    Dell 2nd Life (can't use abbreviation of "Second Life")
    SL Shopping (must use at least two generic nouns with "SL")
    Clothing inSL (must use at least two generic nouns with "inSL")
    SL Design (only one generic noun; must use at least two with "SL")
    China SL ("China" is a proper noun; need at least two generic nouns)
    SL Linden Dollar Service (can't use "Linden")
  3. Domain Name Guidelines. You may use and register your SL Associated Name as a second-level domain name—or the identifying part of a domain name that commonly refers to the organization or entity that registered it—as long as it is your full SL Associated Name and not abbreviated, except that you may register a domain name that's an acronym based on your full SL Associated Name. The domain name need not include corporate designators like "Inc.," "Co.," "LP," "LLP," or "GmbH." For example:

    This is OK: (acronym for SL Architectural Design Services Inc.)

    This is NOT OK: (can't use "Second Life") (can't use "Second Life") (must use at least two generic nouns with "SL") (only one generic noun; must use at least two)
    If you've registered your own word mark or your name with two or more generic nouns as a second-level domain name, you may use "SL" or "inSL" as the subdomain or third-level domain, which is the part of the domain name before the second-level domain. You may also use "SL" or "inSL" in the URL path after your domain name. For example,This is OK: (domain name with the Dell word mark) (domain name with two generic nouns, "Design" and "Services")
  4. No Trademark or Business-Name Registration. Never register your full SL Associated Name, or any part of your SL Associated Name that includes "SL" or "inSL," as a trademark, service mark, or business or organization name. For example:

    This is OK to register:
    Architectural Design Services

    This is NOT OK to register:
    SL Architectural Design Services (can't include "SL")
    Architectural Design Services inSL (can't include "inSL")

  5. No Linden Lab Names or Affiliation. Your SL Associated Name must not be confusingly similar to any of Linden Lab's trademarks, any of our Internet domain names, or any of our products or services, including but not limited to our virtual world platform, tools, and scripting language, our virtual currency services, virtual land services, in-world content, and informational resources in-world, on our website, or anywhere else. Your SL Associated Name must never imply a false relationship with or sponsorship, endorsement, or employment by Linden Lab. For example:

    This is NOT OK:
    SL Virtual World Platform
    SL Teen Grid
    Virtual Currency Exchange inSL
    SL Land Auctions
    SL Avatar Skin
    SL Avatar Clothing
    SL Source Code
    SL Viewer Software
    SL Scripting Language Guide
    SL Architecture Working Group
    Inventory Folder inSL
    Image Upload Tool inSL
    World Map inSL
    Permissions System inSL
    SL Resident Newsletter
    SL Community Forums
    SL Support Portal
    SL Knowledge Base
  6. For the Second Life World Only. Your SL Associated Name must not be used to refer to a product or service that is not for the Second Life world. For example, the "SL Budget Shopping Guide" must not be a guide to shopping in "Real Life" shops (e.g., those in New York City) or to shopping in a virtual world other than the Second Life world.Similarly, your SL Associated Name must not be used to refer to a business or organization that is not in or about the Second Life world. For example, if you provide architectural design services in "Real Life" (e.g., New York City) or in or for a virtual world other than the Second Life world, you must not use "SL Architectural Design Services Inc." to refer to your business providing architectural design services outside the Second Life world.
  7. Impermissible Use. Your SL Associated Name must not be, and must not be used for any business, organization, product, service, website, or activity that is, in Linden Lab's sole opinion: a. Violent, racially intolerant, or advocating against any individual, group, or organization; b. Pornographic, profane, or not suitable for a General rating; c. Related to gambling or casinos; d. In violation of or promoting violation of Linden Lab's Terms of Service or Community Standards; e. Illegal, promoting illegal activity, or infringing legal rights; or f. Misleading, defamatory, disparaging, tarnishing, obscene, or otherwise objectionable.
  8. Display Requirements. Do not make "SL" or "inSL" appear more prominently than the rest of your SL Associated Name, for example, in size, color, or typeface. Except in domain names, "SL" must always appear with both the "S" and the "L" capitalized, and "inSL" must always appear with the "i" and "n" in lower case, and the "S" and "L" in upper case.
  9. Notice and Disclaimer. You must use a legible and reasonably prominent notice and disclaimer in the following format: "Second Life, SL, and inSL are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. (Your SL Associated Name) is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research." If you are using "SL" or "inSL" anywhere in your domain name, the notice and disclaimer must be in the footer of your website's home page. Otherwise, it must be provided where notices and disclaimers are usually included, for example, a footnote on the first page of a document, the footer or last line of a web page or blog entry, an attribution section, or a credits page.

Terms and Conditions for Using SL™ or inSL™

  1. The License. Subject to the following terms and conditions, Linden Research, Inc. ("Linden Lab") grants Second Life® residents in good standing (as defined in Paragraph 2 below) a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free, fully paid-up, worldwide license to show the association of their business or organization with the Second Life virtual world by using the words "SL" or "inSL" with a business or organization name, product or service name, and Internet domain name (any or all of these names, when used with "SL" or "inSL," are referred to as an "SL Associated Name") (collectively, the "License").
  2. License Eligibility. To qualify for this License, you must have a Second Life account in good standing; agree to Linden Lab's posted Terms of Service and Community Standards; and never have received a permanent ban from the Second Life world for any violation of the Terms of Service or Community Standards. Linden Lab shall have sole discretion to determine whether you meet these criteria for eligibility.
  3. Use Guidelines. Your use of "SL" or "inSL" in an SL Associated Name must be in strict compliance with the above Guidelines for Using SL™ or inSL™, which may be amended from time to time. Any other use of the SL or inSL trademarks or of any other trademark, brand name, or logo of Linden Lab must be in compliance with the Guidelines for Using Linden Lab's Trademarks, found at, which also may be amended from time to time.
  4. Review Process. Upon Linden Lab's request, you shall supply Linden Lab, at no cost and with no obligation to return, suitable specimens of your use of "SL" or "inSL" to verify your compliance with this License. If at any time your use of "SL" or "inSL" does not conform to the terms and conditions of this License in Linden Lab's sole opinion, Linden Lab shall have the right to request that you modify or terminate your use, and you agree to comply with Linden Lab's request within seven (7) days after it was made.
  5. Rights and Ownership. Linden Lab shall remain the exclusive owner of the SL and inSL trademarks. Your use of "SL" and "inSL" shall inure exclusively to the benefit of Linden Lab. You shall not do anything to compromise Linden Lab's rights in and to the SL and inSL trademarks or any of Linden Lab's trademarks. For example, you shall not interfere with Linden Lab's own use or registration of "SL" or "inSL," alone or in combination with other words or symbols, and you shall not file a trademark application anywhere in the world, now or in the future, for "SL" or "inSL," for any SL Affiliated Name, or for a mark that incorporates or is confusingly similar to SL, inSL, or another Linden Lab trademark.
  6. No Warranties. The SL and inSL trademarks are provided to you "as is," and you are solely responsible for your use of the SL and inSL trademarks. Linden Lab disclaims all warranties, express or implied, regarding the SL and inSL trademarks, including but not limited to warranties of title and non-infringement of third-party rights. In no event shall Linden Lab be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive, or other damages arising from or related to this License, its termination, or your use of "SL" or "inSL."
  7. Modification and Termination. This License shall terminate automatically upon your breach of any of its terms and conditions. Linden Lab shall have the right to terminate or modify your permission to use "SL" or "inSL" in an SL Affiliated Name at any time for any reason, in its sole discretion, without liability or obligation to you of any kind. Linden Lab shall also have the right to take action against any use of "SL" or "inSL" that does not conform to the terms and conditions of this License, infringes any of Linden Lab's intellectual property or other rights, or otherwise violates applicable law. If Linden Lab notifies you that this License is terminated, you shall cease all use of your SL Affiliated Name and remove all uses of it from all materials and items under your control within seven (7) days after the date that notice was given.
  8. No Partnership. Linden Lab has no obligation to provide any type of support for your product or service. You acknowledge that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship exists between you and Linden Lab.
  9. Community Directory. You permit Linden Lab to include your SL Affiliated Name in a public listing or index of Second Life businesses, organizations, domain names, products, or services. Your permission is royalty-free, fully paid up, and worldwide.
  10. Choice of Law and Venue. This License shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of California without regard to conflict of law principles. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts located in the City and County of San Francisco, California to resolve any legal matter arising from this License. If a court of competent jurisdiction holds invalid any provision of this License, all remaining provisions of the License shall remain in full force and effect, and the invalid provision shall be changed and interpreted in order to best accomplish the original provision's objectives to the fullest extent allowed by law.
  11. Complete Agreement. This License, including all documents that it links to, is the entire agreement between you and Linden Lab concerning the SL and inSL trademarks.

Linden Lab may request changes to or removal of any uses of "SL" or "inSL" that we believe do not comply with the above Guidelines or Terms and Conditions, or that might otherwise impair our rights in the trademarks. Linden Lab may revise or update these Guidelines and Terms and Conditions for using "SL" or "inSL" at any time.