Guidelines for Using Linden Lab's Trademarks

Proper use of Linden Lab's trademarks is extremely important. It preserves the reputation of our brand and helps you identify our products and services.

Our trademarks include our word marks or brand names like Second Life® (both in text and in our distinctive font), Second Life Grid™, SL™, Linden™, LindeX™, and Linden Lab®. They also include our distinctive logos like the Second Life Eye-in-Hand logo, the Second Life Grid logo, the inSL Cube logo, and the Linden Lab Hexagon logo. You can see a list of our trademarks here.

If you'd like to use a Linden Lab trademark, you likely need our permission. Read the guidelines below on how to use our trademarks properly.

  • License To Use SL™ or inSL™. The words "SL" and "inSL" are different from the Second Life brand name, our distinctive Eye-in-Hand logo, and all of our other trademarks. Unlike these other trademarks, we've given you special permission to show the association of your business or organization with the Second Life virtual world by using "SL" or "inSL" with your business or organization name, product or service name, and Internet domain name, subject to our Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.
  • License for Press Use of the Second Life Eye-in-Hand Logo. We've given journalists and media outlets special permission to use the Second Life Eye-in-Hand Logo in published articles, blog entries, and news programs specifically about the Second Life virtual world, subject to our Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.
  • Unauthorized Uses of Linden Lab's Trademarks. To protect our brand, there are certain ways that you cannot use our trademarks, including the Second Life brand name and our distinctive Eye-in-Hand logo, without our written permission.
  • Proper Reference to Linden Lab's Brand Names in Text. If you'd simply like to refer to the Second Life virtual world or to another product or service of Linden Lab, read this section for how to do that properly in text.
  • FAQs About Linden Lab's Trademarks. Read these FAQs and all relevant guidelines before contacting Linden Lab with any questions.

With these Trademark Guidelines, we've done our best to address how you may seek to use a Linden Lab trademark. However, the Trademark Guidelines do not and cannot anticipate all the ways in which our trademarks may be used. We reserve our rights to update the Trademark Guidelines at any time and to act as we deem necessary to protect our trademark rights in any given situation.

Thank you for your interest in the Second Life world and for taking the time to read our Trademark Guidelines.