Linden Homes

Find your place to be together

Your Linden Home is included free with your Premium Membership

Every Linden Home comes with built-in amenities


A full home, ready for you to furnish and design


A place for your favorite friends and pets to enjoy together


You're in control — keep it private or open


Linden homes are included with Premium and Premium Plus memberships

As a Premium or Premium Plus member, you can move in to a Linden Home at no additional cost.
  • Land Choices

    A home in a themed neighborhood or free tier on the mainland

  • Beautiful Homes

    Choose from a variety of home styles.

  • Exclusive Neighborhoods

    Neighborhood themes created with you in mind.

  • Customize Your Home

    Furnish your home and decorate to reflect your tastes.

  • Other Premium Benefits

    Weekly L$ rewards, signup bonuses, concierge support, and more!


Region Tours

Explore Linden Home Regions

Not sure which home is right for you? Linden Homes are situated in stunning and diverse regions that are just waiting to be explored.

Discover more ways to own land in Second Life

Rent a parcel

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Just what you want, when you want it
  • Flexible and easy
  • Great for parties and short term events
  • Payments are fully peer-to-peer/decentralized
  • Premium membership not required

Buy a parcel

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Build on your own land
  • Choose from a vast range of parcels
  • More control than renting
  • Your land is yours to sell
  • Premium membership not required

Get a private region

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Go big and build your estate
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Premium Plus Exclusive

Get the exact home you want with Linden Home Concierge

As a Premium Plus member, you have free access to Linden Home Concierge, a 24/7 link to direct assistance from our team to help you choose the perfect Linden Home