Private Region Pricing

Private Regions (Islands)

Private Regions (Islands) offer the most flexibility and privacy to support your Second Life needs. There are three different Private Region product offerings:

  • Full Regions are the premier island product. These regions can handle the most avatars and scripts and offer the highest performance.
  • Skill Gaming Regions are Full Regions that permit the placement, operation and use of approved Skill Games in accordance with the Skill Gaming Policy.
  • Homestead Regions have lower performance than Full Regions and are intended for low-density rentals, quiet residential or light commercial use. Only available to Residents who own at least one Full Region.

For more information on region types, billing and payment, check out the Knowledge Base articles listed on the right.

All current information about Grandfathered region pricing can be found in this Knowledge Base article.

For Residents of European Union countries, Value Added Tax (VAT) will be assessed in addition to estimated fees where applicable.

Private Region Pricing


Parcel Size (m²)


Maintenance Fee (monthly)

Full Region




Skill Gaming Region




Homestead Region