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Your Connection to the Second Life Brand.

As the Second Life® world grows in popularity, so does the demand for goods and services related to it. We think that's great for everyone!

We at Linden Lab are passionate about enabling the boundless creativity of the Second Life community. We're also deeply committed to protecting the Second Life brand and its reputation as an innovative provider of a popular 3-D virtual world.

The Second Life Brand Center provides guidance on how to promote your contributions to the Second Life world without implying that Linden Lab is endorsing them or otherwise affiliated with them.

Display the inSL Logo!

inSL Logo

Use this community logo to publicize your connection to the Second Life world! With the inSL logo, you show that you're part of the vibrant Second Life community. Display the logo on your website, in marketing materials, on your business card, on your letterhead, in conference materials, in presentation slides, on promotional items, on product packaging, and in other areas where you wish to promote your in-world contributions.

Use Linden Lab's Trademarks Properly.

Proper use of Linden Lab's trademarks is extremely important. Our trademarks — including our brand name "Second Life" and our logo with the famous eye-in-hand design — help distinguish our products and services from those provided by others. Using our trademarks properly preserves the reputation of our brand and helps you know which products and services we stand behind.

Our Guidelines for Using Linden Lab's Trademarks explain proper use of our trademarks, including proper use in text to refer to our products and services, uses that we specifically allow in certain circumstances, and those that we do not allow without our written permission. Read these guidelines if you'd like to use any of our trademarks on your website, in a URL, in advertising, in an article or book, in a film or television show, in a software product, or anywhere else. You likely need our permission. Read more here.