SL8B Birthday
You are invited to experience "The Magic of Second Life" in June with SL8B parties, events and visits to historic hot spots.
Party Like it's Second Life's Birthday!
Party Like It's Second Life's Birthday!

It's time to celebrate! Put on your party hat and join us as we honor eight years of innovation, community, culture — and amazing Residents! Don't forget to pick up your free birthday bear.

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Machinima Watch

Celebrate Second Life's birthday with a peek at the past, present and future of the virtual world — as seen through the eyes of acclaimed machinima artist Phaylen Fairchild.

Eight Years of Magic

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Birthday Events:SL8B
Birthday Events: SL8B

Come on down — it isn't a party without you! All the fun and fabulous SL8B events kick off on Monday, June 20 and run through Sunday, June 26.

Revisit Our Roots
Revisit Our Roots

Discover artifacts and wear a Primitar "ancestors" avatar.Historical Museum

Jump from leaf to leaf up this historical beanstalk.Climbable Beanstalk

See a celebration of creativity from original Linden Town.The Man Statue

Visit a monument recognizing SL's early pioneers.Beta Contributor Wall

Explore one of the oldest and most cherished spots in SL.Baffin Island

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