Community in Second Life

Connect with Friends and Meet New People

In Second Life, there's always someone to talk to, dance with, learn from or perhaps even love. You can meet people all over the world without ever leaving your home. And here, there's no jet lag and the clubs are always open.

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No matter what time of day you're here, there's always something happening.



Find people who love what you love, join up with them and see the world together.

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Groups in Second Life

Join up and expand your horizons

Share your thoughts and connect with others by joining any of the thousands of unique groups within Second Life. Group topics are as a diverse as Second Life itself.

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Events in Second Life

Something's always going on

Parties, workshops, contests and more -- the Second Life world is buzzing. Anyone can plan and throw an event, so don't be shy about letting your social butterfly flutter. Whether you're looking for something social, educational, competitive or just plain old weird, check out the Events Calendar now!

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Read up on what people have to say about every aspect of Second Life. Get tips on coding, designing, building, promoting events and selling.