Shop: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would I want to go virtual shopping?

    Second Life is a virtual world designed by its users, meaning that millions of people have poured their creativity into producing a lot of cool stuff for you to experience.

    Shopping can expand and enrich your adventures in Second Life. Buying virtual land lets you design or acquire a house for you and your friends. Buying vehicles lets you explore Second Life in style, and buying items that could never exist in the real world is often as cool as it sounds.

    Shopping for unique items is one way that you can express yourself in Second Life. Whether you have hundreds of outfits for different occasions, or a superhero costume to roleplay with friends, shopping gives you more ways to show off your creativity.

  • What kind of stuff can I buy?

    Since Second Life doesn't have to deal with pesky issues like space, time or scarcity of resources, you can buy just about anything you can imagine.

    There's a huge, thriving fashion industry creating the hottest styles for you to wear. And personal style doesn't stop with clothes — you can also buy a new body, new hairstyles, and new animations for your avatar.

    If you have land in Second Life, you can think and buy bigger. You can buy houses, gardens, castles, office buildings — anything that will fit on your virtual land.

  • How do I find things to buy?

    If you're inside Second Life, click on the Search tab at the bottom of the screen. Type out the kind of item you want to buy — "Skirts," "Cars" or "Avatars," for example. The results will be in order of popularity. Choose one that looks good and click the Teleport button. That will take you to whatever shop you choose.

    You can also shop for Second Life items from the comfort of your web browser. Visit SL Marketplace, where you can buy any item and it will be sent to your account/avatar.

  • How does shopping work?

    Once you've arrived at a store, take a look at the posters on the walls, or on booths throughout the store. These are the products you can buy. Hovering your mouse over the picture of an item gives you its price. One click and you can buy it. The purchase price in Linden dollars is then deducted from your account, and the item pops into your inventory, ready to be used or worn. By opening your inventory, you'll find your new purchase along with any items you've bought in the past.

  • Do I have to spend money?

    Spending money is entirely optional — it's up to you.

    You start Second Life with a free starter pack, available in your inventory, full of clothes and useful items. You will also find many vendors throughout Second Life giving away items, or selling them for next to nothing.

    If you decide you do want to buy something, you can spend money buying Linden dollars from Linden Lab, or you can earn Linden dollars without spending a cent by creating and selling items in Second Life. You can even get a virtual job to earn Linden dollars. Second Life users often take up modeling or DJing, or become designers or architects, to pay for their shopping addiction. And they don't pay a cent out of their pocket.

    Second Life has its very own virtual currency, called the Linden dollar or L$. Although the conversion rate is subject to change, one US Dollar is approximately 250-300 Linden dollars.

  • I hate shopping — do I have to?

    Absolutely not. Shopping isn't integral to the Second Life experience, and you can have plenty of fun without it. You start Second Life with enough clothing and gear to explore the world, meet people, join groups and take advantage of all the fun Second Life has to offer.