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    • Soul2Soul Mediterranean

      Nestled in the Italian Riviera lies Portofino, originally a fishing village with small cobbled square, picturesque harbour, and panoramic views. Relax in bijou cafes, peaceful spots on the beaches, or stroll along the yacht-lined harbour in this stunning public double region designed by Minnie Atlass. Take pictures and watch the world go by! Joint their Flickr group:

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    • Infused Raindrop Beach

      Close your eyes, imagine a tropical island paradise with warm sun rays, sandy beaches, and ocean breezes. Now open them and you are at Infused Raindrop Beach. A photo inspired beach that caters to local surfers with 2 ride-able waves. Lots for everyone!

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    • The Butterfly Conservatory

      Put a spring in your step and step into spring at the gorgeous Butterfly Conservatory, the first and only in Second Life. Opening March 1st, the all-new Butterfly Conservatory is located across from Merge Club and Lounge. Visitors are transported to a tropical paradise full of lush vegetation, trickling waterfalls, and vibrantly colored butterflies.

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    • Anya's Place

      Welcome to Anya's Place! Spring has come to the house on the hill, it's a place that feels like coming home. Teleport to enjoy the shores and west coast beaches below.

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    • Le Cirque de la Nuit

      Idle Rogue Productions presents "Le Cirque de la Nuit" for 2020 across two weekends from April 10th to 19th. This hour-long program features award-winning animated dance performances interspersed with colorful art installations by well known virtual artists Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost, H0ney Heart, and more. The production uses a guided camera system to completely immerse you in this dazzling world of magic and illusion. Seanchai Library adds their sumptuous live readings to the production, which is set in Gloriana Maertens' breathtaking environment on Idle Rogue, providing an astonishingly engaging entertainment experience. It's a steampunk circus in black and white that has been playing to full regions and rave reviews since 2014! For more info, visit:

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