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    • The Shambles

      Frogmore presents The Shambles. Travel up the River Foss to a village called The Shambles. Adventures await you in the rain and steam, and colourful magic rambles! Everyone is welcome to a quest of Steampunk and Wizarding Worlds and Rezz Rights apply for Frogmore Group Members.

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    • Healing Muse

      The Healing Muse destination is a serene healing community beautifully landscaped with rolling hills and lovely shade trees, intermixed with locations for self-guided meditations and areas of quiet reflection and learning. These include a library and group meditation areas where daily meditations occur along with weekly spiritual study events such as "The Bhagavad Gita for Beginners" and much more.

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    • The SL19B Vernian Rotunda

      Celebrate Second Life's 19th birthday at this beautiful stage where you can catch Music Fest on June 18th and more performances during the coming weeks, all happening at the SL19B Vernian Rotunda!

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    • RadioSpiral

      Romantic landscapes combine with musical dreamscapes in the SL home of RadioSpiral, the world-famous ambient electronica station. Explore destinations both earthy and fanciful while enjoying an eclectic variety of atmospheric music. Join this open, warm, newcomer-friendly community for daily live shows and concerts in their ever-changing holodeck… or just wander the world with the one you love!

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    • Joyful

      The Joyful region comprises three scenes to be explored. Scene one leads to an interactive carnival with rides, games, food, and fun. Bring your family or friends. Scene two, west of the park leads to a fantasy where you might find a secret passage. Scene three on the south end is sprawling greenery leading to the main house. Welcome to the Joyful region. Come often, stay as long as you like.

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