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    • Paradise Mountains

      Looking for some Winter fun? Come over and explore the snowy regions of Paradise Mountains! Visit the town or the residential village, hang out and take photos or ride horseback. Horses are at the barn. Enjoy yourself and come back often.

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    • 80Days - O HOLY NIGHT

      Winter is drawing near and so does Christmas. Do you remember the anticipation you felt as a child at this time of year? The scent of roasted chestnuts, cinnamon, and baked cookies? The fun you had skating on ice or sneaking around the stalls at the Christmas market? O HOLY NIGHT is the place where you can relive all this. Become a child again! Or give in to your romantic side and dance cheek to cheek with your beloved one on the sparkling ice rink. However, if you prefer silence and reflectiveness instead, take a walk or a ride through the snowy woods and visit the small, festively decorated Christmas chapel with its life-sized nativity scene. Either way, the spirit of Christmas will surely embrace you here.

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    • The Northern Trek at LeLoo's World

      Stepping onto the frozen landscape you can feel the snow and ice crunch under your feet while off in the distance there are sounds of icebergs breaking apart. The clean, crisp air is frigid, and it blows snowflakes up into your cheeks, stinging them as you explore. Welcome to The Northern Trek. Grab the free snowshoes for your hike across this frozen landscape. Have fun getting in the winter mood! All are welcome to this PG event!

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    • Luane's World - Le Monde Perdu - Winter 2022

      Luane's World has again put on its white coat for this winter. This year, they were inspired by the magnificent natural and wild spaces of Iceland - the land of rivers, mountains, geysers, and glaciers. Come admire the Northern Lights while relaxing in the hot springs. Breathe the pure air of the mountains or drink a hot drink around the campfires to warm up. Cuddle in the stunning glass-ceilinged igloos. But don't forget your coats to protect you from the freezing cold of the many caves. Add your images to their Flickr group:

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    • North Pole - A Beautiful Winter Escape

      Winter has arrived at the north pole with many hidden places to explore and discover. Take photos in a romantic fantasy wonderland and enjoy the scenery and soundscape. Take a horse ride through the snow, dance, or do some ice skating with your love and family. The winter season will stay until late January when it will slowly transform to spring again.

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