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    • Ville de Coeur 70s Music Festival

      The 2018 Ville de Coeur Autumn Music Festival, held Sept. 20-23, is a 70s extravaganza! Relive the decade with a dozen 70s-themed performances, including deejays, tribute acts and live singers. Visit Ville de Coeur anytime through September and explore the roads of all seven regions in a classic 70s muscle car.

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    • Red's Mystery Shack

      The Shack is an homage to the roadside attractions created over the years, normally much less mysterious and much more “tourist trap.” These places still hold a certain charm and novelty. Please feel free to make yourself at home, go for a swim, take plenty of photos, or even just sit on the porch and enjoy the sound of the crickets in the trees.

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    • Eclectica A New Dawn

      Eclectica is back and its A New Dawn! Wind your way through this magical, enchanting and eclectic sim, with secluded romantic spots for dancing or romancing, and wonderful photo opportunities. Bask in the turquoise waters of the Fijian inspired beach. Visit the vagabonds that have made this place their home and just take in the tranquil ambiance this sim offers.

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    • Sea Monsters

      Explore this exhibition from Citta Wiskee that shows the interaction between the artist and sea creatures, the ocean and deep sea. There are little islands to explore with different songs created by Citta herself. The Second Life photo exhibition is held hidden under the sea, while you can have surreal experience above the water. Ends Sept. 30.

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    • Erebos Harbor

      Erebos Harbor is a community designed with the quiet SLifestyle in mind. From the working harbor, the roads wind past warehouses, rail tracks and through a sleepy little town that quickly gives way to muddy tracks and little lanes bordered by rock faces and lush green foliage. There truly is something here for every dreamer.

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