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FOCUS at Coppelia is a collaboration led by renowned architect David Denton (DB Bailey) with fellow SL artists Bob Johnson (Thoth Jantzen) and Jane Leffler (Jo Ellsmere). DB’s ethereal abstract architectural style is blended with a variety of multimedia and artistic techniques and other content to create a unique and powerfully immersive experience. FOCUS is composed of a variety of different spaces that blend seamlessly together, each providing its own special mood and feeling when one enters. Coppelia is a Second Life simulator operated by the eponymous artists’ collective, “CoppeliaSL." The region provides studio and exhibition space for a group of artists that currently includes: Jo Ellsmere, Glyph Graves, Penumbra Carter, Dekka Raymaker, Ultraviolet Alter, DB Bailey, and Cuirec d’Erc.

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