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Dragonsgate - Realm of The Phantom Queen

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Dragonsgate - Realm of The Phantom Queen

Dragonsgate is the realm of The Phantom Queen, Goddess of Fate and Death. She appears as both a seductress and as a raven circling her realm determining the fate of all who dare enter. Her dragons give power to the lands they occupy and there is none more powerful than Dragonsgate. It is a land of magic, mystery and death. There is much revelry during this season of magic, and it draws people from far and wide who cannot escape the temptation of partaking all it offers. Are you brave enough to join this revelry and tempt the fate of The Phantom Queen? You are invited to visit Dragonsgate to experience Halloween at Cay’s! The venue is open 24/7 with entertainment nightly Monday through Saturday. Halloween parties at Dragonsgate feature some of the best blues and classic rock DJs in SL along with Hosts who ensure that everyone feels welcome.

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