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    • The Summer Full Perm Fair

      July 20th - August 12th 2018 Top creators of full permission creations in ALL categories will be displaying their newest releases and fair exclusives that may be re-sold with big Discounts and a big selection. Starting a Second Life business starts at this event.

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    • The Crystal Heart Festival

      The Crystal Heart Festival is an exclusive event dedicated to all Mahou Shoujo anime and manga such as; Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew and Card Captor Sakura, portrayed from a heroes vs. villains perspective. Here you’ll find a unique line of fashion, cosplay and creations interpreted by some of the best designers across the grid.

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    • Midsummer Music Festival

      This is it! It's the multi-location, "MIDSUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL" on Wednesday (July 18), starting out with Cosmic Tera at 8:30AM (SL time) on Inspiration Island, and then Ari, the DJ "KT," Noma Falta, Wald Schridde, Mr. Multi Writer, Keko Heckroth, Sunny Sza and Joaquin Gustav at 3PM (SL time). Then go to the Romany sim at 4PM, hosted by Gypsy Fairfield, for the rest of the evening. Go to Inspiration Island anytime and get the schedule and location to join in whenever you want to. You don't want to miss this big summer event!

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    • Café des Arts

      The "Café des Arts" at Summers Wind hosts, in this period, an exhibition by the Italian artist Giancarlo Petrini with his works by RL. The sim has been renovated to create recreational, cultural, relaxation and entertainment spaces. The location is a suggestive place of spiration for Second Life photographers.

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    • London City Summer Festival

      Enjoy Summer in the City, and explore the seaside and pier. Take a stroll along the promenade and try the amusements. With themed concerts every week in July at the outdoor amphitheatre, and daily events in the clubs, there is something for everyone to enjoy. For more information see

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