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Guidelines for Using the inSL Logo

inSL Logo
inSL Logo

The inSL logo may be used only as specified in these Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions for the inSL logo program.

Download this PDF for a graphical illustration of some of the guidelines below.
  1. Approved Use. Second Life® residents may use the inSL logo only to advertise or show their connection, or the connection of their products or services, to the Second Life world.
  2. Placement

    Display the inSL logo only on communications or items that relate to the Second Life world. Never use the inSL logo to indicate your connection to another virtual world.

    Do not display the inSL logo as a primary or prominent feature. The logo must be smaller and subordinate to your own logo, business, product, or service name, and any other branding.

    If displayed with logos for other virtual worlds or platforms, the inSL logo must be the same size and given equal prominence as the other logos.

    Always display the logo right-side up with the word "inSL" in a horizontal or roughly horizontal position.

    Never use the inSL logo in text to represent the words "Second Life" or "in Second Life."

  3. Approved Logo Files and Sizing.

    Use only the inSL logo files provided by Linden Lab at /my/forms/insl_signup.php.

    Do not make any changes to the logo artwork except proportional resizing. Make the minimum width of the logo .5 inch in print media, and 60 pixels in digital media.

        Do not alter the design, elements, color, or aspect ratio of the logo.

        Do not animate, morph, or otherwise distort the logo in proportion or appearance.

  4. Background.

    Use the color inSL logo only on a solid white background.

    Use the black logo and the white logo on a background that does not reduce the legibility of the logo.

  5. Clear Space. Use a minimum clear space (or space with nothing but the background) of at least one-quarter (1/4) the height of the inSL logo around the entire logo.

    inSL Clear Space Diagram
  6. Notice and Disclaimer. Use a legible and reasonably prominent notice and disclaimer in the following form unless the media that you're using has space constraints that don't allow its inclusion (for example, a business card): "Second Life and the inSL logo are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. (Your Name or Your Company or Organization Name) is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research." You may omit this notice and disclaimer only where space limits require it.
  7. Impermissible Use.

    a) No Suggestion of Endorsement. Do not use the inSL logo in any manner that suggests co-branding or a relationship with Linden Lab beyond being a Second Life resident.

    b) No Incorporation of the Logo. Never incorporate the inSL logo in another logo, brand name, or trademark. Do not imitate the inSL logo in any way or use it as a design feature on any of your products, materials, or items.

    c) No Localization of the Logo. Do not translate or localize the inSL logo into any other language.

    d) No Use with Objectionable Material. Do not display the inSL logo in or on materials or items that in Linden Lab's sole opinion:
    • Include violent content, show racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group or organization;
    • Are pornographic or include adult or Moderate content, or content that is not displayed in a manner suitable for a General rating;
    • Include excessive profanity;
    • Include gambling or casino-related content;
    • Violate or promote violation of Linden Lab's Terms of Service or Community Standards;
    • Are illegal, promote illegal activity, or infringe legal rights; or
    • Are misleading, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, tarnishing, obscene, or otherwise objectionable.

Linden Lab may request changes to or deletion of uses of the inSL logo that we believe do not comply with these Guidelines, or that might otherwise impair our rights in the inSL logo. Linden Lab may revise or update these Guidelines for Using the inSL Logo at
any time.