Second Life in the News: Archive

9.6.2012 Scientific American
My So-Called Second Life: Are You Your Avatar?

8.17.2012 The Verge
'Second Life' is coming to Steam

8.13.2012 Nvate
Second Life: How Companies are Using the Popular Virtual World to Conduct Meetings

8.10.2012 Surfer Today
Virtual surfers keep riding digital waves

7.30.2012 AP (via
IU-Kokomo prof teaching class with avatars

7.16.2012 Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Absent Heroes: Choose Your Own Interview II

7.6.2012 PandoDaily
Philip Rosedale: The Media Is Wrong, Second Life Didn’t Fail

6.29.2012 The Guardian (UK)
The way we love now: couples who meet online

6.20.2012 Massively
Free for All: Second Life, the little 75 million-dollar engine that could

5.30.2012 Massively
Free for All: Looking at Second Life's mesh with Bernhard Drax

5.11.2012 Gamasutra
In-depth: Is it time for a text game revival?

Linden Lab: The Weirder the Better

3.15.2012 Massively
Linden Lab's Second Life "extremely profitable," company looking to expand

Pioneering MMO Second Life plots a comeback

3.15.2012 VG 24/7
Second Life and Linden Lab may be getting its second wind

3.6.2012 Gamasutra
GDC 2012: New ideas in socially-engaging AI design

Linden Lab acquires LittleTextPeople

2.16.2012 TechCrunch
Linden Lab Acquires Game Studio LittleTextPeople To Build Beyond Second Life

2.16.2012 VentureBeat
Linden Lab acquires LittleTextPeople for new projects this year

2.16.2012 Gamasutra
Second Life developer acquires experimental game studio LittleTextPeople

1.19.2012 Sunrise (Australia)
Second Life Controversy

1.16.2012 The Kyle & Jackie O Show (Australia)
A Discussion About Second Life

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