Second Life in the News: Archive

11.1.2011 BBC (UK)
The Art of Creating Virtual Worlds

10.27.2011 PCWorld
Second Life Puts Musicians on the Virtual Stage

10.27.2011 IX Video Games
What’s So Great About Second Life Anyway?

10.24.2011 Forbes
Financial Services Lags Behind Gaming in Technology

10.21.2011 WIRED
Real-Life Inception: Army Looks to ‘Counteract Nightmares’ With Digital Dreams

10.19.2011 The Oregonian
Virtual community, Second Life, gives musicians a chance to showcase music around the world

10.13.2011 WNCT
High School Students Take College Classes With Second Life

9.30.2011 TechRadar
Whatever happened to Second Life?

9.13.2011 ABC (Australia)
Digital Living - practical uses for Second Life

9.10.2011 Wall St. Journal
The Reality of the Virtual

9.1.2011 Campus Technology
Is There a Second Life for Virtual Worlds?

8.30.2011 MediaPost
Starring In Your OWN Cartoon Movie

8.28.2011 BlogCritics
The Other Side of Second Life

8.23.2011 Singularity Hub
Entrepreneur Anshe Chung Makes A Fortune Selling Virtual Land, Banking and Fashion

8.23.2011 Huffington Post
Dating In A Virtual World: Massively Multiplayer Game Users Find Real-Life Love

8.22.2011 Betterverse
2011 Second Life Relay for Life Wrap-up: $375K Raised, 3K Participants!

8.19.2011 LAUNCH
Daily Signups for Second Life Grow 60% under New CEO; Tablet Version Planned

7.5.2011 New Scientist
Control your home with thought alone

6.29.2011 Bloomberg TV
Humble Says Linden Lab is Profitable, Not Looking at IPO

6.24.2011 AllThingsD
A Sneak Peek at Zynga’s IPO: How to Turn Virtual Goods Into Real Money

6.16.2011 Fort Wayne News Sentinal
City man has fun, earns income in ‘virtual world'

6.16.2011 Massively
Duran Duran and Second Life, isn't that bizarre?

6.15.2011 Education Week
Avatars Wanted

6.14.2011 ABC Radio (Australia)
Second life, disability and education

6.7.2011 Dwell On It
Behind the curtain: Talking with Rod Humble about usability

6.7.2011 MyHealthNewsDaily
Virtual Weight Loss: Online Meetings Yield Healthy Results

6.6.2011 ABC (Australia)
Study lets couch potatoes burn fitness handbook

6.6.2011 PsychCentral
Online Weight Loss Program Effective

6.6.2011 Indiana University
IU researchers discuss barefoot running, stroke and yoga, virtual worlds and more at ACSMIU researchers discuss barefoot running, stroke and yoga, virtual worlds and more at ACSM

6.6.2011 Forbes
Can Second Life Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off?

6.6.2011 The Consumerist
Visiting Gym In "Second Life" Sheds Real World Pounds

6.4.2011 BBC (UK)
Virtual gym 'helps weight loss'

6.1.2011 GigaOM
Virtual Worlds: Immersive Training, Collaboration and Meetings

5.31.2011 Adweek
Not So Funny Money Inside the growing—and very lucrative—world of virtual currency

5.31.2011 Huffington Post
Getting Real With Virtuality

5.26.2011 Innovation Management
Immersive Virtual Worlds as Innovation Platforms

5.23.2011 WBGH
Local Organization Receives $22,913.30 From Online Virtual Fundraiser Selling Limited Edition Virtual Horses

5.18.2011 Fast Company
A Brief History Of Video Games

5.17.2011 Training Magazine
Avanade Creates a Virtual Campus in Second Life

5.15.2011 Massively
Rise and Shiny recap: Second Life

5.12.2011 ABC (Australia)
Meet Australia's Paisley Beebe: Second Life's celebrity talk show host

5.9.2011 US Department of Defense
Virtual Worlds Form Defense Training Frontier

5.9.2011 US Department of Defense
Air Force Eyes New Learning Systems in ‘Second Life’

4.14.2011 KSN TV
Brad's Beat: Virtual Second Job

4.13.2011 WBGH
Southern Tier HealthLink Debuts Health Information Exchange (HIE) Educational Video

4.13.2011 Krypton Radio
Love For Japan

4.8.2011 Economic Times (India)
How India Inc can benefit by smart use of new-age games?

4.7.2011 The Age (Australia)
Cyber virtual island gives isolated students a second chance

HealthLink raises $82K for Japan relief

4.5.2011 WBGH
Southern Tier HealthLink Helps Raise $82,000 for Japan Relief

4.5.2011 ABC (Australia)
Twitter on TV? Second Life did it first

4.4.2011 NY HealthScape
Amaretto Breedable Horse Fans Raise $82,000 USD for Japan Relief

4.1.2011 Official COLLADA March 2011 Newsletter
COLLADA Opens Up a World of Possibilities in Second Life’s New Mesh Project

3.25.2011 MSNBC
Science thrives in virtual worlds

3.14.2011 TechNewsDaily
For Trauma Survivors, Virtual Reality May Be New Way to Cope

3.14.2011 Miami Art Zine
My Second Life – A Second Chance for the Artist

3.12.2011 Girl Wonder Speaks
Linden Lab Relief Bear for the Red Cross

3.12.2011 Around the Grid with Harper
Buy a Linden Teddy Bear and Help Out Japan

3.12.2011 New World Notes
Linden Lab Sells Virtual Bears With Japanese Flags to Raise US$ for Red Cross' Japan Disaster Relief Effort - Linden Lab は、日本の旗をまとったバーチャルテディベアを販売し、赤十字の東北地方太平洋沖地震災害救助

3.11.2011 Dwell On It
Linden Lab sells virtual bears to raise funds for earthquake and tsunami relief

3.8.2011 Huffington Post
Safaris, Education and Second Bodies for the Disabled

3.7.2011 CNN iReport
SL Music Fest Celebrates Women

3.3.2011 BBC (UK)
The virtual business: Doing deals in your pyjamas

3.3.2011 TechNewsDaily
Avatars Go to School: Virtual Classroom Could Help the Disabled

2.24.2011 R&D
Learning science and math in a virtual world

2.23.2011 eCampus News
Ga. Tech to host disabled STEM students in Second Life

2.22.2011 Surfer Today
Surfing virtual waves in Second Life

2.21.2011 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Second Life virtual-reality game: It's not time travel, but it's close

2.18.2011 Pittsburgh Business Times
Pittsburgh filmmaker works in virtual world

2.15.2011 The Metaverse Journal
Interview: Rod Humble, CEO of Linden Lab

2.15.2011 Phaylen Fairchild
When Rod Met Phaylen!

2.15.2011 Daniel Voyager's Blog
Residents Interview Rod Humble, CEO of Linden Lab

2.12.2011 Dusan Writer's Metaverse
Virtual Dialogues: My Conversation with Rod Humble, CEO of Linden Lab

2.10.2011 New World Notes
Interview with Rod Humble, Linden Lab's New CEO, on the Future of Second Life

2.10.2011 Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Interview: Rod Humble On Second Life

2.3.2011 Nextgov
Army taps Second Life for troop and family support

2.1.2011 Shiny Shiny (UK)
First Date, Second Life - the site bringing dating to the virtual world

1.31.2011 The Tennesean
New video game helps soldiers deal with stress

1.27.2011 Deutche Welle (Germany)
Online 'crowd funding' opens new chances for artists

1.26.2011 Switched
Soldiers Get a 'Second Life' With Virtual PTSD Therapy

1.26.2011 Texas A&M Battalion
Second Life proves an effective learning tool

1.26.2011 IndieWire
When Strangers Click: HBO’s Doc on Online Dating Premieres Valentine’s Day

1.25.2011 Nine MSN (Australia)
Virtual world reaches out to flood victims

1.24.2011 US Army (press release)
DoD gives PTSD help 'second life' in virtual reality

1.22.2011 The Metaverse Journal
Queensland Flood Relief in Second Life

1.20.2011 SocialTimes
Pentagon Develops Virtual World Game To Enable Soldiers To Explore PSTD Symptoms and Causes

1.20.2011 MSNBC
Virtual haven set up for combat vets

1.19.2011 Education Week
High School Students Attend College in 'Second Life'

1.19.2011 American Forces Press Service
‘Virtual World’ Helps With Post-traumatic Stress

1.19.2011 Massively
Students recreate the civil rights movement in Second Life

1.11.2011 The Guardian (UK)
Virtual learning

1.11.2011 BlogHer
Interview: Laurina Hawks, Making Films in Virtual Worlds

1.11.2011 The Spark
Online course overcomes distance with Second Life

1.7.2011 ARTPULSE Magazine
Video Art Now: Real, Virtual, and Machinima

1.2.2011 The Guardian (UK)
20 predictions for the next 25 years

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