Second Life in the News: Archive

12.24.2010 GamePolitics
Rod Humble Named CEO of Linden Lab

12.23.2010 VentureBeat
Linden Lab gets second new CEO of the year for Second Life

12.23.2010 San Francisco Business Times
Second Life’s Linden Lab names CEO

12.23.2010 ReadWriteWeb
New CEO for Second Life as Linden Lab Names EA Gaming Vet to Head Company

12.23.2010 Gamasutra
Rod Humble Becomes Linden Lab’s CEO

12.23.2010 Kotaku
Former Sims Head Becomes The Boss Of Second Life

12.23.2010 Massively
Linden Lab Names New CEO

12.23.2010 Engage Digital
Linden Lab Names Rod Humble New CEO

12.16.2010 KBTX
Virtual Campus Opens for Texas A&M University

12.13.2010 Phaidon (UK)
'The real will come to resemble the virtual': Philip Rosedale talks to

12.12.2010 University of Southern California School of Architecture
Third Worlds, Second Lives and First Meetings

12.7.2010 Wallpaper
Winy Maas of MVRDV talks to Second Life creator

12.2.2010 Mediacaster Magazine
Online Quilt Gets 3D Treatment in Second Life Virtual World

12.1.2010 MediaPost
Know Thy Avatar

11.28.2010 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
IUP website takes archaeology class into a virtual dig

11.19.2010 BNet
How My Team Stays Connected With No Office and No Face Time

11.18.2010 BoingBoing
Machinima Expo: a two-day virtual film festival

Homeless agencies get virtual with Second Life

11.17.2010 PBS Independent Lens
Deep Down: I'm a Coal Miner's Avatar

11.16.2010 GamePolitics
School Continues to Use Second Life as Teaching Aid

11.16.2010 Hypergrid Business
Meshes a positive for Second Life and content developers

11.16.2010 CIO Insight
Virtualization Slideshow: Virtual World Training: Give Your Programs a 'Second Life'

11.15.2010 New World Notes
Second Life Launches Beta Web Browser Access Test Using Gaikai Cloud-Based Streaming

11.14.2010 The Culture Vulture (UK)
Junction – Goole Opens Up in Second Life

11.12.2010 Globe & Mail (Canada)
A journey into the shape-shifting universe of Chinese artist Cao Fei

11.9.2010 Engage Digital
Second Life Improves Quality Of Life For Disabled Users

11.9.2010 The Intelligencer (Canada)
Loyalist a pioneer in virtual world

11.8.2010 ScienceBlog
People with Disabilities Find Improved Quality of Life by Visiting Virtual World Online

11.8.2010 BetterVerse
Virtual Fundraiser for Tsunami Mentawai and Mt. Merapi Eruption Victims

11.8.2010 Wired
Review: Brooding R U There Takes Serious Look at Gaming Life

Virtual Worlds Help Disabled Students

11.2.2010 CBC News (Canada)
Cupids uses Second Life for virtual history tour

10.29.2010 Coventry Telegraph (UK)
Coventry University publishes guide to virtual worlds

10.27.2010 Forbes
Creating A $1M Virtual Goods Brand In Second Life

10.27.2010 Edmonton Sun (Canada)
Edmonton joins virtual world

10.26.2010 Wired (UK)
'Laputa: Castle in the Sky' recreated in Second Life

10.23.2010 Search Engine Watch
7 Mini-Games To Play and Socialize With Friends in Second Life

10.22.2010 CNN iReport
Teachers Rock Second Life!

10.21.2010 Global Saskatoon (Canada)
Edmonton enters 'Second Life'

10.21.2010 Orlando Sentinel
UCF students learn how to be poll workers in virtual world

10.19.2010 (Canada)
Ontario's virtual world recruiting effort

10.14.2010 Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas
Knight Center tests the use of Second Life in journalism training

10.8.2010 Switched
UCLA Researchers Use 'Second Life' to Study Meth Addiction

10.7.2010 CNET
Studying addiction in a virtual meth house

10.7.2010 Scientific American
Craving a Cure: A Virtual Meth House Serves as Fodder for Addiction Studies

10.5.2010 TMC Net
Speculation: Dress Codes for Employee 'Avatars' Coming Soon

9.17.2010 BBC (UK)
'Fair trade' solution to learning a new language

9.15.2010 New Scientist (UK)
Avatar therapy: From couch to cyberspace

9.12.2010 Eco89 (France)
Les « biens virtuels », une machine à sous bien réels

9.9.2010 KDAF TV
Second Life in School

9.8.2010 Computerworld
"Fast, Easy, Fun" with Second Life founder Philip Rosedale

Building a Classroom Across an Ocean

8.24.2010 Computerworld
Rocker raises money for first album in Second Life

8.10.2010 Minneapolis Star Tribune
Mayo Clinic lands its own fantasy island

Tasuku Ghost at Pop Art Lab

7.29.2010 MediaPost
Second Life Chugs Along

7.29.2010 Discovery News
What does your avatar say about you?

7.27.2010 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Second Life avatars give disabled at Inglis House new experiences

7.20.2010 WBGH (ABC)
Southern Tier HealthLink Raises $1,500 in Relay For Life of Second Life, Wins Two Awards

7.19.2010 BBC (UK)
Guide creates virtual world on Second Life after stroke

7.15.2010 Times Higher Education (UK)
Sceptics start to see the other side of Second Life

7.14.2010 Brand X
Rock star via avatar on 'Second Life': 'It's Facebook on steroids.'

7.13.2010 Suite 101
Second Life Offers Authors Marketing and Networking Opportunities

7.13.2010 Sify News
'Avatars' likely to depict individual's true personality

7.13.2010 Government Technology
Edmonton, Alberta, Replicating City in Second Life

7.12.2010 Science Daily
Avatars as Lifelike Representations and Effective Marketing Tools

7.11.2010 NBC - Press:Here
CEO Show: Social Networks

7.1.2010 Minnesota Public Radio
Second Life star prepares for online life after death

6.21.2010 West Virginia Public Broadcasting
New WVU academic program uses new methods to train teachers

6.18.2010 The Guardian (UK)
Open University learning is a joy

6.17.2010 WSU Today
Latest in WSU attire offered for Coug avatars

6.15.2010 Sidney Morning Herald (Australia)
Log on for a dose of reality

6.14.2010 CNN Money
Second Life: Sculpting 'digital Legos'

6.14.2010 Radio Canada (Canada)
Recruter grâce aux médias sociaux

6.12.2010 Colorado Springs Gazette
CTU instructor's virtual Mars expedition wins Army challenge

6.9.2010 LA Times
Second Life's thriving music scene

6.9.2010 New World Notes
Leading Second Life Musician Featured in Today's Los Angeles Earns USD$100-200 Per Gig

6.9.2010 Campus Technology
Immersive Distance Learning To Boost Retention

6.9.2010 Flavorwire
The Secret Life of Indie Rock in Second Life

6.8.2010 CNN
Tweets, cartoon and avatar got them jobs

6.8.2010 Virtual Worlds News
Citizant and Cranial Tap Partner To Develop For Federal Agencies

6.3.2010 ARTINFO
Eva and Franco Mattes aka

6.3.2010 Virtual Worlds News
nTeams Named Cool Vendor By Gartner

6.3.2010 Massively
2010 Linden Prize winner: The Tech Virtual

6.2.2010 (Germany)
Fenster zur Welt; Second Life - Per Teleport durchs virtuelle Universum Von Egon Koch

6.2.2010 Entrepreneur
Should We Meet in Another World?

6.1.2010 Architectural Record
Kansas to Cairo

6.1.2010 New World Notes
US Department of Energy Establishes Presence in Second Life -- And is Conducting Outreach for Department's CIO Position In-World

6.1.2010 BetterVerse
The Tech Virtual Wins $10K Linden Prize for Digital Museum Project

5.28.2010 Online Journalism Review
Learning by doing: Seeking best practices for immersive journalism

5.28.2010 Borderzine
Second Life’s Virtual World Proves Useful in Educational Settings

5.28.2010 California Chronicle
Events: Rock Around the Lochs

5.28.2010 Pressmitteilung (Germany)
Vulkanausbruch auf Island: Keine Flugausfälle in Second Life

5.26.2010 Virtual Worlds News
Club One Uses Virtual Worlds To Battle Obesity

5.26.2010 Boston Globe
Virtual pain can yield real-world gain

5.26.2010 Conference & Incentive Travel
Virtual events gain importance for associations

5.25.2010 CNN iReport
Le Charme Fashion contest:looking for miss and mr Summer

5.25.2010 Hypergrid Business
Paper: Second Life, OpenSim best for education

5.25.2010 New World Notes
Top UK Electronica Group's Latest Music Video Shot in Second Life (Where They Regularly Perform Live)

5.24.2010 Virtual Worlds News
Malaysia Courts Skilled Immigrants Through Virtual World

5.23.2010 The Daily Sun (Malaysia)
Virtual way to woo talents

5.21.2010 Irish Times (Ireland)
Avatars play starring role at virtual seminar

5.21.2010 MedCityNews
Mayo Clinic explores the virtual world of Second Life

5.21.2010 Nextgov
Spreading the Virtual Word

5.21.2010 Wishpot Wedding Blog
Spend the Rest of Your Second Life Together

5.19.2010 Virtual Worlds News
West Virginia To Use Second Life For Teacher Training

5.19.2010 CMS Wire
The Next Wave: Enterprise 2.0, Immersive Workspaces and Virtual Worlds

5.18.2010 eSchool News
West Virginia looks to Second Life

5.18.2010 ABC News (KABC-TV - LA)
Distant couple ties knot on

5.14.2010 Federal News Radio
Feds expand virtual worlds use

5.13.2010 Federal News Radio
Army uses virtual world Second Life for collaboration

5.13.2010 Nextgov
MiLand, Your Land

5.12.2010 (Canada)
Edmonton will lead virtual world Second Life

5.12.2010 ZDNet Asia
Second Life can find niche in virtual events

5.12.2010 Big Pond News
Medical students to use Second Life

5.12.2010 New World Notes
*RU There*: Feature Film About Second Life, Gaming, and Living Digitally Selected for the Legendary Cannes Film Festival This Year!

5.11.2010 TechNewsWorld
Where Have All the Avatars Gone?

5.10.2010 Edmonton Journal (Canada)
City leads Second Life in virtual world

5.7.2010 New York Times
Avatars Go to School, Letting Students Get a Feel for the Work World

5.6.2010 The Next Web (UK)
Why Virtual Worlds are getting a Second Life

5.6.2010 Armed with Science
Virtual Worlds in Government… Oh My!

5.4.2010 Wall St. Journal
Q&A: A Real Study of Virtual Worlds

5.3.2010 Washington Post
CranialTap taps into the Second Life craze

4.30.2010 Jarrow & Hebburn Gazette (UK)
Pupils visit £23m school – before it's built!

Second Life transactions hit record high

4.30.2010 South Wales Argus (UK)
Chance to take 3D tour of medieval ship

4.30.2010 ParisMatch
Second Life is not concerned by the economic crisis

4.29.2010 NE Business (UK)
Retailer tapping into virtual shopping market

4.29.2010 New World Notes
"Plant Her": Indie Triphop Band Potlatch Uses Second Life Machinima for Its Latest Music Video

4.29.2010 Gamasutra
Second Life's User Transactions Hits Record $57M In March

4.29.2010 New World Notes
Second Life Machinima To Be Featured at the World Expo in Shanghai Next Month!

4.29.2010 BBC (UK)
Virtual museum for Newport's medieval ship

4.28.2010 VentureBeat
Virtual worlds recede, but Second Life keeps growing

4.28.2010 Department of Defense
Avatar Project Seeks to Help Military Amputees

4.28.2010 New World Notes
Metaverse Million: Thanks to Advertising and *Avatar*, Second Life On Track To Have 1M Regular Users By 2011

4.28.2010 Virtual Worlds News
Second Life Economy Has Record Q1

4.28.2010 ReadWriteWeb
Second Life Economy At Record High

4.26.2010 SmartPlanet
When I got a Second Life, I discovered science-related places in the digital world

4.26.2010 IT Business Edge
Second Life Becomes Training Aid for Medical Staff, Students

4.23.2010 Birmingham Post (UK)
Winners and losers in the Volcano Ash crisis

4.22.2010 VizWorld
Air Force to Give All Recruits Second Life Avatars

4.22.2010 Dusan Writer's Metaverse
Air Force to Give Recruits Virtual World Avatars

4.22.2010 National Defense
Airmen to Live Out Their Careers In Cyberspace

UMass’ Second Life: Do virtual worlds hold the future of online education?

4.22.2010 New Jersey Newsroom
Catch a virtual glimpse of the future at Rutgers Day

4.22.2010 Canal +
L'utilisation des univers virtuels dans les pratiques collaboratives entreprises

4.20.2010 Computerworld
Linden Lab holds to grand plans for Second Life

4.20.2010 TechDirt
Can Virtual Conferences Replace Real World Boondoggles?

4.20.2010 BBC (UK)
Rise of the virtual conference

4.16.2010 Wall St. Journal
Entrepreneurs Doing Business by Avatar

4.16.2010 ABC News
Virtual Reality Makes Real-World Cash, Boosts Self-Esteem

4.15.2010 The Imagination Age
Murrow Center 3D Newsroom Debuts in Second Life

4.15.2010 Internet Evolution
Favorite Apps Emerge for Enterprise Virtual Worlds

4.13.2010 Wall St. Journal
Avatar II: The Hospital

4.12.2010 Ecrans (France)
Mes avatars ont la parole

4.10.2010 (Germany)
Virtuelle Glaubensboten im Netz

4.9.2010 Time Out Chicago
“Liminality: A Mixed Reality Exhibition of Second Life Art” at antena

4.8.2010 Computerworld
Avatars rising in the enterprise

4.8.2010 Shiny Shiny
Why the US Navy is on Second Life, and other ways business are using avatars

4.7.2010 SmartMoney
Entrepreneurs Doing Business by Avatar

4.7.2010 BoingBoing
Underwater Jules Verne world in Second Life

4.7.2010 Telegraph (UK)
Wearable robot lets internet users 'feel' physical contact

4.7.2010 New World Notes
Mixed Reality Project Uses RFID To Connect Interaction of Real Objects to Virtual Ones in Second Life

4.7.2010 West Virginia Public Broadcasting
Rockefeller visits Marshall virtual mine

4.7.2010 Les Echos (France)
Un avatar parisien

4.4.2010 Science in the Triangle
How much life is there in Second Life?

4.4.2010 AFP
Augmented reality puts the squeeze into virtual hugs

4.1.2010 (Germany)
Linden Lab überarbeitet Second Life

4.1.2010 (Canada)
My so-called second life

4.1.2010 (Germany)
Second Life - einfacherer Zugang und mehr Webintegration

4.1.2010 (Germany)
Second Life - einfacherer Zugang und mehr Webintegration

3.31.2010 The Australian (Australia)
Virtual worlds the real deal

3.31.2010 Massively
Second Life 2.0 goes live today

3.31.2010 Virtual Worlds News
10% Of Second Life Users Adopt Viewer 2; New Welcome Experience Launching

Mark Kingdon, CEO and artist

3.30.2010 My College Guide
Second Life and Higher Education: Endless Possibility

3.29.2010 Discovery News
Avatars May Inspire Us to Exercise

3.29.2010 Blurt Online
Second Life Experience

3.26.2010 Hypergrid Business
Law firm holds meetings, training in Second Life

3.25.2010 Article Ant
MSU College of Nursing goes virtual in training students

3.25.2010 New World Notes
Second Life Featured in *Hot Tub Time Machine*!

3.25.2010 Copper Robot
Next: Springtime for Second Life, with Linden Lab’s Tom Hale

3.24.2010 The Metaverse Journal (Australia)
Linden Lab CEO’s art show in Second Life: UWA scores again

3.23.2010 San Diego 6
SDSU Launches New Virtual Campus

3.23.2010 UNLV The Rebel Yell
GEEK BEAT: Second Life is a social science – for credit!

3.20.2010 Fast Company
IEEE Virtual Reality Conference

3.19.2010 La Croix (France)
Mark Kingdon : « Nous voulons connecter Second Life aux réseaux sociaux »

3.18.2010 BBC Persia (Iran)
Second Life

3.17.2010 TF1 News (France)
Second Life : "Avatar nous a bien aidés"

3.15.2010 ABC News
Virtual Cupcakes, Teddies Generate Real Cash

3.15.2010 (Germany)
3D-Welt Second Life: Hurra, wir leben noch!

3.15.2010 The Arch
$900 Million Facility Prototyped in Second Life Now Under Construction

3.14.2010 Austin American Statesman
In 'Second Life,' the economy is on a roll

3.10.2010 Washington Post
Teleporting to reality: Reporting in Second Life

3.8.2010 Washington Post
Second Life's virtual money can become real-life cash

Holocaust survivor works to preserve history

3.5.2010 IT Pro (UK)
Q&A: Mark Kingdon on Second Life for business

3.4.2010 The Buffalo News
Bringing a world of avatars to Buff State

3.4.2010 The Brooklyn Rail

3.4.2010 Penn Current
A virtual Penn flourishes in Second Life

3.4.2010 The Grapevine Online
Virtual graduation ceremony for BP executives in Second Life

3.4.2010 ABC Radio National (Australia)
Future Tense: Money

3.4.2010 The East Texan
Above the Law: Classes get Second Life online

3.4.2010 Otago Daily Times (New Zealand)
Art seen: The fine line between fact and fiction

3.3.2010 People Management (UK)
BP executives graduate on Second Life

3.3.2010 HR Magazine (UK)
BP's managing projects graduates to gain their awards at virtual graduation ceremony

3.3.2010 Metanomics
Second Life Viewer 2 Beta: Question and Answer with Linden Lab

3.2.2010 Coventry Telegraph (UK)
Coventry dad creates new 'virtual world' dating website

3.1.2010 OMMA Magazine
Seed Money

3.1.2010 How Do (UK)
BP execs head back to Second Life with Corporation Pop

3.1.2010 PR Report (Germany)

2.26.2010 The Age (Australia)
Artists put Second Life first

2.26.2010 France24 (France) (via AFP)
'Avatars' can make us better people: study

2.26.2010 Stanford University News
Can avatars change the way we think and act?

2.26.2010 BBC (UK)
In Search of Love

2.25.2010 USA Today
Author: Librarian, cybrarian appreciation is 'Overdue'

2.25.2010 The Chronicle of Higher Education
Will Second Life Upgrade Help Virtual Classrooms?

2.25.2010 Shambhala Sun
A Precious “Second Life” online?

2.25.2010 Huffington Post
The Responsibility Revolution

2.25.2010 Ethical Corporation
Time for an end to corporate responsibility

2.24.2010 Computerworld
Second-day thoughts on the new Second Life viewer

2.24.2010 BetterVerse
Five Reasons Why the New Second Life Viewer is Good for Education, Nonprofits & Governments

2.24.2010 De Tijd (Belgium)

2.23.2010 Building 43
Second Life launches new innovative browser

2.23.2010 Computerworld
Second Life seeks mainstream adoption

2.23.2010 Massively
A red-letter day for Second Life, Second Life 2.0 viewer and more

2.23.2010 Scobleizer
Second Life’s new player builds toward Web

2.23.2010 VizWorld
Second Life launches new innovative ‘browser’

2.23.2010 CNN Money
Best Jobs: DJ's Second Chance in Second Life

2.23.2010 Virtual Worlds News
Second Life Goes 2.0 With Mainstream, Webby Viewer

2.21.2010 Elle UK (UK)

2.21.2010 San Jose Mercury News
People on the move, Feb. 21: Bob Komin, Linden Lab

2.19.2010 PC Pro (UK)
Linden Lab boss: sex isn't the key to Second Life

2.18.2010 Massively
Linden Lab investigates new/updated technologies for Second Life

2.18.2010 New World Notes
UK Popstar Kirsty Hawkshaw Returns to Second Life With Kinetica, Virtual Installation Created With Her Voice Samples

2.18.2010 MSNBC
Technology that makes the heart grow fonder

2.17.2010 Forbes
The World’s Most Expensive Island

2.16.2010 CIO Zone
Interview with Mark Kingdon, CEO, Second Life

2.12.2010 Chicago Tribune
Consumers aren't buying love this Valentine's Day

2.11.2010 Huffington Post
Attention -- The Internet Is Killing Ours: An Interview With Rachel Dretzin, Producer of Frontline's Digital Nation

2.11.2010 Yale Daily News
Virtual world, real money in 'Second Life'

2.10.2010 MediaShift
What Can Virtual Goods Teach Us About Paying for News?

2.8.2010 L'Atelier (France)
Les entreprises s'intéressent aux mondes virtuels pour leur Intranet

2.8.2010 Journal of Medical Internet Research
Learning in a Virtual World: Experience With Using Second Life for Medical Education

2.8.2010 The Metaverse Journal (Australia)
Medical education in Second Life: it works

2.8.2010 Mashable
Why Virtual Worlds Play an Important Role in the Changing Arab World

2.6.2010 Lubbock Online
New virtual world could revolutionize education

2.4.2010 Earthtimes (press release)
Humana Military Healthcare Services Launches Online Community for Military Members and Their Families

2.3.2010 The Edinburgh Journal (UK)
Cao Fei: RMB City

2.3.2010 ClickZ
Second Life Gets More Social with Acquisition

2.2.2010 Ars Technica
What Second Life can teach your datacenter about scaling Web apps

2.2.2010 VizWorld
Second Life: Why does it work?

2.2.2010 Digital Media Wire
"Second Life" Parent Linden Lab Buys Avatars United

2.2.2010 Arctic Startup
Linden Lab Acquires Avatars United

2.2.2010 PBS Frontline
Digital Nation

2.1.2010 Virtual Worlds News
Linden Acquires Enemy Unknown, Connecting Second Life Outwards

2.1.2010 NPR
The Technology Paradox: It Separates But Unites

2.1.2010 CBS News
PBS Show Scrutinizes Our "Digital Nation"

1.31.2010 CNET
PBS documentary questions tech and our future

1.30.2010 Massively
Linden Lab acquires Avatars United, Enemy Unknown AB

1.30.2010 Honolulu Advertiser
Postcards from Second Life

1.29.2010 Virtual Worlds News
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Licenses To Second Life Museum

1.28.2010 Winnipeg Free Press (Canada)
Doc explores ways the digital age divides and connects us

1.27.2010 VentureLoop
Second Life Creator Linden Lab Recruits Bob Komin as CFO as user-to-user Transactions Reach $567 Million in 2009

1.27.2010 eMarketer
Boom Time in Second Life

1.26.2010 West Virginia Public Broadcasting
Marshall develops Second Life island

1.26.2010 VentureBeat
U.S. virtual goods revenue expected to hit $1.6B this year

1.25.2010 Inc.
Should You Stake Your Claim in a Virtual World?

1.25.2010 Kotaku
Battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder With A Virtual Suicide Bombing

1.22.2010 AP (via WHSV)
WV University Creates Virtual Campus on Second Life

1.22.2010 Huntington News
Virtual Worlds Await: Sign Up, Choose Your Avatar, Start New Life

1.22.2010 Harvard Business Review
Avatars in the Workplace

1.21.2010 The Metaverse Journal (Australia)
National Portrait Gallery in Second Life

1.20.2010 Business Daily Africa
The benefits of a virtual world

1.20.2010 StrategyEye
Second Life economy worth USD567m

1.20.2010 New World Notes
50 Second Life Avatars Grossed US$100,000+ Each From the SL Economy in 2009!

1.20.2010 Bristol Evening Post
Bristol historians give the old world a Second Life

1.20.2010 Eye Weekly
Avatar fashion

1.19.2010 VentureBeat
Second Life’s economy grows 65% to $567M

1.19.2010 Virtual Worlds News
Linden Lab Names Bob Komin CFO

1.19.2010 San Francisco Business Times
‘Second Life’ creator Linden Lab hires new CFO

1.18.2010 TIME
Can Video Games Save the World?

1.18.2010 San Diego Business Journal
DefenseWeb Helps Launch Soldiers Into Cyberspace

1.14.2010 VizWorld
Second Life: Video Production and Machinima

1.14.2010 TMC Net
Interactive Virtual Learning Tools and Web Conferencing Market Thrives: Report

1.11.2010 VizWorld
State Of The Second Union: VizWorld on Second Life

1.8.2010 Art:21 - PBS
Cao Fei | Avatars

1.7.2010 Edmonton Sun (Canada)
A new Life ... online

1.6.2010 Massively
Second Life detective pens Second Life detective novel

1.5.2010 The Daily Transcript
DefenseWeb uses Second Life to connect Army families, resources

1.4.2010 USA Today
Companies turn to virtual trade shows to save money

1.4.2010 TIME
The cognitive benefits of video games

1.4.2010 Plastics News
Using virtual software to create real spaces

1.3.2010 Massively
Massively's interview with Linden Lab's Catherine Smith, in Amsterdam

0.30.2010 ParisMatch
Second Life is not concerned by the economic crisis

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