Second Life in the News: Archive

Cyber archaeology?

12.24.2009 (UK)
Photos: How to spend Christmas in Second Life

12.23.2009 USA Today
Unlike reality, virtual retail sales are hot, especially for avatars

12.22.2009 Wired (UK)
Virtual Christmas: the Holy Ghost in the machine

12.19.2009 PC World
Shoppers Spent $1 Billion on Virtual Goods in 2009

12.17.2009 The Guardian (UK)
Digital tills are ringing to the sound of an unreal Christmas

12.16.2009 ZDNet Asia
Businesses get a Second Life

12.15.2009 CBS News
From Virtual Reality To The White House

12.12.2009 Deccan Herald (India)
Take that!

12.7.2009 BetterVerse
Virtual Wreaths now on Sale in Second Life to benefit

12.4.2009 Government Computer News
Second Life demonstrates mingling of real and virtual worlds

How The Internet Changed Business

12.3.2009 Chiropractic Economics
Virtual world to offer chiropractic students unique patient experience

12.3.2009 New World Notes
Second Life Documentary Selected To Premiere At Prestigious Sundance Film Festival Next Year

12.1.2009 KLIV
The CEO Show

11.30.2009 Wired (UK)
Review: The Second Death of Caspar Helendale

11.26.2009 Wall St. Journal
Just For You: Memorable experiences to enjoy and to share

11.26.2009 Brand-e.Biz
New life for Second Life

11.25.2009 France 24
'Virtual Haj' allows Internet users to make 'pilgrimage'

11.24.2009 Computerworld
Linden Lab to BBC: consumer market is 'primary focus'

11.23.2009 Industry Standard
Linden Lab swats down BBC report on Second Life, says consumer market is "primary focus"

11.23.2009 New World Notes
Five Facts About Second Life the BBC Doesn't Understand

11.19.2009 InformationWeek
Interop: New York Tests Xbox-Based Alert System

11.18.2009 Massively
Linden Lab partners with Dragonfish for non-US payments processing

11.17.2009 Hypergrid Business
Business Process Modeling in Second Life

11.12.2009 New York Times
Raising Real Money in a Virtual World

11.12.2009 TIME
TIME 100 Roundtables: Philip Rosedale

11.12.2009 TIME
TIME 100 Roundtables: Michael Arrington

11.9.2009 The Chronicle of Higher Education
Second Life Duty Now Required for Penn State's Online Advisers

11.8.2009 ZDNet (Germany)
Betatest von Second Life für Firmen gestartet

11.6.2009 CNN
Virtual businesses: Going to the office in Second Life

11.6.2009 (Germany)
Second Life Enterprise will Firmen locken

11.6.2009 CIO (Germany)
Second Life Enterprise to focus on security, apps

11.6.2009 InfoWorld
Second Life Enterprise to focus on security, apps

11.5.2009 AFP
Second Life creates virtual world for businesses

11.5.2009 The Industry Standard
Second Life Enterprise to bring security, enterprise apps to virtual meetings

11.5.2009 Massively
Exclusive interview with Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon

11.5.2009 ITMedia News (Japan)
Second Life??業版?「Second Life Enterprise??β公開

11.5.2009 Enterprise Watch (Japan)
米Linden Lab??業??仮想空間ソリューション「Second Life Enterprise?

11.5.2009 Yahoo! (Japan)
Second Life??業版?「Second Life Enterprise??β公開

11.5.2009 NetEco (France)
Linden Lab lance un Second Life pour les entreprises

11.4.2009 InformationWeek
Second Life Steps Into The Enterprise

11.4.2009 eWeek
Second Life Takes Virtual Reality Behind the Firewall at IBM, Navy

11.4.2009 Financial Times
Linden Lab’s work-Second Life balance

11.4.2009 Fast Company
Second Life Finds its Second Life as a Tool for Virtual Workers

11.4.2009 V3 (UK)
Linden Lab unveils Second Life Enterprise

11.4.2009 ComputerWeekly (UK)
Second Life launches standalone firewall

11.4.2009 Massively
Linden Lab launches Second Life Enterprise beta, Second Life Work Marketplace to come

11.4.2009 Forbes
Yahoo!'s New HQ: A Modest Proposal

11.4.2009 PC Magazine
Linden Lab Takes Second Life to Enterprise

11.4.2009 ReadWriteWeb
Second Life Goes Behind The Firewall

11.4.2009 Les Echos (France)
La fac de droit de Lyon sur Second Life

11.3.2009 VentureBeat
Linden Lab launches enterprise version of Second Life virtual world

11.3.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Linden Details Second Life Enterprise

11.3.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Second Life Q3 User-To-User Transactions Up 54%

11.2.2009 Computerworld
Companies will need dress codes for employee avatars

11.1.2009 Metro (France)
Une seconde vie pour la fac

11.1.2009 CNBC Business
Home Economics

10.29.2009 NE Business (UK)
Cyber-city design

10.28.2009 Silicon Alley Insider
The SAI 50+: World's Most Valuable Internet Startups

10.23.2009 Forbes
Twitter's Second Life

10.23.2009 Die Welt (Germany)
Was aus Second Life geworden ist

10.22.2009 New York Times
A Virtual Clinic to Treat the Stresses of War

10.22.2009 WalletPop
Shopaholics get their fix in cyberspace

10.22.2009 PR 2.0
The Second Life of Second Life

10.21.2009 The Guardian (UK)
The real-world boom in online cities

10.21.2009 New York Times
No Budget, No Boundaries: It’s the Real You

10.16.2009 InformationWeek
Second Life Solving Real-World Healthcare Problems

10.16.2009 Computerworld
Linden Lab CEO on Second Life's growth, future

10.16.2009 IT Business Edge
Second Life Making a Corporate Comeback

10.15.2009 Industry Standard
Linden Lab CEO describes Second Life's enterprise growth and plans for mobile

10.14.2009 The Guardian (UK)
Are online currencies striking gold

Is Second Life's Economy Too Big To Fail?

10.11.2009 AFP
Imagine Peace Tower lights in Second Life

10.10.2009 San Jose Mercury News
Twitter, meet Second Life

10.9.2009 The Wall St. Journal
Your Second Life Avatar Is Dressed Inappropriately

10.9.2009 NewsLite (UK)
Brits will spend nine years in virtual world

10.9.2009 Wall St. Journal
Your Second Life Avatar Is Dressed Inappropriately

10.8.2009 Internet Watch (Japan)
Second Life?ジョン・レノン?オノ・ヨーコ?“光?塔??出?

10.6.2009 Manager Magazin (Germany)
Second Life: "Die Presse ist verschwunden, aber die Nutzer sind geblieben"

10.6.2009 Web Worker Daily
Virtual Worlds for Business (Yes, Business)

10.5.2009 Mittelbayerische Zeitung (Germany)
Künstler, vernetzt in einer kreativen Wolke

10.5.2009 Discover Magazine
Real Economy Still Sucks; Virtual Economy Booming

10.1.2009 InformationWeek
Second Life Helps Save, Improve Lives

9.30.2009 London Evening Standard
Sienna Miller’s frocks are given a second life

9.28.2009 Austin American Statesman
UT System Campuses Join Virtual World

9.28.2009 R&D Magazine
PolyU opens Virtual Campus in Second Life

9.28.2009 Advertising Age
Has Second Life Cut Its Mullet?

9.27.2009 PC World
Second Life Claims Social Network Crown

9.25.2009 Mittelbayerische Zeitung (Germany)
Eine Autorin verspritzt virtuelles Blut

9.24.2009 SmartBrief
Column: Second Life results highlight opportunities

9.24.2009 CIO (Germany)
Linden Lab: Social networking can't touch Second Life

9.24.2009 Manolith
Second Life Economy Healthier Than First Life

9.23.2009 Marketing Conversation
Second Life is All Growed Up and Doing Business

9.23.2009 Retail Week (UK)
Second chance for internet sales with global ecommerce

9.23.2009 Computerworld (UK)
Second Wind for Second Life?

9.23.2009 Joystiq
Second Life citizens spend $1 billion in first life cash

9.23.2009 Industry Gamers
Second Life Transactions Reach $1 Billion

9.22.2009 San Francisco Business Times
Second Life's virtual economy over $500M a year

9.22.2009 (France)
Second Life a dépassé le milliard d’heures d'existence

9.22.2009 VentureBeat
Second Life’s users have spent more than a billion hours in the virtual world

9.22.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Linden Lab Releases Second Life Stats

9.22.2009 Massively
Linden Lab says Second Life huge, shows numbers

9.22.2009 The Industry Standard
Linden Lab: Social networking sites can't touch Second Life

9.21.2009 InformationWeek
University Of Texas Moving Into Second Life

9.18.2009 Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany)
Ein virtueller Rausch

9.18.2009 PBS
Second Life

9.17.2009 Federal Computer Week
6 out-of-this-world government sites in Second Life

9.17.2009 BetterVerse
Can't go to TED? See TED Talks in Second Life!

9.17.2009 BetterVerse
"Deep Down" Second Life game explores energy industry in Appalachian mountains

9.16.2009 The Register
Second Life slapped with counterfeit sex toy suit

9.16.2009 ReadWriteWeb
Shouldn’t Schools Have Embraced Second Life By Now?

9.15.2009 Chronicle of Higher Education
U. of Texas System Buys Land in Second Life

9.14.2009 RTL (Germany)

9.8.2009 BetterVerse
Using virtual space for real world collaborations: Interview with Alberto Cottica of Italian Development Ministry

9.7.2009 The Straits Times (Singapore)
Teacher's 2nd way of Life

9.6.2009 Stars & Stripes
A virtual world for veterans

9.6.2009 Carte Blanche (South Africa)
Second Life

9.5.2009 The Age (Australia)
Students learning to be virtually anyone

9.4.2009 The Globe & Mail (Canada)
Queen's Goes Virtual

9.3.2009 News Channel 8
Research Shows Link Between Online Avatars, Real-World Exercise

Veterans suffering from PSTD can visit virtual Chicoma Island for help

8.31.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Second Life Accelerates Mainstreaming with Hire

8.31.2009 MediaShift
The Five Habits of Highly Successful Community Managers

Texas A&M Opens Second Life Campus

8.27.2009 Foreign Policy in Focus
The Iranian Opposition's Second Life

8.27.2009 KY3 News
Many new Drury students won't step foot on campus

8.27.2009 The Palestine Telegraph
The virtual world of trading

8.27.2009 (Germany)
Spracherkennung in Second Life integriert

8.27.2009 Yahoo! (Japan)
?引高増加? Second Life??実?ら仮想世界?電話を??るサービスを開始 (インター?ットコム)

8.26.2009 Internet Watch (Japan)
Second Life?日本人ユーザー1人当?り?月間利用?55時間以上

8.26.2009 (Japan)
?引高増加? Second Life??実?ら仮想世界?電話を??るサービスを開始 (インター?ットコム)

8.25.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Second Life Economy Up 94% In Q2

8.25.2009 New Mexico Daily Lobo
Use of Second Life reaching fever pitch

8.25.2009 FutureGov Magazine
HK PolyU Puts Library in Second Life

Will Second Life Make it Easier for Business Users to Get in and Become Functional?

8.23.2009 Yahoo! (Japan)

8.23.2009 Workforce Management
Virtual Training With Real Results

8.21.2009 Forbes
Wall Street Vs. 'Virtual Street'

8.20.2009 Wall St. Journal
A Second Chance for Second Life

8.20.2009 The Chronicle of Higher Education
Stanford U. Offers Special Exhibits in Second Life

8.19.2009 The Guardian (UK)
A brush with the digital art revolution

8.18.2009 WebProNews
API Released for Second Life Plug-Ins

8.18.2009 Geeks (UK)
Real-life ruined castle rebuilt in Second Life

8.18.2009 The Globe & Mail (Canada)
For God's sake, get a Second Life (or not)

8.18.2009 CommuniSpace
Online Communities Can Provide THE Most Authentic Bonding

8.17.2009 BBC (UK)
Castle 'rebuilt' in virtual world

8.17.2009 The Register (UK)
Second Life figures cast doubt on Ofcom report

8.17.2009 New World Notes
Import 3D Mesh Objects Into Second Life (Someday)

8.16.2009 Massively
Linden Lab's Tom Hale announces Second Life support for media plug-ins

8.16.2009 New World Notes
The New Second Life: Lindens Announce Dramatically Improved Viewer and Website for 2009; Interactive, Dynamic Web Media in SL by 2010

8.15.2009 Dusan Writer’s Metaverse
Mark Kingdon and Philip Rosedale Keynote at SLCC

IRS Saves Millions by Using Second Life to Market Its Employment Opportunities

8.12.2009 Newsweek
The Sound of One Hand Clicking

8.12.2009 Presse Anzeiger (Germany)
Neuer Trend im Eventgeschäft: Virtuelle Konferenzen

8.12.2009 Dusan Writer’s Metaverse
Second Life Economy “Grows? 94% Over Previous Year

8.7.2009 (Canada)
How the internet is changing health care

8.7.2009 CNET
Second Life for returning veterans

8.6.2009 SIGNAL Online
Advancing on the Virtual Frontier

8.6.2009 Wired (UK)
Does a healthy virtual life mean a healthy real life?

8.5.2009 New World Notes
Federal Government Workshop on Broadband Streams into Second Life

8.4.2009 CNBC
Social Climbers: Companies' New Social Savvy

8.4.2009 PhysOrg
Virtual Worlds May Be the Future Setting of Scientific Collaboration

8.3.2009 DefenseLink
Scientists Use Virtual World to Support Troops

8.3.2009 United Press International
Returning troops can assimilate virtually

7.31.2009 InformationWeek
1 In 10 Internet Users Buys Virtual Goods

7.31.2009 The Globe & Mail (Canada)
Avatars come alive in workplace

7.31.2009 Computerwoche (Germany)
Virtuelle Welten boomen im Verborgenen

7.30.2009 Forbes
How The Internet Is Changing Health Care

7.30.2009 GigaOM
12% of Americans Bought Virtual Goods in Past 12 Months: Survey

7.30.2009 New World Notes
Other World Notes: 1 in 8 Americans Virtual World Users

7.30.2009 ReadWriteEnterprise
How To: Use Virtual Worlds for Business

7.29.2009 CNBC
The New Definition of Networking

7.29.2009 The Guardian (UK)
Virtual worlds are getting a second life

7.29.2009 Mainichi Shimbun (Japan)
?ん??ニュース:「???ドレス素敵??言?れ?? ア?ター?集?仮想空間?“社交界?

7.29.2009 Computer Weekly (UK)
Business intelligence: Collaborative decision-making

7.28.2009 (UK)
Photos: Touring the world Second Life style

7.27.2009 PBS MediaShift
Virtual Worlds Show Promise for Newspaper Communities

7.23.2009 日経産業新? online (Japan)
緑化を????ヒートアイランド対策(科学技術部編集委員 ??和?)

7.23.2009 Scientific Computing
DIY Production in “Second Life? Factory

7.21.2009 InformationWeek
Second Life Trains First Responders

7.20.2009 Chronicle of Higher Education
Second Life Offers Virtual Medical Training

7.17.2009 San Francisco Chronicle
Virtual Relay For Life fundraiser in Second Life

7.16.2009 Discover Magazine
Can Training in Second Life Teach Doctors to Save Real Lives?

7.16.2009 NE Business (UK)
Virtual gig shows band to the world

7.14.2009 US News & World Report
Ball State to Offer 'Second Life' Class

7.14.2009 Read Write Web
Cross Reality: When Sensors Meet Virtual Reality

7.13.2009 US News & World Report
Second Life Data Offers Window Into How Trends Spread

7.13.2009 (France)
Second Life, toujours vivant

7.10.2009 CBS News
The Obama White House's First Try At Second Life

7.3.2009 Science Daily
Second Life Data Offers Window Into How Trends Spread

7.2.2009 V3 (UK)
Second Life seeks to mix the real and virtual worlds

6.30.2009 LinuxInsider
The Business Case for Virtual Business, Part 2

6.30.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Linden Lab: "We Are Committed to Australia"

6.30.2009 New World Notes
No Known Australian Government Plans To Censor Second Life, Says Linden Lab

6.29.2009 (Germany)
Virtuelle Therapie für Studenten

6.27.2009 The Argus (UK)
Brighton patients to be sent into virtual world

6.26.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Scottish University First in UK to Teach Virtual World Development

6.26.2009 (Spain)
Second Life no ha muerto

6.25.2009 The Economist
The avatar will see you now

6.23.2009 LinuxInsider
The Business Case for Virtual Business, Part 1

6.23.2009 La Moniteur (France)
La "deuxième vie" de l'église Saint-Paul de Strasbourg

6.23.2009 medGadget
Kiwis Test Online Virtual Medical Environment for Training

6.18.2009 Daily Kos
A Soldier's Peace, A Documentary Premiere in Second Life

6.16.2009 Troy Media (Canada)
Enter Second Life, virtual reality's twilight zone

6.16.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Quick Stat: Second Life Metrics Spike, Says Nielsen

6.11.2009 Fast Company
A Second Act for Second Life, as an Urban Planning Tool

6.8.2009 Fox News
College Plans Virtual Graduation for Online Students

6.8.2009 Huffington Post
Nonprofits Blaze Virtual Trails in Second Life Mixed Reality Lounge

6.8.2009 Dallas Morning News
Using Second Life, colleges create parallel universities

6.6.2009 Troy Media (Canada)
Higher education takes lead in using virtual reality

6.3.2009 CNET
Second Life to host first college graduation

5.30.2009 CNET (Japan)
Is Second Life Interesting Now?

5.29.2009 San Francisco Business Times
Second Life's Linden Lab sells virtual realities to businesses

5.28.2009 BBC (UK)
Virtual world designer wins gold

5.28.2009 Economic Times
Wipro unveils virtual centre for testing services

5.27.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Linden Establishes Solutions Provider Gold Standard

5.27.2009 Chronicle of Higher Education
Online Students at Bryant & Stratton College Will Graduate via Second Life

5.27.2009 Campus Technology
Bryant & Stratton To Hold Graduation in Second Life for Online Students

5.26.2009 Journal of Medical Internet Research
A Survey of Health-Related Activities on Second Life

5.26.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Second Life's Health Care Options Praised

5.21.2009 Chief Learning Officer
A Second Look at Second Life

5.20.2009 TechDigest (UK)
Linden Lab announces Second Life in-world to out-world phone calls

5.20.2009 (UK)
Second Life adds real-world voice calls

5.20.2009 Massively
Second Life racks up 1 billion voice minutes last month. Linden Lab announces new services

5.20.2009 VoIP News
VoIP Boosts Second Life's Usefulness for Business

5.19.2009 BusinessWeek
Hello, an Avatar Is Calling You

5.19.2009 VentureBeat
Second Life generates 15 billion minutes in web voice calls

5.19.2009 GigaOM
Second Life Takes Aim at Skype

5.19.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Second Life Has Skype In Its Sights

5.19.2009 San Francisco Chronicle
Virtual pomp and circumstance

5.18.2009 IT Media (Japan)
Second Life is not over. Users increase and economy grows

5.11.2009 The Metro (UK)
Students get a Second Life in medicine

5.8.2009 InformationWeek
U.S. Armed Forces Look To Second Life For Training

5.7.2009 InformationWeek
Rumors Of Second Life's Failure Are Just Lousy Journalism

5.7.2009 The Plains Dealer
Case Western Reserve University and Second Life building a private virtual world for college

5.7.2009 Chronicle of Higher Education
Case Western Reserve U. Debuts Private Version of Second Life

5.7.2009 New World Notes
New World Newsfeed: Nielsen Says Second Life Played More Than Half-Life 2 and World of Warcraft

5.7.2009 Massively
Second Life pwns Gordon Freeman, Warhammer Online, others

5.6.2009 BusinessWeek
Virtual Currencies Gain in Popularity

5.6.2009 Wall St. Journal
In Mexico City, Flu Brings Varied Lessons

5.5.2009 The Independent (UK)
Classrooms in cyberspace

5.5.2009 San Francisco Chronicle
How technology can help human rights

5.4.2009 Federal Computer Week
Science site sees training potential

5.4.2009 Federal Computer Week
Virtual learning gets second wind from Second Life

5.2.2009 AFP
Virtual mobility for disabled wins Second Life prize

5.1.2009 (Germany)
Krimi zwischen virtueller und realer Welt

5.1.2009 New York Times
In Room 100, It’s Sid and Nancy All Over Again

4.30.2009 Massively
Linden Lab awards a pair of Linden Prizes

4.30.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Linden Gives Out $20k In Prizes For Second Life Projects

4.30.2009 Game One (France)
Reportage: le monde virtuel

4.26.2009 San Francisco Chronicle
Avatars, attorneys in new world of virtual law

4.25.2009 BBC Click (UK)
Second Life

4.25.2009 BBC (UK)
Virtual worlds and web 'merging'

4.24.2009 Virtual Worlds News
University of Maryland Dental School Integrating Second Life

4.23.2009 New World Notes
How's The Second Life Economy Doing? M. and T. Linden Talk Earnings, Land Owning, L$ Transactions, And More

4.23.2009 PC Magazine
Second Life Gets Tiered System for Adult Content

4.23.2009 Massively
Second Life Linden Prize finalists announced

4.23.2009 Spiegel (Germany)
Second Life eröffnet Schmuddel-Kontinent

4.22.2009 AP
Second Life to let users filter adult content

4.22.2009 CNET
Second Life cracks whip on adult content

4.22.2009 (UK)
Second Life puts the X-rated in its place

4.22.2009 eWeek
New Second Life Era Allows Greater Customization, Control

4.22.2009 IDG News Service
Linden Lab will rate parts of Second Life adults only

Second Life gives users ability to filter Mature, X-rated content

4.22.2009 Campus Technology
Engaging Students in Virtual Learning

4.22.2009 Stern Online (Germany)
Rotlichtviertel in "Second Life"

4.22.2009 Focus (Germany)
Online-Welt: Sex und Gewalt bei Second Life

4.21.2009 Strategy + Business
It’s a Virtual World

4.20.2009 KSRO Radio
Geek Love

4.20.2009 (Switzerland)
Lernen im virtuellen Klassenzimmer

4.17.2009 VentureBeat
How I became a virtual world believer

4.17.2009 CNET
Second Life's economy is the envy of the real world

4.17.2009 Virtual Worlds News
NMC In Second Life: Over 11,000 Oriented, Many More Served

4.17.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Second Life Grows Transactions 65% Year-Over-Year

4.17.2009 VentureBeat
How I became a virtual world believer

4.10.2009 Network World
Inside the Smithsonian Institution's first "virtual museum"

4.10.2009 Virtual Goods News
Linden Predicts $450M In Second Life User Transactions For 2009

4.7.2009 CNN
Artists visit virtual Second Life for real-world cash

4.6.2009 Baltimore Sun
Towson U. study breaks on Second Life

4.6.2009 This is Nottingham (UK)
University opens 'virtual' campus

4.3.2009 The Daily Evergreen
Virtual journalism visits WSU

4.3.2009 (Germany)
Online Jobbörsen und Virtuelle Jobmessen im Trend

4.3.2009 Digital Trends
Second Life Looks to Offer Enterprises Their Own Virtual Worlds

4.2.2009 The Guardian (UK)
Second chance at Life

4.2.2009 Virtual Worlds News
9 Partners Using Alpha Of Second Life In A Box

4.1.2009 Der Standard (Germany)
Medizinerausbildung in Second Life

4.1.2009 Inc.
Revolutionary Roads: Mapping America's Innovation Capitals

3.31.2009 CNN (Japan)
Virtual Medical Treatment in Second Life, Using Medical Training at a UK University

3.30.2009 BFM Radio (France)
Second Life redonne du souffle au monde virtuel

3.30.2009 Online (Germany)
Virtuelle Welten: Experimentierfreude im 3D-Internet

3.29.2009 Red Orbit (UK)
Second Life To Help Disabled Build Self Esteem

3.29.2009 (Germany)
Betreiber von Online-Plattformen wollen IETF-Standard für Avatare

3.27.2009 Baylor College of Medicine News
Virtual world to help disabled build self esteem

3.27.2009 The Ranger Online
Writing center adds Second Life for online tutoring for students

3.27.2009 CNN
Doctors Train in Second Life

3.27.2009 Mainichi Shimbun (Japan)
At ISETAN Avatars and On Sale (their) Matching Japanese Summer Kimonos

3.27.2009 InformationWeek
How One Small Town Is Using Twitter And Other Social Media

Island Getaways for Vets a 'Click' Away

3.26.2009 KOLR - Ozarks First
Creating a "Second Life"

A taste of old Africa: Nigeria in Second Life

3.26.2009 San Francisco Examiner
The 3-minute Interview: Mark Kingdon

3.25.2009 The Drum (UK)
Corporation Pop to create Second Life courses for Manchester Met

3.24.2009 Design Week (UK)
Corporation Pop to work on Second Life university course

3.23.2009 Federal Computer Week
Living NOAA's Second Life

3.23.2009 New World Notes
For Some Combat Veterans, Second Life Used For PTSD Therapy "Working when nothing else has?, Ret. Lt. Col. Say

3.23.2009 Crain's Manchester Business (UK)
MMU students prepare for virtual lectures

3.22.2009 Troy Media (Canada)
Three-dimensional internet wave of the future

3.20.2009 eWeek Europe (UK)
UK Government Defends Use Of Second Life

3.20.2009 (UK)
You only live twice …

3.19.2009 ReadWriteWeb
Finally, A Practical Use for Second Life

3.19.2009 Virtual Worlds News
UK Government's "Indulgence" In Second Life Shows Problems Of Perception

3.19.2009 Art Daily
Smithsonian Latino Center Inaugurates the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum in Second Life

3.19.2009 Massively
The Kaaos Effect launches in Second Life tomorrow

3.18.2009 Campus Technology
Second Life's Role in a Curriculum

3.18.2009 L’Œil de la Médiathèque
Second Life pourrait préfigurer une nouvelle forme d’e-commerce

3.17.2009 KCRW
Surviving the Downturn, Creatively

3.17.2009 Calgary Herald
Calgary play has virtual debut

3.17.2009 Recruits in Second life

3.16.2009 WebProNews
Second Life Still Alive and Kicking

3.15.2009 The Examiner
Dubai Womens College in Second Life

3.14.2009 Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Second Life finding new life

3.14.2009 AFP
Second Life finding new life

3.14.2009 AFP (France)
Second Life reste vigoureux et dynamique, assure le PDG de Linden Lab

3.14.2009 RedOrbit
Virtual World Second Life Continues To Thrive

Second Life a tool for teaching in 3-D

3.13.2009 The National (United Arab Emirates)
Surreal profits

3.12.2009 Massively
Linden Lab changes course for Second Life's mature content

3.12.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Linden Separating Adult Content From Rest Of Second Life

3.11.2009 BBC (UK)
Tech shifts cultural boundaries

3.11.2009 Net News Nebraska
Second Life brings virtual world to students

3.11.2009 Episcopal Life Online
Expanding the faith

3.9.2009 International Herald Tribune
Portrait of an artist as an avatar

3.8.2009 New York Times Magazine
Portrait of an Artist as an Avatar

3.7.2009 NPR
The School Of Second Life

3.6.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Nature Publishing Group Finding Business And Education Success In Second Life

3.6.2009 Imperial College London (UK)
Researchers pilot virtual clinic to help train doctors

3.6.2009 Game Forward
Virtual Finance Teaches Real Financial Skills in Second Life

3.6.2009 NPR Weekend Soapbox
Scott Simon Looks for Coffee in Second Life

3.6.2009 Chicago Lawyer
Pondering the reality of a virtual world

3.5.2009 Massively
Ambrose updates on Second Life grid initiatives

Financial literacy moves to Second Life

3.4.2009 Kansas State Collegian
Second Life changes the way people shop

3.4.2009 Campus Technology
Second Life: Engaging Virtual Campuses

3.3.2009 AccMan
Ernst and Young trains in SecondLife

3.3.2009 LA Times
SAUDI ARABIA: Cleric delivering virtual sermons on Second Life

3.2.2009 (Germany)
Museen müssen ins Internet

3.2.2009 Syndney Morning Herald (Australia)
Wired to learn as technology turns teacher

3.2.2009 Vanderbilt University News
Center for Scientific Outreach hosting gatherings in Second Life

3.1.2009 Red Pepper (UK)
My activist Second Life

2.28.2009 Toronto Star
Second Life makes classical music fans feel at home

2.27.2009 CNBC
Virtual Meetings Get A 2nd Life

2.27.2009 CNBC
Conferences Go Virtual

2.27.2009 Virtual Worlds News
160-Person Second Life Event A Success For Trade Promotion Management Associates

2.27.2009 Silicon Alley Insider
IBM: We're Still Committed To Virtual Worlds

2.27.2009 Virtual Worlds News
IBM Saves $320,000 With Second Life Meeting

2.27.2009 Massively
Linden Lab/IBM case-study on virtual-environment meetings

2.27.2009 Silicon Alley Insider
IBM: We're Still Committed To Virtual Worlds

2.26.2009 Earth2Tech
Geekout: Sun, Second Life & Green Data Centers

2.26.2009 Dusan Writer's Metaverse
Live Theater in Second Life

2.26.2009 New World Notes
"Strange Fruit" Reborn as Second Life Machinima

2.26.2009 Massachusetts Daily Collegian
The next generation of internet

2.26.2009 ( (Germany)
Konferenz im Wohnzimmer

A virtual party on a virtual ship

2.24.2009 Mainichi JP (Japan)
Second Life: Virtual International Conference, Researchers from Three Countries Participate

2.23.2009 UNLV Rebel Yell
Web Exclusive: Real professor talks about virtual course

2.23.2009 Training Zone (UK)
Business school hosts first UK virtual graduation

2.23.2009 The Guardian (UK)
Interaction reinvented

2.20.2009 (Germany)
Avatare sind die Zukunft des Online-Verkaufs

2.19.2009 (UK)
Graduates of Manchester Business School attend virtual ceremony

2.19.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Interoperability Gaining Steam Again?

Reuters Closes Second Life Bureau, but (Virtual) Life Goes On

2.18.2009 Campus Technology
Real-Life Teaching in a Virtual World

2.18.2009 Oldham Advertiser (UK)
Is one Oldham not enough?

2.17.2009 Financial Times
Students graduate in the virtual world

2.17.2009 SMU Daily Campus
'Second Life' revolutionizes classroom experience

2.17.2009 Consultant News
Ernst & Young Foundation supports US colleges and universities with $2 million

2.16.2009 Las Vegas Sun
Lawrence Mullen, UNLV professor of journalism

2.16.2009 Jefferson City News Tribune
Help wanted: public service avatars

2.16.2009 Manchester Evening News (UK)
'Virtual' graduation ceremony

2.16.2009 The Drum (UK)

2.16.2009 Design Week (UK)
Corporation Pop runs BP awards event in Second Life

2.15.2009 The Towerlight Online
Second Life used as way of teaching

2.15.2009 Las Vegas Sun
Scholars serious about virtual worlds

2.14.2009 Planete (France)

2.13.2009 Smart Brief
Second Life offers helping hand to new users

2.13.2009 InformationWeek
How Do You Measure Success On Social Media?

2.13.2009 (Germany)
Die Zukunft beginnt heute

2.13.2009 New World Notes
Why Second Life Entrepeneurs Need to Think Globally

2.13.2009 Connecticut Post
Couple falls virtually in love

2.13.2009 Atlanta Web Examiner
Want a new life? Just create one

2.12.2009 Adweek
Second Life Attempts to Stage a Rebirth

2.12.2009 The Metaverse Journal
Linden Lab’s enterprise momentum

2.12.2009 Seattle Post Intelligencer
Single Shot: Woo your beloved without breaking the bank

2.11.2009 Daily Trojan
School of Dentistry, Viterbi team up to create virtual dental clinic

Museum in Dresden Breaks New Ground with Presence in Second Life

2.11.2009 New World Notes
Fire Relief: Dozens of Content Creators Launch Benefit Drive For Victims of Australian Bushfires

2.11.2009 Massively
Second Lifers raise funds for Australian fire victims

2.11.2009 The Metaverse Journal
Victorian Bushfire support continues in Second Life

2.11.2009 The Metaverse Journal
Second Life vendors: Victorian bushfire relief

2.11.2009 Technology Story
Information Technology And Sustainability

2.10.2009 PC World
Study: Can Games Improve Workplace Collaboration?

2.10.2009 The Independent (UK)
The new tools of trade

2.10.2009 Meeting News
Don't Cancel That Meeting -- Rethink It!

2.10.2009 LaDepeche.Fr (France)
Lannemezan récompensée pour sa mairie « virtuelle »

2.9.2009 (Germany)
Gartner: Telekonferenzen werden Airlines 3,6 Milliarden kosten

2.9.2009 VirtuelNews (France)
Love and Valentine’s Day

2.9.2009 Virtual Worlds News
UC Irvine Gets $3M to Study Virtual Worlds and Games for Work

2.9.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Gartner: Virtual Conferencing to Cut 2.1MM Airline Seats by 2012

2.9.2009 Government Technology
Gartner's Top 10 Information Technology Predictions for 2009

2.9.2009 New World Notes
US Army Developing Mixed Reality Boxing Simulator in Second Life; Prefers SL Over Defense-Oriented VR System

2.6.2009 (UK)
Virtual meetings to ground two million airline seats

2.6.2009 Evening Standard (UK)
Welcome to cyber-London

2.6.2009 Policy Innovations
Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds

2.5.2009 San Francisco Chronicle
Movers and Shakers

2.5.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Corporate Planners Unlimited Growing Virtual Events in Second Life

2.4.2009 InformationWeek
Second Life Plays Host To Healthcare Hearings

2.4.2009 BBC (UK)
Children taught in Second Life

2.3.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Ernst & Young Gives $400k to NCSU for Second Life Work

2.2.2009 Idaho Business Review
UI trains students for virtual interviews

2.2.2009 Campus Technology
Santa Clara Recruits Law School Applicants via Avatar

2.1.2009 Growing Busines (UK)
Embracing Web 2.0

1.30.2009 The Industry Standard
Interview with Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon

1.30.2009 The Industry Standard
Second Life continues global expansion, but China remains on the back burner

1.30.2009 The Industry Standard
Exclusive: Linden Lab executives plot Second Life growth, but interface concerns persist

1.29.2009 (Germany)
Grannies in the Metaverse

1.27.2009 San Francisco Business Times
Linden Lab hires two executives

1.27.2009 Virtual Worlds News
RRR and Futuresource Launch Conference and Research Tools in Second Life

1.27.2009 ZDNet
Second Life’s Linden Labs adds execs from Intuit, McKinsey

1.27.2009 ReadWriteWeb
Linden Lab Announces Two Executive Hires

1.27.2009 The Industry Standard
Despite rough economy, Linden Lab continues expansion with two new VPs

1.26.2009 (Germany)
Second Life reporter wins media award in Paris for virtual Guantanamo

1.24.2009 The Canadian Press
Tech-savvy educators opening new worlds to students via virtual classrooms

Second Life's ecommerce double whammy

1.22.2009 Computer Weekly
Second Life gets enhanced virtual marketplace with acquisitions

1.22.2009 Time Out New York
Make money

1.22.2009 Computer Weekly (UK)
Mark Kingdon, CEO of Second Life: The advantages of a Second Life

1.21.2009 Wall St. Journal
Linden Bets on the Desire for Virtual Things

1.21.2009 San Francisco Chronicle
Santa Clara Law School joins Second Life to find new students

1.21.2009 Financial Times
Second Life CEO goes virtual shopping

1.21.2009 Associated Press
Like never before, inauguration experienced online

1.21.2009 CNET
Linden Lab buys two commerce start-ups

1.21.2009 Washington Post
Linden Lab Acquires Two Virtual Goods Trading Sites

1.21.2009 New York Times
Second Life moves into the virtual goods market business

1.21.2009 ABA Journal
Law School Recruits Students through Second Life

1.20.2009 LA Times
Linden Lab acquires Xtreet and OnRez, brokers of virtual goods for Second Life

1.20.2009 PC World
Second Life User Hours, Dollars Spent, Skyrocket in 2008

1.19.2009 New World Notes
Geospatial Mapping Berkeley in Open Sim and Second Life

1.19.2009 Dusan Writer's Metaverse
Philip Rosedale on Metanomics: 5 Things I’d Like to Hear

1.18.2009 TIME
Can Video Games Save the World?

1.18.2009 Second Life Update
Video: Various Activities in Second Life - Bobsledding Horseback Riding Diving

1.18.2009 New World Notes
Holocaust Survivor Speaks In Second Life This Morning

1.17.2009 Second Life Update
Japanese Car Racing in Second Life

Viewing options go high-tech

1.17.2009 Helium
Second Life: The ups and downs of a virtual life

What happened when we took Mandy's avatar to Second Life

How Sweet It Is for Virtual Musician

Celebrate Inauguration Day in Second Life

1.16.2009 Second Life Update
Scientists Simulate Volcano Eruption in Second Life to One Day Save Lives?

1.16.2009 Radar Online
First Virtual World School

1.16.2009 Dusan Writer's Metaverse
Philip Lives: Virtual Worlds and Reality on Metanomics Monday

1.15.2009 The Nation
Social Movements 2.0

Virtual Worlds

1.9.2009 GameZip
Gaza War Sentiment Seeps Into Second Life

1.8.2009 Massively
Linden Prize applications to close soon

1.7.2009 Virtual Worlds News
Israeli MetaverSense Offering Educational Virtual World Services

1.7.2009 Big Download
Big Ideas: Our bodies, our virtual selves, part 2

1.7.2009 Helium
Thoughts on the future of the Internet

Anti-Israeli Protests in Second Life

1.7.2009 The Escapist
Gamers React To Gaza Conflict

1.7.2009 The Industry Standard
Gaza demonstrations turn virtual, as protestors converge on SL Israel

1.6.2009 The Durango Herald
Living in a virtual world

1.5.2009 Content Agenda
You only live twice

1.5.2009 New World Notes
Babylonian Art Students Discuss Second Life Creation As Metaphor For New Iraq

1.5.2009 New World Notes
11 Companies In Fortune 100 Maintain Presence In Second Life (Update: And Many In The Global Fortune 100)

1.5.2009 Dusan Writer's Metaverse
CNN iReports: Health and Public Service in Second Life

1.4.2009 Sun Blogger Dana in Geeksville
Multitasking Fun in Second Life

1.3.2009 Dusan Writer's Metaverse
Washington Post and the Benefits of Second Life

1.3.2009 Newsweek
How to Sell America

1.2.2009 Kotaku
A Field Guide To Second Life Animal Hybrids

1.2.2009 Maryland Daily Record
Tech Talk: Need a Second Life? Have your avatar call my avatar

1.2.2009 msnbc
2009: The year of affordable telescopes

1.2.2009 Mormon Times
Reflections: Can avatars be Mormon?

1.1.2009 Linux Insider
The Very Real Market for Virtual Goods

1.1.2009 School Library Journal
Eco-friendly Emerald City launches in Second Life

1.1.2009 Dusan Writer's Metaverse
Summary of Journal on Online Education’s lastest issue

1.1.2009 NewsFactor Network
Programmable Web: Trade Second Life Currencies via the VirWox API

0.6.2009 (France)
Second Life se tourne vers les entreprises

0.4.2009 Federal Computer Week
Virtual learning gets second wind from Second Life

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