Second Life in the News: Archive

12.26.2007 Learning Circuits
Second Life Produces Real Training Results

12.20.2007 CBC
Businesses experiment with Second Life

12.17.2007 OCRegister
Second Life as a simulation tool

12.14.2007 BBC News
A very real future for virtual worlds

12.14.2007 New York Times
Philip Rosedale Answers Your Second Life Questions

12.11.2007 Digital50
The Tech Museum of Innovation's Second Life Initiative: Revolutionizing the Development of New Museum Exhibitions

12.7.2007 immediapress
First Run of ’Working Worlds’ Virtual Job Fair on Second Life is Big Success

12.5.2007 TechCrunch
You’re Not In The USSR Any More: Estonia Opens An Embassy In Second Life

12.5.2007 Bateman's Bay News
Living life online

12.5.2007 MediaShift
Hype and Backlash for Second Life Miss the Bigger Picture

12.5.2007 ABC News
Professors Learn in Virtual World

12.4.2007 CTV
Climate change experts stage talks at Second Life

11.28.2007 CBS3
Health: Second Life

11.28.2007 Government Executive
State Department dispatches virtual jazz ambassadors

11.26.2007 Inquirer
Arroyo activates virtual self in Second Life

11.23.2007 TMCnet
The Eden Project: Eden takes the Edge into Second Life

11.21.2007 ABC News
Making 'Second Life' More Like Real Life

11.21.2007 WebCPA
CPAs Find an Island on Second Life

11.19.2007 Digital Trends
A virtual climate change conference on Second Life draws attention to the effect on small islands.

11.18.2007 Poughkeepsie Journal
Virtual tool helps train new hires

11.18.2007 Tech News World
From a Virtual World, a Call to Save the Real World

11.16.2007 Wisconsin Rapids Tribune
Business and education test online virtual world's real-world potential

11.14.2007 UKSF Book News
Caitlin Kiernan to be interviewed on Second Life for BBC2 Culture Show

11.14.2007 The Vancouver Sun
Vancouver realtor sets up shop in Second Life

11.14.2007 Petone Herald
Students Look To Second Life

11.13.2007 Computer Weekly
Virtual job fair gets international responses

CNN enters the virtual world of Second Life

11.12.2007 Tech Central
Tourism Ireland Launches marketing campaign in “Second Life?

Virtual Portland Is Wide Open

11.2.2007 Computer Weekly
Second Life jobs fair pays off for KPMG

10.29.2007 Media Week
CNN Goes Virtual

10.25.2007 Computer World
IT recruiting in Second Life

10.25.2007 The Baltimore Sun
Making a living in virtual world

10.24.2007 Silicon Republic
Second Life: live and unplugged

Medicine Buddha Mandala Dedicated to the People of Burma, Simulcast on Second Life

10.12.2007 Design News
Second Life: A Virtual Universe for Real Engineering

10.11.2007 Reuters
"CSI" gets a Second Life with integrated episodes

10.10.2007 Boston Globe
Open borders sought for virtual worlds

10.10.2007 Digital Trends News
Universe-Hopping for Avatars?

10.10.2007 The New York Times
Free the Avatars

10.9.2007 The Grand Rapids Press
Herman Miller launches virtual showroom

10.8.2007 NBC Nightly News
Sending avatars to job fairs

10.7.2007 Tennessean
Millions escape to virtual life

10.6.2007 The Washington Post
Real Hope in a Virtual World

10.4.2007 The New York Times
Fictional Characters Get Virtual Lives, Too

10.4.2007 Government Technology
Missouri Education Office Recruits IT Staff from Second Life

10.4.2007 The Plain Dealer
Kucinich seeks presidency on Second Life

10.4.2007 Promo Magazine
Evian Tests The Waters in Second Life

10.3.2007 New Media Age
Vodafone launches mobile operation in Second Life

10.3.2007 ABC News
Your Secret Is Out: Online Anonymity Is Disappearing

10.2.2007 The Chronicle of Higher Education
MIT and Princeton Face Off in Second Life

10.2.2007 The Chronicle of Higher Education
Art Installation in Second Life Wows Educators

10.1.2007 Internet Retailer
Customer as avatar

10.1.2007 Computer Weekly
IT training is critical to business, says head of learning at Reuters

9.28.2007 New Statesman UK
Second chance at life

9.28.2007 Trendhunter
Second Life Charity Event - World's Largest Coffee Morning

9.27.2007 Forbes
Revealing Identities

9.25.2007 KQED Quest
Big Avatar on Campus

Second Life's 2nd value: Testing ideas

9.18.2007 CBS News
Learning Architecture In A Virtual World

9.18.2007 The New York Times
Watching a Cyber Audience Watch a Real Orchestra Perform in a Virtual World

9.16.2007 International Herald Tribune
AvaStar: Virtual lives, lively gossip

9.15.2007 The NonProfit Times
Nonprofits Getting A Lease In Second Life

9.9.2007 The New York Times
Even in a Virtual World, 'Stuff' Matters

9.7.2007 MSNBC
How your fantasy life can get you a real job

9.4.2007 CNET
Second Life: overly hyped or scientifically significant?

9.2.2007 San Francisco Chronicle
Real Estate In An Unreal World

8.31.2007 NPR: Science Friday
Virtual Worlds, Virtual Lives

8.29.2007 IT Town
Tower Consultant

8.28.2007 CIO
Second Life job fairs boost IT prospects

8.27.2007 American Chronicle
Wecome To The World Stock Exchange (virtual)

8.23.2007 Scientific American
IBM sees future in Second Life, Web worlds

8.22.2007 Financial Times
Virtual Tokyo to be unveiled in Second Life

Semper International Opens New Island, HumanResource Island in the Virtual World, Second Life

8.21.2007 Information Week
Five Rules For Bringing Your Real-Life Business Into Second Life

8.20.2007 Inside Higher Ed
In Second Life, There's No Fallout

8.20.2007 Chicago Tribune
Live help in setting up virtual shop

8.17.2007 Financial Times
Orchestral stars leap into cyberspace

8.16.2007 Arab News
Second Life, Second Chances? Maybe

8.16.2007 Ad Week
'Happiness'Is... Coca-Cola in Second Life

8.14.2007 Times Online UK
Liverpool Philharmonic to play Second Life

A Second Life for Windward Mark as Linden Lab's New Cambridge Outpost Looks to the Sky

8.13.2007 Wired
Dresden's World-Class Art Gallery Duplicates Itself Online

The Teen Grid: Bringing Your School into Second Life

Second Life plus Twitter for enterprise?

8.10.2007 The New York Times
A House That's Just Unreal

8.9.2007 Addison County Independent
Getting a second life

Real $3.1 M mansion causes a virtual stir

Virtual worlds: The next Facebook?

8.7.2007 Business Week
Just Ahead: The Web As A Virtual World

8.7.2007 Business Week
Selling Real Houses With Imaginary Ones

8.4.2007 Associated Press
Virtual Bernanke Guides 'Second Life'

8.3.2007 The Hollywood Reporter
'Phoenix' soars into Second Life

8.2.2007 The Washington Times
Exploring Learning

8.2.2007 Information Week
Second Life Voice Set To Leave Beta

8.2.2007 USA Today
Teachers, college studens lead a Second Life

'Second Life' bans gambling

Coldwell Bander Puts Real House on Second Life Block

The Future of Virtual Worlds

7.28.2007 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Adventurous Avatars

7.27.2007 BBC News
Game worlds show their human side

7.27.2007 TimesOnline UK
Second Life says all bets are off

7.24.2007 Campus Technology
U New Orleans Opens Virtual Classroom in Second Life

7.23.2007 Internationl Herald Tribune
Banking Matters: Real-life lessons about customers learned in virtual worlds

7.23.2007 Daily Yomiuri Online
Major firms get a 'Second Life' online

7.21.2007 The Boston Globe
Hub of the online universe: City plans a virtual Boston

7.12.2007 PR NewsWire via Evergreen Investments
Manpower Inc. Launches Island in Second Life With Live Panel Discussion

7.9.2007 The Guardian
Buy! Buy! Buy!

7.9.2007 Financial Times
Talent hunt in a virtual world

7.9.2007 the penguin blog
In Cyberspace everyone can hear you scream

7.7.2007 The Decatur Daily
Let us pray virtually

...And You Press This Button to Fly

7.2.2007 Gamspot
Vancouver's cops recruiting in Second Life

7.0.2007 MIT Technology Review
Second Earth

6.28.2007 NY Sun
Amassing Properties in a Virtual World

6.22.2007 New York Times
Foundation with Real Money Ventures into Virtual World

6.21.2007 MarketingVox
Microsoft Uses Second Life to Promote Visual Studio

Virtual beers with Darth Vadar, but there's more to Second Life

6.21.2007 Guardian
Second Fest

6.20.2007 GigaOm
Here come Virtual World Trade Shows...seriously

6.20.2007 Wall Street Journal
A Job Interview You Don't Have to Show Up For

6.20.2007 MSN
Is there real money in virtual real estate?

6.15.2007 USA Today
Oh, the places you'll go - on the Internet

Missing girl hunt hits cyber world

6.8.2007 Chronicle of Higher Learning
A Library Makes it Debut, in Second Life

6.8.2007 Market Wire
Global Staffing Company First to Place 'Second Life' Resident in 'Real Life' Job

6.8.2007 Innovate
Linden Lab Announces Acquisition of Technology from Windward Mark Interactive

6.7.2007 MediaWeek
NBCU's Second Life to Host Concerts

6.4.2007 WIRED
American Cancer Society raises $75K in Second Life

5.31.2007 FCW
NASA launching to outer space via cyberspace

5.30.2007 MSNBC
Sweden to Open Embassy in Second Life

5.21.2007 Boston Globe
Second Life gets a Bay State boost

5.19.2007 Financial Times
Virtual style? In another life

5.15.2007 Baltimore Sun
Welcome to the virtual interview

5.15.2007 Miami Herald
More real people are leading virtual lives

5.14.2007 Chicago Tribune
Virtual world a real escape

4.30.2007 Women's Wear Daily
Brave New (Virtual) World

4.30.2007 Business 2.0
The New Careers

4.26.2007 Information Week
Using Second Life as a Business-to-Business Tool

Musician finds second act -- and Second Life

4.24.2007 Business Wire
Gartner Says 80% of Internet Users Will Have a Second Life in the Virtual World by 2011

4.16.2007 Business Week
Virtual Life - Tech Special Report

Leaving real world good for conversation

4.11.2007 bnet
Digital Libraries on the MUVE: A Virtual Adventure

4.10.2007 InformationWeek
12 Things to Do in Second Life

4.8.2007 LA Times
In Second Life, nobody knows you're a lapsed Catholic

4.6.2007 Planetizen
Massive Flooding Drowns Online World

4.6.2007 Guardian Unlimited
A second look at school life

4.1.2007 USA Today
Faithful build a Second Life for religion online

3.30.2007 Washington Post
French Politics in 3D on Fantasy Web Site

3.29.2007 Mercury News
The Expanding Universe of Second Life

A Guide to Second Life's Space Frontier

3.29.2007 AP ASAP
Live from Virtual World Conference 2007

3.27.2007 IBM Developer Works
Hacking Second Life

3.27.2007 Sidney Morning Herald
Get a Second Life, why don't you?

3.26.2007 Excalibur
McMaster librarian speaks of Second Life learning integration at York

3.23.2007 CNN Money
Coldwell Banker's Second Life

3.22.2007 Information Week
Second Life to Transform Internet, Browser Tech by 2017

3.20.2007 MediaPost Marketing Daily
Mercedes to Urge Europeans to 'C for Yourself'

3.19.2007 Consulting Magazine
Leading a Second Life

3.19.2007 Four Corners
You Only Live Twice

3.19.2007 Christian Science Monitor
Democratic principles making businesses more transparent

Australian ABC enters virtual world

Real-life move for Second Life

3.16.2007 Christian Science Monitor
Is this the age of the online avatar?

3.16.2007 Atlanta Business Journal
The Weather Channel Opens Virtual Home Base

3.16.2007 WebCPA
H&R Block Gets a 'Second Life'

3.12.2007 Macworld
Living a Second Life

Companies are Finding Second Life

2.22.2007 LA Times
Virtual loses its virtues

2.5.2007 USA Today
The king of alter egos is surprisingly humble guy

Lawmaker takes next leap: the virtual world of politics

2.2.2007 San Francisco Business Times (paid)
Second Life starting to look a lot like Sweden

Second Life's Open Source Fairytale

2.1.2007 INC magazine
How I Did it: Philip Rosedale, CEO, Linden Lab

2.1.2007 MIT Technology Review
Second Life, Darwin and God

IP's Brave New World

2.1.2007 PC Magazine
In Second Life, Profits Aren't a Game, But a Science

1.31.2007 University Business
College Class Turns to Virtual World

Virtual Goods Banned from eBay; Second Life Gets An Exemption

Sweden to open first virtual embassy

1.29.2007 Newsweek
Politics: Pelosi in Pixels?

Scion encourages us to get a Second Life

1.25.2007 CNET
Sundance Holds Screening in Second Life

1.24.2007 AP
Blogger Gets Un-Cease and Desist Note

1.24.2007 Reuters
Arianna Huffington on Second Life

1.23.2007 Fortune
I got my job through Second Life

1.22.2007 Fortune
Virtual World, Real Money

Vodafone Beefs Up in Second Life

1.21.2007 U.S. News & World Report
Putting a Second Life First

1.19.2007 CNN International
A virtual me? I'll second that

Interview with Cory Ondrejka

Employee Selection in Second Life

Starting a Second Life business

1.9.2007 USA Today
Darfur on your radar

1.8.2007 Fortune
Second Life to go open source

Second Life opens source code

1.8.2007 CNET
Second Life software becomes open source

1.7.2007 New York Times
The Ultimate Distance Learning

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