Second Life in the News: Archive

12.18.2006 CNET
IBM's Virtual Pioneer

12.18.2006 GigaOm
Second Life: Hype vs. Anti-Hype vs. Anti-Anti Hype

12.16.2006 TechWhack News
Circuit City to open virtual store on Second Life

12.15.2006 BBC Click
Second Lifers

What makes Second Life eerily powerful is the zero distance between thinkers and technology

SL Roundup: iVillage, Sundance, IBM

12.14.2006 CNET
Second Life hits second million in eight weeks

12.14.2006 WebWire
SAP Developer Challenge Fosters Co-Innovation and Global Networking

12.13.2006 The Open Press
Unofficial Second Life Linden Dollar Guide now available from Killer Guides

12.12.2006 Marketing Vox
iVillage Launches Girls Night Out in Second Life

Sundance network screens online

Das zweite Leben im Netz

How real money works in Second Life

12.7.2006 USA Today
Marketers find a new place to set up shop: Virtual Reality

12.7.2006 Time Out New York
Life Imitates Art

12.6.2006 Esquire
Philip Rosedale: Esquire's Best and Brightest

12.6.2006 The Independent
Escape reality for these virtual worlds

12.6.2006 The Age
Q&A with Anshe Chung

12.6.2006 Reuters
Interview with CEO of WB Music Edgar Bronfman

12.5.2006 Sidney Morning Herald
Virtual hallucination is all in the mind

12.5.2006 Guardian Unlimited
Charity hopes to make a real point in virtual game world

Virtual Gifts Go Virtual

12.5.2006 BBC World Service (radio)
Digital Planet - Teen Second Life

12.4.2006 Business Week
My So-Called Virtual Life

12.4.2006 IGN Spettacolo
Su Second Life il primo concerto virtuale italiano

12.1.2006 AmericanWay magazine
A Different World

11.29.2006 PC Magazine
People of the Year

11.28.2006 ComputerWorld
Real world programmer turns to real estate in Second Life

11.20.2006 Wired News
Second Life Will Save Copyright

11.20.2006 BrandWeek
Brands, Fans Show A Lust for 'Life' Second Life

11.17.2006 Financial Times
Get a (second) life

11.17.2006 PR NewsWire via
Two Way Signs Exclusive Deal with 'Tringo'

11.16.2006 New York Times
In certain circles, two is a crowd

11.16.2006 CBS 4 Boston
Millions Living Dual-Virtual Life on Internet

11.16.2006 DMNews
Digital populism governs consumer world

11.15.2006 ABC's Good Morning America
Changing Identities Online

11.15.2006 Business Week Online
Why Savvy CEOs hang out in Second Life

11.15.2006 MTV Overdrive
You Hear it First: Frogg Marlowe

11.15.2006 USA Today
Second Life, second take

Growing number of educators explore 'Second Life' online

Dell Gets a Second Life

Dell sets up 'Second Life' shop, offers PCs to residents

11.13.2006 Wall Street Journal
Avatars at the Office

11.13.2006 BtoB Online
Sun enters virtual world to connect with developers

11.13.2006 Union Leader
Real and virtual worlds meet in Granite State

11.13.2006 Chicago Tribune
1.4 Million Get a Virtual Life

11.10.2006 Fortune
No, Second Life is not overhyped

11.10.2006 Yahoo News
Palmisano Gets a Second Life

Second Life develops education following

11.9.2006 SF Chronicle
Get a life and leave the real you at home in virtual online world

IBM Accelerates Push into Virtual Worlds

11.8.2006 The National Law Journal
The law school curriculum: what is technology's role?

11.8.2006 All Headline News
"Big Brother" is now in virtual world

Vacationing in Second Life

11.8.2006 Fox 11 Los Angeles
Ever Wanted to Live a Second Life?

11.8.2006 Information Week
Second Life Residents Build Stores Around

11.8.2006 Wired Blogs
Q&A in Second Life: Crowdsourcing and Virtual Worlds

11.7.2006 Business Week
The MacArthur Foundation's Digital Drive

11.6.2006 Voice of America radio
Second Life on Voice of America radio

11.5.2006 Advertising Age
18 Big Ideas From the Idea Conference

11.1.2006 MeetingsNet
Get a Second Life

10.30.2006 Business Week
Second Life Lessons

10.25.2006 Boston Globe
Leading a Double Life

More Media in Second Life

10.25.2006 InfoWorld
Practical 3-D telepresence

10.25.2006 Poynteronline
11 Reasons Why MMOGs will Change How Business Works: Part 1

Second Life Avatars Take 5

10.24.2006 medGadget
Anatomy Goes to Second Life

10.24.2006 NPR's Talk of the Nation
A Second Life to Live

10.24.2006 Guardian Unlimited
Braving a New World

10.24.2006 MarketingVox
Pontiac Wants to Create Car Culture in Second Life

10.24.2006 PR Web
UKIP Becomes First British Political Party to Establish a Branch Within the Second Life Online Simulation Game

10.23.2006 Belfast Telegraph
Web Watch: A virtual world meets real thing

The virtual news

10.23.2006 Mediashift
Wired, CNET, Reuters Agog Over Second Life

10.23.2006 News and Star
Tourism Office Opens in Cyber Community

10.23.2006 AdWeek
Pontiac Drives into Second Life

Second Life: Ready to Podcast

Livin' in a Land of Virtual Reality

10.22.2006 San Diego Union Tribune
Second Life has a booming population and economy

10.22.2006 VentureBeat
Second Life's "Wild West"

10.21.2006 NPR's Weekend Edition
Offering a New Reality

Investing in the Online Property Boom

10.20.2006 Guardian Unlimited
Talk to the Avatar

10.20.2006 Red Herring
MacArthur Funds e-learning: $50M

10.20.2006 Publish
Is Your Business Ready for Virtual Business

10.20.2006 New York Times
Real People Explore Virtual Lives in Digital...Utopia...

10.19.2006 Wired News
Second Life's Must-Have Stuff

10.18.2006 NY1
News From Virtual Worlds Competes With Real World News

10.17.2006 SF Chronicle
A real reporter in a virtual world

10.17.2006 Business Week
Big Media Gets a Second Life

10.17.2006 WIRED magazine
Wired Travel Guide: Second Life

10.16.2006 International Herald Tribune
Reuters gets into virtual universe

10.16.2006 Yahoo News
Reuters opens virtual news in Second Life

Virtual Economies Attract Real-World Tax Attention

10.16.2006 IGN UK
Reporting Live From....Second Life

10.13.2006 RocketBoom
Intel's Girl in a Box video

Sugarcult Plays Virtual Concert

Second Life to begin selling real names

10.13.2006 Sydney Morning Herald
Avatars with attitude inside a synthetic world

10.13.2006 Chicago Tribune
1.4 Million Get a Virtual Life

10.12.2006 Providence Journal
Aloft Hotels Boldly Goes Where No Other Hotel Company Has Gone Before...

10.12.2006 USA Today
Sun Microsystems hosts virtual news conference on 'Second Life'

10.12.2006 Network World
Top IT companies embracing virtual reality

10.12.2006 Promo Magazine
Starwood Hotels Turns to Virtual World

Sun rises in Second Life

10.11.2006 InfoWorld
Second Life Builds the Social Metaverse

10.10.2006 Market Wire
IBM Expands in Virtual Worlds Initiatives with a First-of-It's Kind Block Party in Second Life

10.9.2006 Wired News
Second Life Figures Get a Life

10.9.2006 USA Today
Second look at Second Life

Sun's Virtual News World

Second Life 3-D Digital World Grows

10.8.2006 Houston Chronicle
Q&A with Second Life Creator

10.6.2006 nrc-nl
Philip Rosedale: "Second Life is geen spel. Het is een medium!"

Sun Microsystems to launch presence in virtual world Second Life

Hedron Girls Enter a Fantasy World

10.5.2006 Red Herring
Sun Execs to Appear in Second Life

10.5.2006 Game Industry News
Second Life Phones Call Real World

10.5.2006 USA Today
At colleges, real learning in a virtual world

10.5.2006 Christian Science Monitor
Real learning in a virtual world

Second Life users can now phone each other

10.2.2006 AdWeek Online
Lessons for Today's Digital Market

10.2.2006 Het Parool
Rollenspel: 40 procent verslaafd

The Future of You

10.1.2006 New York Times
Selling to Avatars

10.1.2006 Strategy Magazine
Brilliant: Telus sets up shop in Second Life

10.1.2006 Harvard Business Review
Are You Ready for E-Tailing 2.0?

9.29.2006 Brand Republic (requires log-in)
Leo Burnett opens virtual agency in Second Life

9.29.2006 Guardian Unlimited
BBH launches virtual advertising agency

9.29.2006 Washington Post (see last page, under "Fun" category)
PC World's 100 Fearless Forecasts

9.29.2006 Marketing Vox
Burnett sets up shop in Second Life

9.28.2006 CNET
CNET launches Second Life presence

9.28.2006 The Economist
Living a Second Life

9.28.2006 USA Today
Now there are press conferences in Second Life

9.28.2006 Summit Daily News
Virtual Worlds

9.27.2006 U.S. News & World Report
Harvard law professor offers course in alternate reality

Living a double life on the internet

9.27.2006 The Harvard Crimsom
At Law School, 'Second Life' in the Cards, and the Course Catalogue

9.24.2006 Corante
EuroOSCON: Jim Purbrick - Second Life

9.23.2006 CNET Digital Life
Swedish flirts find a new home

9.22.2006 Laptop
Hi Mom, I'm calling from Second Life

9.22.2006 The Wall Street Journal
Now, Virtual Fashion

9.22.2006 On the Media (scroll down for stories)
Second Chances, Second Thoughts

Vivox to Give Away One Million Free Phone Minutes to Residents of Second Life

9.20.2006 Computer Sweden
Samarbete ger battre affarer

9.20.2006 Popular Science
PopSci Rocks Second Life

9.17.2006 North Shore News
Everyone needs an alternative

9.14.2006 Brand Republic (requires log-in)
Adidas targets avatars with shop in Second Life

9.14.2006 Elite TV
Seether's Second Life Unites Virtual and Real Worlds

9.12.2006 BBC News
Where for the Web?

Second Life lets slip real-world user data

9.7.2006 Ottawa Citizen
My avatar can't come to the phone right now ...

9.7.2006 Popular Science
Your Second Life is Ready

Suzanne Vega in videogioco online

9.5.2006 Corante
Digital Love in Second Life

9.5.2006 Toronto Star
Teens get a crack at Second Life

My Avatar's So-Called Life

9.5.2006 Emerce
Presidentskandidaat voert campagne in Second Life

9.1.2006 Seattle Times
High-tech, low-tech, even edible art

8.31.2006 Red Herring
Second Life: Kissing virtual babies

8.31.2006 Washington Post
Mark Warner the Avatar

8.31.2006 Huffington Post
Presidential Hopeful Warner To Be Interviewed In Virtual "Second Life" World...

8.30.2006 Music Dish
Live Band Performance Held in Online World Second Life

Second Life Gets Sexier

8.23.2006 The Techsploder
Scoble, PR and NOAA head to virtual worlds

8.23.2006 Detroit Metrotimes
Does Your Life Suck?

8.23.2006 Business Week Online
Starwood Hotels Explore Second Life First

8.22.2006 The Age
Never Trust a Man With Wings

8.21.2006 Washington Post
Hear the Music, Avoid the Mosh Pit

8.20.2006 El Pais
Web 2.0: Internet y más allá

Second Life Becomes Real Life

8.19.2006 Tech Republic
Business consulting comes to 'Second Life"

'Second Life' brass show off ancient versions

8.18.2006 The Age
The Word

A virtual world's real-world conference

8.17.2006 The Phoenix
Right-click to learn

Will technology revolutionize boinking?

8.16.2006 Gizmodo UK
Old Bands Get Virtual Comeback

8.15.2006 WHOI
Virtual classroom to start at Bradley University

8.15.2006 Fast Company
Everyone an Economic Hitman

Von Pixelkäufen und üblen Drohungen

8.15.2006 The Inquirer
Bands Make it Big on Second Life

W Hotels offers a sneak peek at its aloft hotel concept

Virtual Classroom to start at Bradley University

Living the Life Synthetic

8.11.2006 News Journal Online
Reporting live from a virtual world

8.11.2006 SMH
Duran Duran's Meta Universe Gig

8.11.2006 The Star Online
Duran Duran returns…online

8.11.2006 Mytech
Musica, per i Duran Duran una nuova vita virtuale sul web

1980s band uses 21st century marketing tools

8.11.2006 Fox News
Duran Duran to Play Concert in Virtual Video-Game World

Virtual world helps Queens planning board redevelop local park

Duran Duran tendrá su gira dentro del videojuego Second Life

Ten Things You Need to Know Today - *see #10

8.9.2006 Belfast Telegraph
Virtual insanity

Spin Doctors

8.8.2006 PR Inside
Duran Duran Plan Virtual Gigs

Duran Duran Enter Utopic Reality

Israel/Lebanon: No War Zone in Cyberspace?

PR Agency Opens Permanent Offices In Second Life

Report: Online Social Worlds Offer New Emerging Market

8.8.2006 BBC News
Duran Duran to give virtual gigs

8.8.2006 Telegraph
Three Minute Wonder - Second Lives

Starwood Launches New Hotel Brand in Second Life

8.7.2006 Guardian Blog
Second Lives on Channel 4

8.7.2006 Brand Republic
Text 100 to open new office in Second Life

8.7.2006 ECIN - Clectronic Commerce Info Net
Werbung im Spiel geht neue Wege

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

You can have a Second Life on the Net

8.7.2006 PR NewsWire via
TowerGroup: Online Social Worlds Offer Unique Emerging Market for Financial Institutions

8.7.2006 Boston Globe
Bringing touch to virtual worlds

8.7.2006 GRIDtoday
Grids for Kids: Building the Foundation for Innovation

Second Life To Open In Second Life

Interview W/ SL Business Magazine Editor

8.4.2006 ComputerSweden
I Second Life kan du dikta ditt paradis

8.4.2006 Ottawa Citizen
Escaping reality for Second Life online

8.4.2006 Corante
Virtual Affiliate Program Launches

8.3.2006 Epoch Times London
A Second Life Less Ordinary

Second Life: Reality not Escapism

Is Virtual Life Better Than Reality?

7.20.2006 The Guardian
Slices of Life in a Parallel Universe

A Home Run Derby in The Virtual World

7.12.2006 Boston Phoenix (Cover Story)
Does Your Life Suck?

Who Owns Your Virtual Life

7.11.2006 PR Newswire
Always On Unveils AO100 Winners Honoring the Best in Innovation

7.11.2006 Guardian UK
Does Virtual Mean Invisible

Bumbershoot: Seattle′s Music & Arts Festival Announces Complete 2006 Lineup

7.11.2006 CNET
Second Life makes an All-Star Pitch

7.11.2006 Yahoo! Business Wire
Global Kids Launches Inaugural Educational Summer Camp in Teen Second Life

7.10.2006 Advertising Age
Virtual Worlds: The Latest Fashion

7.10.2006 Grid Today
Avatars and Grid 2.0

7.10.2006 N-Sider - The World′s Most In-Depth Nintendo Resource
The Future: U and I Develop Games

7.10.2006 Business Wire
Vivox Delivers Voice to Virtual Classrooms

7.9.2006 The Observer
How to get the life you really want

7.7.2006 Business Week Online
At the Tech-Business Interface

7.6.2006 Guardian Unlimited
Capitalism encroaches on virtual utopia

Virtual Economies Could Add Real Cash to the Bottom Line (reg required)

7.4.2006 Better Humans
The desirability of me not being me

6.27.2006 Guardian Games Blog
Selling to your avatar: why he/she might buy stuff you wouldn′t

eday in Second Life, developers gezocht

6.27.2006 Business Week Online
American Apparel′s Virtual Clothes

The Marketing Potential of Second Life

6.25.2006 Star Bulletin
Get a life, in fact you might want to get a Second Life as well

SuperNova 2006: Soul Searching on Second Life

Forrentningskvinne av en annen verden

Linden Lab - where Second Life is first (video)

6.21.2006 BBC News
Talent-spotting in virtual worlds

6.21.2006 MTV News
Playa Rater: The Ten Most Influential Video Gamers of All Time

6.20.2006 MTV News
Chamillionaire is Riding Virtual

6.19.2006 GloboOnline
Second Life: mundo virtual tem mais de 200 mill pessoas

Virtual Advertising in a Virtual World

6.16.2006 BorseGo
FÜrende Kreative und Unternehmer werden im September auf der neuen Cross Media Week Veranstaltung in Amsterdam vortragen

Apparel brand gets Second Life

6.15.2006 New Scientist magazine
The irresistible rise of Cybersex

Leading Creatives and Entrepreneurs Headline Newly-Created Cross Media Week Event in Amsterdam in September

6.14.2006 Wired News
Flickr Cracks Down on Screenshots

6.14.2006 Womans Wear Daily -
Virtual Dov

Online Shopping

Universal Motown Records Group Announces The Launch of Soundscape The First Online Performance Center to Feature Major Recording Artists.

Universal Motown Records Group Announces The Launch of Soundscape, The First Online Performance Center to Feature Major Recording Artists.

6.12.2006 Yahoo! Finance
Top Technology Innovators Unveil Products Aimed to Shape the Connected Future at Supernova 2006

6.9.2006 Guardian Unlimited
Advertising to Avatars

TECNOLOGÍA: Con Second Life se pueden lograr ingresos reales, Mundos paralelos en la Red

6.7.2006 PC
Escort Mission

6.6.2006 Warcry network
Second Life uses 2600 servers and could be South Carolina

6.6.2006 Minnesota Public Radio
Your so-called life

Second Life: Don′t worry, we can scale

6.6.2006 Vanguardia
Second Life: un mundo más allá de lo virtual

Operated by Linden Lab: Three-dimensional online world in Second Life

6.5.2006 Business Wire via Yahoo!
Vivox Brings Voice To Second Life Transhumanist Seminar

6.4.2006 El Diario
Viven segunda vida en un mundo virtual

6.1.2006 Harvard Business Review
Avatar Based Marketing

Library Gets Second Life

The Game Within A Game

Emergent Life

5.24.2006 Times Online
Welcome to a Revolution with No End in Sight

Linden Lab Fellowship Awarded to Students from School of the Art Institute Of Chicago

The Game Within a Game

5.22.2006 Yahoo! Finance
Sire Records to Launch Virtual World for Regina Spektor in Popular Online World Second Life

Second Life Land Deal Goes Sour

George Clooney, Steven Soderbergh, Mark Cuban, and Jeff Skoll Share Top Rave Award as WIRED's Renegades of the Year

Brave New World for Public Media

5.12.2006 BusinessWeek Online
Where Does the First Life End and the Second Life Begin?

5.12.2006 BBC News
BBC Starts to Rock Online World

Mapping a path for the 3D web

5.8.2006 Yahoo! Finance
Linden Lab Names Joe Miller Vice President of Platform and Technology Development

USC's Virtual World - Annenberg Island

5.7.2006 Times Leader
Corporations learn from online games

Online Spaces: The new frontier

5.4.2006 New York Times editorial
Funny Money (registration required)

Real diplomacy from the virtual world

Second Life fending off denial-of-service attacks

4.30.2006 Toledo Blade
Millions of gamers find a virtual life

Virtual game jumps to real world

TV is sitting pretty with quiz mania (scroll to bottom for Tringo reference)

4.26.2006 SmartMobs
Second Life as 3D Design Platform and Reality/Virtuality Tagging

4.25.2006 O'Reilly Radar
Second Life on Cover of Business Week

4.24.2006 O'Reilly Radar
Web 2.0 and Databases Part 1: Second Life

4.21.2006 Pitchfork Media
The Show Must Go Online

4.20.2006 The Economist
Wonders of the Metaverse(registration required)

4.18.2006 Ball State Daily News Online
Living a Second Life

4.18.2006 GiGA TV (Germany)
Second Life - Zwischen Fiktion und Wirklichkeit

4.12.2006 Planet GameCube
Tringo for GBA Finally Shipping

4.10.2006 TWiT podcast
Featuring Robert Scoble and Leo Laporte as Pruneface Spatula

Second Life dreams of Electric Sheep

4.1.2006 Wired Magazine
My Second Life as a Muckraker

4.1.2006 Discover Magazine
Virtual Law and Order

Second Life Scores $11 Million in Funding

3.28.2006 Red Herring
Second Life Lines Up $11M

3.28.2006 BusinessWeek
A Virtual World's Real Dollars

The Gamer's Rough Guide to Pwning Second Life

2020 Computing: The Creativity Machine

3.21.2006 10 News
10 Buys an Island on Second Life (video)

3.21.2006 CBC Radio's The Current
Second Life feature

3.21.2006 Gamasutra
Recap of Philip Rosedale's keynote address at Serious Games

3.19.2006 San Francisco Business Times
Video Gaming Gets Serious

Video Game Therapy -- a New Frontier

3.16.2006 ContentBiz
Give Away Free Basic Memberships, Send Paid Subscriptions Skyrocketing...

3.12.2006 Animation World Network
Bells and Spurs Premieres at SXSW

3.9.2006 MTV Overdrive
Second Life Avatar Show video

Second Life Released for Linux

3.6.2006 Contractor UK
Virtual Developers Net 50,000 Pounds

Women Gamers Duke it Out

3.5.2006 Robert Scoble's Blog (Scobleizer)
First Day in Second Life

2.27.2006 VPRO
Droomwereld Video

2.24.2006 Cool Hunting
Women in Games

It's a Nice Day for an Everquest Wedding

Making a Living in Second Life

2.7.2006 The Escapist
Balancing Your Second Life

2.2.2006 Yahoo Games
Build a Better Mousetrap

2.1.2006 Gamasutra
Linden Lab Offers Second Life Fellowship

2.1.2006 Harvard Business Review
The Avatar as Consumer

1.31.2006 Joi Ito's Web
Creative Common's Party in Second Life

1.31.2006 Netscape
Second Life: Cool Site of the Day

1.30.2006 Thunderbird Six
Podcast with Cory Ondrejka, VP Development, Linden Lab

1.25.2006 Wired news
Avatars Among Us

1.20.2006 Make: Blog
Lessig in virtual world (photos and transcript)...

1.20.2006 Mindjack
Lessig gives virtual talk

1.20.2006 PSFK
Lawrence Lessig Lecture In Second Life

1.20.2006 Popular Science
Brave New World

Larry Lessig visits Second Life

1.19.2006 MTV News
Finally, You Can Buy Something Real With Play Money

1.17.2006 CNET Japan (in Japanese)
CNET Japan blogs Lessig in Second Life

1.17.2006 Inman News (Real Estate site)
The Next Big (Cyber) Land Grab

1.16.2006 LugRadio
LugRadio interview with Cory Ondrejka

1.16.2006 Spiegel Online (in German)
Reichtum aus dem Nichts

1.5.2006 BBC News
Do avatars dream of electric racoons?

1.4.2006 BoingBoing
Misbehavior in Second Life game punished by exile to "the corn field"

Youniversal Branding

Is Virtual Life Better Than Reality?

1.1.2006 MIT Technology Review
Virtual Economics

1.1.2006 Guardian UK
Autism Community Forges Virtual Haven

1.1.2006 Open Source (radio show)
Living in Game Space

1.1.2006 BusinessWeek Online
My Virtual Life

1.1.2006 MTV News
Are Virtual U2 Concerts Even Better Than the Real Thing?

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