Second Life in the News: Archive

12.29.2005 GameSetWatch
On Second Life Hacks, Sonnets and Fashion Shows

12.22.2005 YPulse
Virtual Teen Entrepreneurs

12.20.2005 Kojo Nnamdi Show
"Virtual Worlds and Avatars" Interview with Philip Rosedale, Edward Castronova and Chip Matthews

Interview with Aimee Weber, Owner/Designer PREEN

12.8.2005 Kevin Maney's Blog
Thursday Book Club

12.6.2005 The Australian
Farming the Monsters

12.2.2005 Jon Udell's Weblog
If I had time for a second life

12.1.2005 Make: Blog
MAKE'S Mostly Under $100 Gift Guide

11.28.2005 Fortune Magazine
From MEGS to Riches

11.28.2005 Business 2.0
The Virtual Rockefeller

11.25.2005 A & E Interactive
Game Gift Guide

11.22.2005 Business Week
Web Smart 50

11.21.2005 The Gadget Show Podcast
The Gadget Show #031

11.18.2005 The Fourth Estate
The Dessert of the Real

11.18.2005 Wired News
You're Only a Newbie Once

11.16.2005 Escapist Magazine
The Day The Grid Disappeared

11.16.2005 MarketPlace Radio
MarketPlace Radio

The Business of Life: Making a Virtual Living

11.8.2005 Information Week
Online Virtual World is Part Fantasy, Part Civics Experiment

10.28.2005 New York Times
A Virtual Holiday in the Virtual Sun

10.27.2005 BBC News
Picturing Online Gaming's Value

10.24.2005 Fox News
Game Lets Players Get a Life

10.23.2005 Sunday Times of India
Virtual Economies Overview

10.19.2005 Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
The New New Economy: Earning Real Money in the Virtual World

10.17.2005 Newsweek - October 17th Issue
The Net: How Much for a Jetpack?

10.17.2005 Information Week
Open Doors to Innovation

Brave New World

10.2.2005 Clickable Culture
Official Second Life Currency Exchange Now Online

10.1.2005 Playboy Magazine
For Love of the Game (sorry, online version not available)

9.30.2005 Joi Ito's Web
Second Life

Online Exchange Dumps Second Life

9.27.2005 Chronicle of Higher Learning
The Avatars of Research -- Students and professors join popular virtual wolds like Second Life to study the real-world interactions they represent. (Premium site, subscription required)

9.27.2005 Make: Blog
Making Make in a Virtual World

Adult Playgrounds (Premium site, subscription required)

Tringo -- From Second Life to Game Boy Advance?

Wells Fargo Plants Flag in Hit Multiplayer Game

9.15.2005 MSNBC
Virtual worlds reach out to the real one

9.15.2005 BBC News
Money matters in cybercash game

9.15.2005 ZDNet
Wells Fargo launches game inside "Second Life"

9.13.2005 The Sydney Morning Herald
Adult Playgrounds

9.13.2005 Boing Boing
Second Life conference to take place in-game and in-RL

9.9.2005 New Scientist
Cyber-memorials raise cash for Katrina's victims

'Second Life' membership now free

9.7.2005 BBC News
Storm help flows from 3D worlds

9.1.2005 The Escapist - October Issue
Touching Aimee's Panties

9.1.2005 Detroit Free Press
DATABASE: Virtual world awaits online

8.31.2005 Make: Blog
Making things in the Virtual World: Second Life Primer

A Second Chance for a 3-D Virtual Reality?

8.26.2005 Blue Yonder

8.24.2005 PC Gamer UK
Review of SL - 84% - "To really enjoy Second Life, you have to be a Believer..."

8.22.2005 USA Today
Utopia Goes Digital

8.21.2005 New York Times
Let Your Fingers Do the Running

8.19.2005 Globe and Mail
Learning to Live a Second Life

A World Where Anything is Possible

Second Life for Teens launches

8.3.2005 New York Times
If You Virtually Build It, They Will Virtually Check It Out

8.1.2005 San Francisco Chronicle
Economists to explore world of online games, Researchers could assess players' response to change

7.29.2005 Tom's Hardware
Big Bucks for Imaginary Items

7.15.2005 Globe and Mail
A Tribute to London

7.9.2005 Guardian
London Memorial

7.6.2005 Boing Boing
Virtual edition of Cory's book released in Second Life

7.6.2005 O'Reilly Radar
Cory Doctorow Booksigning in SecondLife

6.28.2005 AlwaysOn
Linden Lab Wins AlwaysOn's 100 Top Private Companies Award

6.25.2005 The Mercury News
It Pays To Get A Second Life

6.25.2005 Boing Boing
Live video from gamespace

6.24.2005 Corante
Window Into a Virtual World

6.23.2005 Clickable Culture
Live Video From Inside "Second Life"

6.23.2005 Podcast
Supernova 2005 InfoTalk™ Linden Lab Second Life Programmer

6.22.2005 Health Data Management
Virtual World Helps Asperger's Sufferers Cope with the Real One

A virtual world where you can design and use pretty much anything you want

6.15.2005 CNET's
Virtual property becomes a reality

6.14.2005 Guardian Unlimited, UK
Second Life and the Virtual Property Boom

6.10.2005 BusinessWeek
The Power of Us: Mass collaboration on the Internet is shaking up business

6.5.2005 BoingBoing
Embedded Firefox coming to Second Life

6.3.2005 O'Reilly Radar
Real estate Development in Virtual Worlds

6.2.2005 Clickable Culture
'Second Life to Integrate Firefox Browsing

5.29.2005 The New York Times
The Game Is Virtual. The Profit Is Real.

5.16.2005 The L.A. Times
Virtual Power Brokers

5.9.2005 CNET's
A virtual world with peer-to-peer style

5.1.2005 Voyager Magazine
This T-shirt does not exist. How much would you pay for it?

4.16.2005 The Times, UK
Honey Trap for the Web Adulterer

3.23.2005 East Bay Express
Games Without Frontiers

3.21.2005 Red Herring
Fantasy Island

3.3.2005 Wall Street Journal
A ticket out of virtual reality

2.25.2005 MSNBC
Virtual world teaches real-world skills

2.15.2005 Grimwell Online
Second Life -- A Review

2.5.2005 NPR
Finding a "Second Life" Online

1.24.2005 MSNBC
"It is entirely possible that sometime in the relatively near future,

1.23.2005 Austin Statesman
Welcome To Your Second Life

1.13.2005 Popular Science
5 things you should know about getting a Second Life...

1.1.2005 Apple Games
Second Life: Build Anything, Be Anyone, Set Your Own Agenda

1.1.2005 a&e interactive - The Mercury News
Linden Lab Introduces Teen Version of Second Life Online Virtual World

Name That Metaverse

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