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9.6.2012 Scientific American
My So-Called Second Life: Are You Your Avatar?

8.17.2012 The Verge
'Second Life' is coming to Steam

8.13.2012 Nvate
Second Life: How Companies are Using the Popular Virtual World to Conduct Meetings

8.10.2012 Surfer Today
Virtual surfers keep riding digital waves

7.30.2012 AP (via
IU-Kokomo prof teaching class with avatars

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11.1.2011 BBC (UK)
The Art of Creating Virtual Worlds

10.27.2011 PCWorld
Second Life Puts Musicians on the Virtual Stage

10.27.2011 IX Video Games
What’s So Great About Second Life Anyway?

10.24.2011 Forbes
Financial Services Lags Behind Gaming in Technology

10.21.2011 WIRED
Real-Life Inception: Army Looks to ‘Counteract Nightmares’ With Digital Dreams

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12.24.2010 GamePolitics
Rod Humble Named CEO of Linden Lab

12.23.2010 VentureBeat
Linden Lab gets second new CEO of the year for Second Life

12.23.2010 San Francisco Business Times
Second Life’s Linden Lab names CEO

12.23.2010 ReadWriteWeb
New CEO for Second Life as Linden Lab Names EA Gaming Vet to Head Company

12.23.2010 Gamasutra
Rod Humble Becomes Linden Lab’s CEO

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Cyber archaeology?

12.24.2009 (UK)
Photos: How to spend Christmas in Second Life

12.23.2009 USA Today
Unlike reality, virtual retail sales are hot, especially for avatars

12.22.2009 Wired (UK)
Virtual Christmas: the Holy Ghost in the machine

12.19.2009 PC World
Shoppers Spent $1 Billion on Virtual Goods in 2009

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21.5.2008 Kent News Net
Two Second Life plays begin finals week, virtual performances available online

All the virtual world is a stage »

12.31.2008 Kotaku
PlayStation Home And Second Life: Worlds Apart

12.31.2008 New World Notes
Want The Obama Administration To Establish Metaverse Standards? Vote On By Midnight Tonight!

Virtual World Research, Part 2: Reality in a Can

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12.26.2007 Learning Circuits
Second Life Produces Real Training Results

12.20.2007 CBC
Businesses experiment with Second Life

12.17.2007 OCRegister
Second Life as a simulation tool

12.14.2007 BBC News
A very real future for virtual worlds

12.14.2007 New York Times
Philip Rosedale Answers Your Second Life Questions

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12.18.2006 CNET
IBM's Virtual Pioneer

12.18.2006 GigaOm
Second Life: Hype vs. Anti-Hype vs. Anti-Anti Hype

12.16.2006 TechWhack News
Circuit City to open virtual store on Second Life

12.15.2006 BBC Click
Second Lifers

What makes Second Life eerily powerful is the zero distance between thinkers and technology

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12.29.2005 GameSetWatch
On Second Life Hacks, Sonnets and Fashion Shows

12.22.2005 YPulse
Virtual Teen Entrepreneurs

12.20.2005 Kojo Nnamdi Show
"Virtual Worlds and Avatars" Interview with Philip Rosedale, Edward Castronova and Chip Matthews

Interview with Aimee Weber, Owner/Designer PREEN

12.8.2005 Kevin Maney's Blog
Thursday Book Club

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Virtual Trade Tough Nut to Crack

12.8.2004 The New Republic Online
The new virtual reality game that's not about killing

Virtual IP Rights Rock Online Gaming World

12.1.2004 Red Herring
Linden Lab wins Red Herring Top 100 Innovators Award

Do-It-Yourselfers Buy Into This Virtual World

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12.31.2003 PC Magazine
Editor's Pick for a Best Product of 2003 - PC Magazine

11.14.2003 Gamespy
Gamespy's series on MMOGs concludes with a panel of visionaries discussing the future of online worlds.

11.13.2003 Wired News
Wired News' Daniel Terdiman explores virtual law.

10.7.2003 PC Magazine
Second Life Review by PC Magazine

9.22.2003 Futurelooks
A Second Chance With Second Life

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Second Life: Step into a massively-multiplayer universe unlike any to date

11.18.2002 Time Magazine
2002 Best Inventions - Time Magazine

Second Life

10.17.2002 Red Herring
Playing God

2.14.2002 New York Times
Into an Infinite Creation Story

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