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    • Telephone Museum

      Visit the Telephone Museum and learn the historical evolution of the telephone from its birth up to present day. Come and see the first ever phone that was created by Alexander Graham Bell, and 50 more telephone models of the past century. Play the memory and trivia phone games and try your luck with the Gacha Machine.

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    • SL Science Fiction Convention

      Second Life members and passionate fans of science fiction join together with hundreds of participating groups in a unique online explosion of imagination… all united to kick cancer’s ass! Don't miss the 10th annual 2017 SL Science Fiction Convention supporting Relay For Life of Second Life, held through April 2.

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    • Sincerely Yours at The Vordun Museum

      Sincerely Yours is a small new exhibit featuring 23 postcards sent from around the world. Make your own journey as you read what each person has to say, and see images, art, and history from their homeland. As an interactive activity, visitors can take free scripted postcards to customize and give to their friends and family. Experience keys are also used to help visitors navigate the gallery.

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    • Horizons

      Rescue the kidnapped Tyrah and earn rewards in Horizons, an all-new five-stage adventure game in Second Life. Journey across desert canyons and dangerous minefields before battling killer robots in a forest of exploding trees. Destroy the robotic swamp monster and arrive at the command center to complete your quest.

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    • The Colours of Loss and Healing

      If you have experienced a personal loss of someone, be it human or animal, a kindred soul, a much loved being, come and participate in this journey shared through the loss of the artist's own kindred soul of 21 years, Sunny, in a process that may likely echo your own. As living beings of love and light we can come to a realization that we always have their love.

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